Can you die from a panic attack?

Can a panic attack KILL you?

Basically, Can a Panic Attack Kill You?*

Can an ordinary panic attack end with you in a casket?

Cutting-edge research is finding more and more about panic attacks, and it’s turning out to be a lot nastier than we had thought.

We’ve always known that panic attacks cause serious physical effects.  They can cause chest pain and loss of breath.  But could they also cause global warming?

In general, the most important thing to remember when having a panic attack is, as Douglas Adams put it, “Don’t Panic!”  Careful and deliberate focus on that mantra, preferably repeated mentally as rapidly as possible – Don’t Panic! Don’t Panic! – can have marvelous effects in clearing the mind.

If that doesn’t work, the next best approach is to curl up in a corner.  Sucking the thumb is optional, but has been shown in some studies to provide a comforting effect.  It’s absolutely essential not to think about the common questions about anxiety, like:

Can Panic Attacks Cause Hair Loss?
and, Do Panic Attacks Mean My Life is a Failure?

Medications must be considered.  The research behind them is impeccable and they almost never have side effects.  Best of all, they’re tailor made to your exact condition.  Do you suffer from Depressive-Anxiety Myopic-Normality (DAMN) syndrome?

Good thing it’s been shown in studies that Medication X works for that specific condition – on all 12  DAMN sufferers who, until the day of the clinical test, had absolutely no idea idea that they had it.  Or what Medication X could do for them.

Remember – you’ll probably be okay.  Your nose might end a little longer, and you might flat out die.  But don’t worry – panic attacks are totally controllable.  Just not yet.

Natural Anxiety Treatment

Eliminate Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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  1. If decided to take medication to control panic attack, make sure that that medication dont have any side affects. There are many (almost all) medication that cause many side effects. So it is safe to take only a medication for panic attack if needed, like if the the attack is can not be controlled.

  2. I been having panic attack for a long time. I have panic attack every week. 3 times a week can I die if I keep on having panic attack.

    • Dear Brenda,

      From what I know, you can’t actually die from a panic attack. The article was written in jest. That said, there isn’t anything funny about panic attacks when you’re having one, and it can sometimes feel like you are dying.

      While you can’t, if they continue, seeing a therapist and getting help with the issues leading to the panic attacks is probably a good idea.

      Best wishes,

  3. Just to let you know your site looks a little bit weird in Safari on my Mac .

  4. Nice post, thank you for sharing this wonderful and useful information with us mate.

  5. Actually, if you have certain cardiac or blood sugar disorders you CAN DIE from a panic attack. I have some imblances & have suffered a coma &severe dehydration from one.

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