Wellbutrin Side Effects

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Wellbutrin or Zyban is a commonly used antidepressant that also may help smokers stop and people with ADHD focus.  While a useful medication, it does have its fair share of issues.

Around 30% of people stop taking Wellbutrin because of side effects, and about half experience some within 2 weeks.  After using it for 3 months, however, much less people report side effects, probably because they either stop using it or their bodies get used to it.

One of the main issues is that Wellbutrin can cause very serious anxiety.  We’re talking about horrible anxiety. Additionally, as it is converted into amphetamines eventually by the body, it may have similar side effects, including possibly weight loss.

As follows are some of the side effects of Wellbutrin.  We’ve reported some of the rarest ones, so make sure not to get spooked and remember and that the benefits of Wellbutrin should be weighed against its bad side effects.

Most common:

Anxiety, depression, dry mouth, insomnia, sweating, rash

Less common:

Seizures, psoriasis, gastrointestinal upset, nausea, dizziness, tremor, serious constipation, chest pain, abnormal dreams

Antidepressants, including Wellbutrin, can trigger mania or hypomania, and possibly cause suicidal thinking

This medication may increase your heart rate or cause tachycardia.


Confusion, hallucinations or other psychosis

Rhabdomyolosis, a condition where your body attacks its own muscles

Serum sickness, a condition where your body attacks itself and causes fever and pain

Falling backwards in elderly patients

Stevens Johnson syndrome

Menstrual irregularities

Possibly seizures in babies breast-feeding from someone taking Wellbutrin

Neck and shoulder pain

Impairment of sensory nerves

Note: Some of these are so rare that they’ve only been shown to be caused by Wellbutrin a few times.

Wellbutrin digestion is through the CP 450 system and is influenced by SSRIs or antipsychotics, so make sure your drug interactions are OK.

Do you have your own Wellbutrin experience?


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  1. THanks so much for the article on Wellbutrin & Anxiety Treatment….finally a website with facts (rather than random bloggers) AND a scientific explaination that makes sense. Appreciate it :)

  2. Wellbutrin (I’m on generic version however) gives me tremors. I wake up shaking and my neck and shoulders are frozen. It’s just awful. This really sucks though, because the drug has really helped with my depression and adhd type issues, so though it’s helped, I can’t live with these tremors and neck freezing so it’s time to find another drug.

  3. Welbutrin has helped me so much with depression and ADHD, but the side effects are starting to get to me. I’ve been on this for about 3 months now and I get these pounding headaches, and really bad stomach pains and the worse is my anxiety is coming back..I don’t know what to think about it.

  4. send me this file

  5. send me this file ..! side efects

  6. On generic Wellbutrin XL 6 weeks now. Severe constipation and constant feeling of bloating and uncomforatble “fullness”
    In addition, I always feel on edge, like I will snap at anyone who crosses me. Awful sweating, even on a cooler day. Not sure if I should stop.

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