What is Therapy?


Do you feel

a) like life sucks or is terrible?

b) overwhelmed or constantly anxious?

c) unable to concentrate ?

    Therapy might be a good idea.  Here’s why.

    We live in a hard world

    Some statistics say one out of four people in the United States suffer from some sort of mental disorder.  You have to ask what’s going on.

    I think it’s partly because we don’t have the support and structure that we used to.  Things have changed.  Life moves at an incredibly fast pace, and the Internet promotes a lifestyle that is superficial, fleeting and perhaps not satisfying.

    Face to face time is replaced with hours spent self-promoting on Facebook and other social sites, trying to be a star.

    We’ve forgotten that the most important and most meaningful thing to do is not be a star – but rather, to be there. There for your family, and there with your family and close friends as you go through life together.

    Because we don’t have purpose anymore, because life moves so rapidly and is more artificial than ever, we’re suffering on the inside.  Therapy can help.


    Therapy can help you deal with your challenges, the things that make you cringe and lose sleep.  It can help you confront your greatest fears, and chart your own course.

    Modern therapy is not like the psychoanalysis of Freud with a couch and years spent whining about your parents.  Instead, it focuses on the thoughts and assumptions which are holding you back or causing you anxiety.

    There are different types of therapy based off different models of psychology, so be sure to pick someone you’re comfortable with.  The best idea is to find a therapist by referral, but if that isn’t possible, make sure to pick someone with credentials and who has experience with the issues you’re dealing with.

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