Cancer Research Blog Carnival #32

a cancer cell

Health and Life is proud to be hosting the 32cond edition of the Cancer Research Blog Carnival.

Why do we participate?

The Cancer Research Blog Carnival (CRBC) is a fun way to connect bloggers across different areas with one goal – to blog about some area of cancer research.  We’ve learned a lot from reading the past posts and hope that our edition of the CRBC will have some good ones!

Any preferences for entries?

Anything to do with cancer research is good.  That said, we at Health and Life are pharmacology buffs.  We love learning about medications.  Submissions relating to cancer chemotheraputics are especially welcome.

If interested, you can use this form to submit an entry.

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Pharmaceutical analyst who loves blogging about health and medical issues. Has written more than 150 articles and a book on attention deficit disorder. Correctly predicted delayed approval of Bydureon, approval of Provenge by FDA, and the non-approval of Acthar on June 11.

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