20 Fun Facts About Alcohol


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As follows, are 20 facts about alcohol.  They range from scientific to purely entertaining.  Enjoy!

1) Although alcohol can make you feel energetic or dis-inhibited, it is actually a depressant.  It shuts down parts of your brain.

2) People start acting drunk much quicker than the time it actually takes for the alcohol to take effects.  This is because they expect to be drunk so act accordingly.

3) One third of divorce requests in England mention alcohol abuse as a contributing factor.

4) Alcohol dehydrates you, so if you drink a lot, make sure to balance it out with water.  Otherwise, you may have a particularly nasty hangover.

5) Red wine contains resveratrol, which is an extremely powerful antioxidant.  Within moderation, red wine may be good for your heart health.

6) Drinks that contain alcohol can also be heavy in calories, and alcohol itself may make you eat more.  So not a good diet move!

7) 1/3 of people consume alcohol

8) The heaviest drinking takes place in Russia and Europe.

9) While people who are depressed are more likely to drink alcohol, doing so may actually worsen the depression.  It is a temporary cure – at best.

10) If a woman and a man drink the exact same amount, the woman is more likely to get drunk or feel it.  This is due to different levels of certain enzymes involved in breaking booze down.

11) Long term use of alcohol can lead to many health problems including liver failure.  The most serious long term effects include a strange condition called Korsakoff’s Psychosis.

12) The United States is the 32cond heaviest drinking country in the world.

13) One shot of vodka has as much alcohol as an entire beer.

14) Alcohol is considered a medication according to a United States pharmacological directory

15) Thousands of people have died from drinking too much and choking on their vomit.

16) Blackouts are caused by alcohol reaching and disrupting areas of the brain that are fundamental to processing time and space.

17) Half of kids have tried alcohol by 9th grade.

18) Alcohol is an effective way of killing bacteria, and can be used to sterilize objects.

19) A typical person can metabolize about one drink per hour.  That translates to one shot of vodka, one beer, or one glass of wine.

20) In the state of Missouri, if you are under 21 and carry a trashbag with an empty bottle of beer, you can be charged with unlawful possession.

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  2. Here is a revised list of fun facts about alcohol.

    1) It’s awesome

  3. but who drinks the most between russia and europe? .. and number 13 depends on the drink and the size of the shot glass, sometimes a pint of beer will have loads more alcohol in it than a shot of vodka .. in fact that’s about usual, if we say that a shot glass is about 30ml, a pint’s 568ml, vodka’s 70% alcohol and beer’s 5%, there’d be 21ml alcohol in the vodka and 28.4ml in the beer.. bitching aside tho i quite enjoyed reading thru these

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