7 Worst Mistakes Blogs Make


Having a blog has taught me a lot – it’s taught me ways to screw up blogging!

Most blogs make at least one of these seven mistakes.

Is your blog making one of them?

1) No value provided

Why should I read your blog?  There are hundreds out there doing exactly what you do – no?

You need to have a unique value proposition, or you have to do what it is you do better or different from everyone else.  This isn’t easy, but it becomes a hell of a lot easier when you focus on your reader, and on providing him or her with stuff that is relevant and interesting.

Make lists of things that are useful!  Write from new angels, be controversial!  Think, what can I write that I myself would want to read, hold onto, save and/or share?  Now start producing that material.

The trick is you don’t have to be amazing every post.  What you need to do is provide a combination of OK material with jaw-dropping, damn that’s good, useful articles.  If you can’t write every few weeks an article that is damn useful, you’re not trying hard enough or you’ve backed yourself into a bad niche.

If you want to learn a lesson in what works on the web, visit the front page of a major site like Digg for a few days.

2) Poor design

If you want your blog to succeed, you need to have a good design.  Your stuff must be easy to read.  It must also be presented in a way that is interesting and useful to the most important people – the folks reading your stuff.

Avoid annoying animations, pictures, whatever.  You want to connect to your niche while staying readable and professional.  If you’re writing for stay at home moms, pink and cupcakes might be OK; but animations of dancing babies NOT.

Don’t let your advertising ruin the design of your site.

3) On someone else’s server

Buy your own domain!  It’s surprisingly easy, makes you professional, and gives you control over your blog.

4) Lack of connection

Make your posts interlace.  When you write a topic, expand from it, and have other posts link to each other.  This is essential to maximize the amount of life you get from a casual reader.  If someone comes, sees that you have other relevant posts, they’re going to keep on reading and maybe become a more permanent guest.

5) Lack of easy conversion

You need to make it as easy as possible for people to save or share or whatever your website.  That means making it really easy to become a follower or share it on social websites.

6) Poorly Written

Yes, the vast majority of bloggers don’t have degrees in English.  But that doesn’t justify the terrible writing that is present on most websites.

Write to your audience.  Make it interesting, snazzy and keep readers coming back for more.

7) Forget the reader

This is the most debilitating and serious mistake.  You absolutely can not forget who your audience, what they find interesting, what they want.  It is only by making them happy that you can succeed.

Make it your mission to satisfy what your readers want.  They’ll repay the favor.


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Did you agree with this post?

Or have you noticed any mistakes of your own?  Tell us!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this info and your recent review of my site. I think I do well with most of these except for #1. I haven’t consistently posted new material to my site, which makes it tough to build an audience. I think I blog just to share interesting stories from a “unique” perspective, but I’m not sure if that’s a considered a true niche. I’m not sure what my niche is at this point.

  2. Why do you blog?

    If you blog to share stories from a unique perspective, then what satisfies you is sharing your viewpoint and giving other people something to think about.

    The underlying premise of this post is that you want to grow your blog and become a “player.” But if you’re happy with what you do, that’s more than enough.

  3. Hi … I stumbled on this website by mistake. I was searching in Google for PDF software that I had already purchased when I found your site, I have to say your site is really cool I just love the theme, its amazing!. I don’t have the time this minute to fully read your entire site but I bookmarked it and also will sign up for your RSS feeds. I’ll back around in a day or two. thanks for a nice site.

    • Dear Adam,

      Glad to hear you like it!

      I’ve seen your blog once or twice in the past, and still find it an interesting read. Very well written, and you’ve been at it for quite some time. (To the benefit of many other people.)

      Thanks again for the kind words.

      Best wishes,

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