I think I’m losing my mind! – Are You?

I think I'm Losing My Mind!

Have you been feeling weird lately? Like things are slightly off?  Or not as energetic as you might like?


Thought so.  How’d I know?

Because it’s perfectly normal to be somewhat tired, somewhat drained, somewhat unhappy!  It’s a hell of a lot easier to complain and feel crappy than it is to realize how good things really are.

But if you are seriously concerned about your mental health, the list below offers some questions that you might ask yourself.  If you see yourself in them, it may be worth thinking about seeing a shrink or getting some kind of help.


I can’t concentrate as well anymore.

I feel different over the past few weeks.

My friends are worried about me.

Mood disorders

Have you felt seriously down or unmotivated for more than a few weeks? Or have you felt irrationally happy, or excited, spending money casually?

Do you no longer enjoy doing things you used to?

Anxiety Disorders

Do you worry a lot? Is it hard for you to relax? Are there things that just make you panic?

Does the memory of some traumatic event keep coming back to you?


Do you believe people are out to get you? Can you read other people’s thoughts?

Does the TV sometimes talk directly to you?

Dissociative disorders

Do you often feel like things aren’t real?  Do you sometimes not remember what you did over a period of time?

Eating Disorders

Do you have difficulty eating? Do you count calories or restrict how much you eat?

Or do you eat too much and sometimes purge?

Substance use disorders

Is there something that you couldn’t live without – literally? Would stopping a substance result in physical symptoms?

Do you often blackout?

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Get Help!  Seriously.  You need it!


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  1. I think mee too:
    I stand there, looming over my skyline, poised for action, waiting and watching for the ceaseless tide of blanked-out commuters to appear, as they surge down the narrow Victorian terraced streets in a polluted ocean of greys and muddy browns. I want to be amongst them as much as I loathe and despise them, if only so I could loathe and despise myself without any recurring guilt. I whisper to them that I know where they’re going, I know what they’re doing, I know what they each want to be.
    So I have not been thinking. I have been devoid of thought. In truth, I still am. Like any pretentious lover of words, I harbour a vain and pretentious desire to attach the label of Writer’s Block to my humdrum affliction, were it not for the fact that (a) I could not look myself in the face without guffawing; (b) I am not a writer; and (c) what ails me is not so much a blockage, but more of a vacuum. Indeed, I am a virtual Hoover, just without the crucial sucking action. I am empty of brain. When my front door slams shut, I hear it echoed precisely seventy-three times between left ear and right. Insects frequently use me as a vaguely scenic shortcut across the pillows at night.
    In summary – and even if you don’t need a summary by now, I certainly do – I am no longer a productive member of society. Or of the human race. Or of the inhuman race. I need rescuing from myself, from the cesspit of pointlessness into which I find myself tumbling, flailing around, swallowing toxic effluent mixed with tinned peaches, and washing it all down with industrial quantities of black-hearted caffeine.

    We need to help each other now

  2. Caffeine pumps through me like oil into a tanker; crude, imperfect, and loaded with energy producing substances.

    The drive is long and pointless; who cares how far it is to Jersey from New York, and why bother racing with other cars who care not the least about your frantic efforts to make a difference?

    But you do, and the car always need more fuel.

  3. im going crazy. i dont know what to do.

    • try to find a good friend to talk to, or set up an appointment with a therapist. things can and will get better! =)

      • I need help, I don’t know what is going on with me i thought and hoped it was all just a phase, I feel like everything is fake, I stress and worry a lot, I just don’t know what to do I feel like I’m going to break down, i related to neally all of those questions. please someone help

        • Dear Aidan,

          You said:

          “I feel like everything is fake…”


          A lot of things in this wasteful consumer/Capitalist world are fake. That’s not a feeling, that’s a fact. The word you used though… “FEEL” tells me that you recognize what is going on at least subconsciously and it is a very bad feeling for you. Any normal person would feel bad at what we see around us every day.

          You said:

          “I stress and worry a lot, I just don’t know what to do I feel like I’m going to break down…”


          You feel this way because you do recognize the evil and foolishness in the World, and you want to change it. You can’t change it, so you have a very deep conflict in your mind.

          This, in my unprofessional opinion, is what is going on in your head. I am NOT a professional mental health worker. I know this because I feel the same way. I have caused a lot of stress on myself because I absolutely can not tolerate all this B.S. I see around me.

          So, the problem is not you. You seem to be a moral person, deep down. Your problem is the same as mine, I think. You can’t accept all this silly, consumer CRAP that people make the focal point of their lives. You can’t help the stupid “consumers” around you and that drives you nuts.

          What the problem is all about is your REACTION to the mess you observe around you. You have got to let the stupid masses make their mistakes. You can’t save them, as much as you’d like to. That’s just one example from my experience. The proper reaction is to just don’t worry about the stupid society we live in. That is not easy to do.

          I’m in the same frame of mind you are in, my friend. There is no easy cure. Don’t get on SSRI medications, they will drive you NUTS. (This was my experience and it was so scary I don’t want to describe it here.) Don’t become a major pot-head, either.

          CONCENTRATE on living YOUR LIFE. Seek better health and better finances, without screwing anyone over. The health thing is a key… the better shape you are in, the better you’ll be able to handle this disgrace environment we all live in today.

  4. I’m about to lose it!

  5. I’m 24 years old, a full-time student at the University taking 17 credit hours, I work full-time for a satellite company, I teach Sunday school, assist coaching Junior High football and have my first baby due in two weeks (finals week). I’ve been dong great up til now. So far i’m getting all A’s in my classes and I feel like it’s all going to go down hill. I just don’t care for much anymore. I still go about my day as I normally would but I can’t focus, I’m not motivated, like I was winning a marathon and on the final mile I start walking, because I just don’t care.

    • Jays, I’m sorry to hear that things haven’t been going well for you. Have you considered seeing someone and getting help? Therapy can make a real difference.

    • Jays, I’m sorry to hear that things haven’t been going well for you. Have you considered seeing someone and getting help? Therapy can make a real difference.

  6. I look around to the people in interact with on a daily basis and realize that nothing about my life with them is real. They know nothing of who i am as a person, only as a worker bee. I can’t trust anyone around me. Everyone i know will hurt me because they either they already have or, well, they already have. I feel as though my wife, who i should love above all else, is the one who is hurting me the most. I dont know what she’s doing but i know she has to be up to something. I have horrible, horrible thoughts i can not begin to even describe. Things that would make a normal person have nightmares. Please what should i do

    • Dear Adam,

      I’m sorry to hear that. I am not an expert and don’t know much about mental issues but it sounds like making an appointment to see a therapist might be a good idea. It sounds like things are getting a little hard for you, and someone who is an expert on those issues could help you figure things out and make your life better =)

  7. i had to say yes to must of all that but i think it be easy to give up then to try to fix it every time i get happy something go’s wrong.

  8. I constantly dwell on the past I’ll realive past experiences and just get this weird feeling like I cant get over it, like it tears me up on the inside, it really is getting old but I cant shake it but thats just one problem, I constantly worry about things I really cant control and the things I can control like a future, i’ll get something started and just give up, but when someone else has a problem and they ask me questions I seem to have to answers and when I bring it up to them they say the same thing and it just doesnt get through, I just feel dumb all the time like my concentration is not there at all I dont know maybe it just me, maybe its nothing but it really getting old like if I dont get over my mind messing with me i’m going to be stuck in this hole until its too late

    • I know you posted this a long time ago but I was reading the other posts and yours just kind of hit a nerve with me because, I too, feel the same. I just can’t shake all the mistakes I have made. I analyze things all day. How could I have handled that better, should I have done that, what should I do next time.
      At work, I have blown it so many times, they finally just got rid of me. Now I work a menial job where there is not social interaction and no was for me to screw up. But, my brain is turning to mush with no stimulation.
      The only thing I can maybe offer is to tell you that a lot of people are going through the same thing. Probably more than you think. People you’d never expect. And in saying that, just go forward and take it easy on yourself and be aware that even the cashier at the corner store might be going through the same thing as you. You never know.
      We’ve all dwell. It’s probably a way to not make the same mistakes twice. Maybe try making up scenarios of what if I had… and just remember that at the time, you did what you thought was best. Wouldn’t if have been great if we all knew what we know now when we were younger! That’s a song – Ooh La La sung by Rod Stewart. You could try listening to that every morning as a mantra.
      Hang in there Eric. Just know if anything, there is one other person out here trying to get through it too.

  9. I think I’m loseing my mind. When I try doing something I would just 4get what I was doing and do other stuff . And I don’t trust many ppl I spand to much money to make myself feel good but it not helping I feel like all my friends aren’t really my friends I can’t focuse enymore I hate the future I don’t like not knowing what’s ganna happen next

  10. mariana,

    please write a novel.  you owe it to yourself and society.  the pain you feel is just a deeper spiritual calling, and you have a real gift.  after all, the majority of great artists have been insane. to be great is to be misunderstood.

  11. I am an Expat working in East Africa. Therapy Services in my location are difficult to find, as mental health issues are still seen in a very negative light. Do you know of ANY online services that I can use. I really need help, re-locating, recent loss, stress and anxiety are probably going to send me to an early grave.

    Please help.

  12. @Eric, you just described me down to the letter. I’ve become highly sensitive and paranoid. I dwell on the past and stupid details. A mionth ago an event triggered paranoia into high gear and It’s on the verge of costing me my marriage and family. I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. I can’t work or concentrate I find myself in constant deep breaths and drinking tons of water. I’ve tried working out. Only drinking alcohhol annd talking to my wife has soothed me.. but it’s very short lived and her patiences is running out.

  13. Hi im 17 i was enjoying my life up until this point I go to college, have a part time job and i recently started working out again going on regular runs etc.
    Two days ago i had a massive anxiety attack. This is somthing i have never suffered from ever since, I cannot think straight it feels as if the stuff i do isn’t worth it, i don’t know if its down to exhaustion or other. I don’t know properly what i am doing feels as if everything is a blur, i keep thinking i’m going crazy. I didn’t go in college today because i thought what really is the point, before this attack i was so motivated to do well i wanted to go to university and had great ambitions, now i cannot be bothered thinking about college, work, socialising or anything else. i am constantly scared and don’t know how to deal with it.

    Is it worth going to see my Doctor, or is this just what people go through in life?

  14. I am having a nervous breakdown.  I have no friends anymore.  I had to break up with my loser boyfriend because he constantly lies to me and keeps shit from me.  I just had to move back home into a house where I don’t belong.  The only things that make me happy are my dogs.  I don’t have a job right now because I just moved and I feel like a fucking loser.  I hate this life of mine.  It could not get any worse. or maybe it will after I just said that.  According to my abusive boyfriend I am a jealous bitch and will always be alone.  I don’t know what to do anymore.  Everything in my life I feel like I have failed miserably. from keeping friends to boyfriends.  I’m beginning to think it is me.  Wtf is wrong with me.  i have absolutely no self esteem and feel worthless. If someone could take the pain away I would let them.  I’m too pussy to do it myself.  Why do I always end up in these situations?  all alone and no one to talk to except a computer.  I have no one to turn to. it’s so fucking sad.  How come he can move on just fine and not be upset?  Why doesn’t he feel the least bit bad for what he put me through?  It’s like it’s always my fault.  Who the fuck lies about having a kid with someone else?  who the fuck does that? 2 years down the fucking drain. all because of his lying and keeping shit from me. and he wonders why I don’t trust him. worthless pig. i will never forgive and never trust anyone ever again. fukc him. once again i get screwed over.  please if there is a god help me.  I don’t really believe in a god but i’d like to start believing in something. i need a reason worth living. i don’t want to start drinking again and numbing all of the pain. i jsut don’t know what to do.

  15. @Jf.   You may feel that you are a looser because of all the hurt that you have been through.   Its not easy, I have been there myself.   The real truth is that he is the loser.  Keeping the identity of his child hidden from you is down right pathetic.  Did he really expect you to say : “oh yes you have hidden the fact of this child from me for 2 years, lets party?!”  My dear, he is the fucking loser, not you!! AND DONT EVER THINK OTHERWISE!!!

    When I left my abusive bf, he told me pretty much the same thing that you have heard yourself:  “…blah blah blah jealous bitch….blah blah useless, worthless,etc”.  And for a while I believed that no-one would want me, I realised that abusive men do that! They break us down to a point where we are so dependent on them, that no matter what they do we will always go back.    You are stronger than that.  Picking up the pieces wont be easy, but you are already on the right track by leaving him.  In time the hurt will heal, and you will love again, though it wont feel like it now.  You will also be on the watch out for warning signs for abusive relationship partners (which is a good things :) )

    Keep your chin up, you are in  no way a loser,  and this one is definately not your fault.  Start a hobby while you pull yourself back together, like painting, or dancing, I found that it helped me find my self again after my first and last abusive relationship. :)


  16. I had the dizzy days and the optiic haze -It’s always and end to me!

  17. I am 17 years young and very mature for my age. I understand the stages of life and what a large sum of people go through. What i don’t understand is how someone can be completely fine but within a 24 hour period completely lose it. My sanity is slowly fading away. I have a good home life, i have good friends. I party, smoke, drink, take designer drugs from time to time. None of this seems to phase my friends or family who have done the same. I feel like no one in my town can truly understand me, even if i try to explain how i feel to them. I have no ambition to do anything anymore. I can’ eat, sleep, or even have a normal conversation. Even if no one is around me, i feel like im being watched… Judged in a way. I don’t fully believe in god but i believe in a higher power. I dwell on the past and how things used to be. I can’t feel any other emotions other than the 3: Regret, Hatred, and anger. I’m not sure what triggered any of the problems i’m having. I’m not suicidal but sometimes if everything just ended i’d be at peace. My mind is slowly eating away at who i am as an individual, I wish that everything would just stop.

  18. Zeek,
    Whadup, i’m the girl version of you. From your age to every single one of your feelings. Seriously, reading through your little story was just plain eery because it fit me so perfectly. So hey, im here for you bro. How I look at it is I’m just above high school as a whole, and now I’m just focusing on my school work and graduating early so I can leave this awful place behind me and move onto bigger and better things. So cheers to the future my friend and keep your head held high :)

  19. Sometimes I feel like I’m going mad. I’m going to loose my mind and not in a good funny way.  What’s wrong with me?

  20. Sometimes I get a deep sickly feeling. I also get a bitter taste on my tonge. Do u know what’s wrong with me?

  21. a friend of mind added marijuana to my meal and since then i developed panic attack and depersonalization,its about five years now but i still feel the same way,i think stop things i cant control my mind.

  22. a friend of mind added marijuana to my meal and since then i developed panic attack and depersonalization,its about five years now but i still feel the same way,i think stupid things i cant control my mind.

  23. any body to help??


  25. I have become very messed up in the head. I think Im losing my mind. For quite a few months now, I am just very irritable at everything and things that should not be an issue, seem to be overwhelming to me. I have become Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde. I dont know whats wrong with me but I just want it to stop. Other than work, I pretty much stay home and stay away from people. I live alone also and im alone at my job too. I seem to be alright at work, but when Im home, I change into another person. I cant take this no more. I lash out at people that dont deserve it and then I hate myself for it. And its always the people that are dearest to me. The ones who have done nothing wrong. I know Im wrong, but yet, I still do it then I regret it. Its a vicious circle. Whats wrong with me? I wasnt always like this. I just wanna die.

  26. Hi.

    about 3weeks ago a door fall on my head, and i was fine i just had a headache, i did nt viomit or faint. am a mother to 11month old boy who takes all my energy,space, and i love him soo much, am single mother i went through hell with the father, he wants nothing to do with me or my child, and that just depresses me more. he calls my son “IT” *cries* he pays maintenance because i took to court. lately after a days my child being sick and getting little sleep, i was holding my cellphone on my hand and i jumped from the sit and run to get my phone, bt quickly realized that i had my phone on my hand….am i losing it or just tired:( i dont wanna be insane and lose the chance of giving my boi love. HELP:( :(

  27. Patrick Bateman

    I am a 30 year old failure. I’m the counterweight to the typical American Dream success story. You know how people in your life tell you that if you follow your dreams, then you will succeed? Capitalism is a zero-sum gain, for some to do well, others must not do well. So… maybe my pain is someone’s gain?

    Except I don’t want anyone else to gain anymore. Everyone around me is doing great. Just like many of you… I too have lost all of my friends. I went to 12 years (yes 12 years) of private school… went to “university,” did all the bullshit things that are expected out of me by my community and family.

    Now I sit alone in a house in California. My common law wife bought the house… and talk about abusive partners… she constantly tells me to leave. No matter that I have been her free employee for the past year, at her request, after the government shut down my employer.

    It felt great to type all of that… but reading it again, I sound really old. I don’t FEEL old. I exercise with my four dogs, smoke weed, meet people, consume media and pop culture… I ride around just to explore. All of my peers from high school on the other hand, consider themselves “grown folks.” They have tons of children, work for themselves…

    Since middle school, I have felt the things described on this post. Regret & anger, regret & anger. Like a lot of you… I see the cars stretching out past the horizon or witness any shopping mall in this country and I think to myself, “I have NOTHING in common with these people.” They live for starbucks, iphones, and bragging rights. Their only motivation is to do better than their neighbor… and conspicuously.

    Yet, having said all of that, what kind of life is there for someone who sees everyone else as foul, temporary, and untrustworthy? I don’t want to be so unhappy, but it is so natural to think like this.

    And then today it hit me as I was driving around. Beyond the bad things, people, and decisions that I’ve made, I am greatly disappointed in myself. The image I had in my mind of the person that I would become in adulthood did not match the person I had actually become. Money problems, trauma, betrayal, death, infidelity, LIFE, THE WORLD TURNING… all of these things chipped away and detracted from my ideal self.

    And once I reconcile my ideal self with my real self… I should feel better. So I guess what I need to do now is… accept my true self for what I am, embrace mediocre or sub par, and fade into mediocrity… maybe as a Metro PCS salesman or a Jackson Hewitt sign spinner dressed like the statue of liberty.

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