The 10 Most Popular Drugs


weed bud

#1) Marijuana or Weed

Weed has been around for thousands of years and quite popular for its sedative and somewhat hallucinogenic effects.  It can be use medically in cancer patients to increase appetite and/or as a pain killer.

People who smoke weed become “stoned” – they become mellow, relaxed.

While a mild drug, weed is illegal in the United States, most likely for political reasons.  Use does decrease motivation and memory formation, and some heavy users report feeling chronically “doped.”

Fun Facts about Weed:

George Washington grew marijuana

Hemp, which is a form of marijuana, was once accepted as money in the USA

Hemp was also possibly the first fabric used by people –ever

cocaine white powder

#2) Cocaine

Cocaine is an extremely popular drug on the party circuit, and is well known for its association with the rich and famous (because only they could afford to maintain a habit).  Unfortunately, a new form of cocaine, crack, is significantly more accessible and has ruined the lives of many.

A stimulant that works on dopamine, cocaine produces feelings of euphoria, energy and excitement.  The crash can be nasty, however, and potential side effects include paranoia and delusions that bugs are crawling over your skin.  Not to mention its exceptionally high rates of addiction.

Fun Facts about Cocaine:

Cocaine was used heavily by the famous psychiatrist Freud and is still used in medicine today as a pain killer

2,500 people try cocaine for the first time on any given day

Coca cola originally contained cocaine.  (Hence, the name)

#3) Xanax and the benzodiazepines

Xanax, and its family of drugs, the benzodiazepines (or “benzos”), are quite good at slowing the brain down.  They do this by activating the GABA inhibitor pathways.  This produces a feeling of calm, good will, and relaxation.

As such, they are quite popular, both as prescription medication, and as drugs of abuse.  This is unfortunate, as the benzos are both highly addictive and extremely difficult to quit.  If you stop abruptly, withdrawal can be so bad as to send you into convulsions or make you go temporarily insane.


Blue Adderall XR Pill

#4) Adderall

Adderall is a mix of amphetamines, and we’ve talked in great length about its use for ADHD.  It promotes dopamine release and activity in brain cells, which leads to greater focus, motivation and attention.

But there’s a darker side.  In high doses, Adderall can cause euphoria and extreme amounts of energy, hence its street name “speed.”  When used recreationally, Adderall is addictive and tolerance quickly develops, meaning greater and greater doses.

Adderall has only been around since 1998, but is quite popular on college campuses.  Students love its ability to help them study, pull all nighters, or party.  Which is tragic, because such use only delegitimizes its use as a treatment for ADHD.

Fun Facts about Adderall

We produce and distribute legally more than 1,000kg per year of crystal meth, a close relative to Adderall

Anyone whatsoever if given a high enough dose Adderall would become delusional and temporarily insane

Adderall is among the most effective appetite suppressant we know of


#5) Ecstasy

Ecstasy makes you feel what its name implies – great feelings of pleasure and joy.  It acts on all sorts of brain chemicals to work its magic, and is popular on the club scene to make parties that much more enjoyable.

Someone who takes ecstasy may quickly fall in love with someone and share all the most intimate secrets, or quiver with joy at the feeling of the ground under their feet.

Dancers who take ecstasy should be aware of its potential to cause dehydration.  We’re talking about overheating to the point where your body organs sort of “melt.”  Eww.  Not to mention that use may be associated with significant brain damage.

Fun Facts about Ecstasy

Ecstasy has been investigated for its use in couples therapy

Drug company giant Merck patented Ecstasy in 1914

Because this drug can cause people’s jaws to clamp down shut really, really hard, users sometimes use pacifiers.  (Stuff like that makes it pretty easy for critics to call drug use infantile)

#6) Heroin

A terribly seductive drug, use of Heroin mimics powerful painkiller chemicals natural to the body.  This produces a feeling of deep calm and relaxation.  Users feel like “everything is going to be all-right,” that life is wonderful.

That is, until the effects run out.  Withdrawal from heroin is a terrible, terrible thing, and can even be life threatening.  An inmate in jail who was undergoing withdrawal, for instance, decided to break his own foot so that he would get painkillers to dull the agony.

It’s that bad.

Fun Facts about Heroin:

Bayer, the makers of aspirin, once sold heroin as a cough medicine.  (They probably had high customer retention)

The term “junky” comes from people who would sell pieces of junk metal to raise money to use heroin

Up to 85% of people who become addicted to heroin will never kick the habit fully

#7) LSD

A psychedelic that can make your life extremely interesting when you start seeing colors, shapes and have elaborate trances.  The CIA drugged unsuspecting people with LSD to investigate its potential use as an interrogation tool, hoping that someone who was seeing floating, glowing giraffes might also be more willing to talk about what he knew.

At least one person died as a result of that testing.

LSD is a popular recreational drug because the strange experiences it causes can be quite enjoyable, and even life-changing according to some.  That said, its potential for bad trips is not to be ignored – with some people even jumping out windows, thinking they can fly.

Fun Facts about LSD

The Beatles song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” can be abbreviated to LSD and is said to capture what taking the drug feels like

People who take LSD can later have unexpected and vivid flashbacks where they re-experience their “trip”

Owning just one gram of LSD can send you to jail for 5 years.  The government is serious about stopping use of this drug (except when they’re the ones doing it)

#8) PCP

PCP, or Phencyclidine, is a strange drug that can cause excitement and aggression.  It is not the most popular recreational drug because it is unpredictable, but some of the better effects PCP has include intoxication and anesthesia.

That said, it has quite high potential for causing brief periods of psychosis similar to schizophrenia, extreme aggression and cause unexpected and sudden violence.

Fun Facts about PCP

Street names for PCP include “Peter Pan,” “Happy sticks,” and “Black dust.”  Despite not being so popular, it may have among the most nicknames

PCP was used as an anesthetic originally with the unfortunate side effect of psychosis

#9) Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are like a natural LSD.  They too send you off on “magical” trips, and have been used by many cultures as part of religious ceremonies.  There are more than 200 different types of mushrooms with psychoactive effects, so the effects can be quite diverse and unexpected.

While entirely natural, use of magic mushrooms has its own risks.

Fun facts about Magic Mushrooms

Some major religious works have been suggested to have been done or influenced by the use of magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms, along with marijuana, are legal in Amsterdam

Magic mushrooms can be consumed in tea (which makes their use seem that much better than, say, an intravenous drug)

A glass of beer

#10) Alcohol

Alcohol should be number one if use alone is looked, but since it is legal and socially acceptable, we’ve put it last.

Alcohol is a sedative that works to inhibit certain parts of the brain.  It can cause excitement and disinhibition, effects that seem stimulatory, when it inhibits control and regulation centers.

Fun facts about Alcohol

See  20 Fun Facts About Alcohol

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  1. first of all you missed tobacco.
    secondly, alcohol is a drug, and putting it at the end of the list because it “socially acceptable” is just another denial
    thirdly, you obviously know nothing about psychadelic drugs, mostly all of you information about them is either wrong or misleading.
    thirdly when talking about drugs it is very important to back up your statements with the sources from which you gathered your info

    • Amen

    • I learned a fuck load of facts about drugs like lsd, marihuana is a fun drug it makes me focus at skoo nd makes me confident with girls but lsd sounds like a fuck load of fun im trying it while having sex nd while im at it I’ll finger her with cocaine. And by the way your gay speeches bout drugs would b better if u actually experience them and dont say i ain stupid 2try drugs cuz ir just a bitch ass pussy. Shouts out to the У$ert £mpîRe 760:.

  2. Well I do know some of this stuff first hand and the info looks accurate to me. Not complete, alright. But not wrong either.

  3. This is good info, yet the info about magic mushrooms could be a little more elaborate. Magic mushrooms don’t differ in effct that much, because the mushrooms advertised as magic mushroom all have psilocin and psilocybin in them. These chemicals have effects that are pretty much like lsd, although a lot different in character. Lsd seems more likely to lift social inhibitions while magic mushrooms will make a person introverted.
    Anyways users of magic mushrooms will most likely interpret their surroundings in a very different way, have hallcunations AND, which people tend to forget, an have a altered conciousness (not unlike alcohol or cocaine and a lot more like lsd or cannabis, but stronger).

    Secondly, please not deduce my entire country to its capital thank you :P. Weed is “legal” in the whole of holland, not just amsterdam.
    Weed is ONLY tolerated, so if you come into a police station here with a garbage bag full of weed and ask for the lost and found, you might as well take a sleeping bag with you there.

    Mushrooms actually ARENT legal anymore in holland. The only thing legal now are some very, very ugly fungi that contain the same magic stuff as the old, real magic mushrooms. But these thing (philosopher’s stones) look so much like horse-turds, that tourists don’t actually buy shrooms anymore in holland.
    The dutch government is also working on making cannabis more and more illegal.

    Anyway, i understand people in america don’t know this, so it’s not actually surprising to see holland advertised as a drug paradise (which it still is a bit :O ). But this info just wasn’t right.

  4. And on a sidenote, since it was mentioned with the benzodiazepines that they inhibit GABA, you might want to add that to alcohol too. Alcohol is also just a sleeping drug if you look at it scientifically, lol.


  6. i would like to find out what maurjuana do to a healthy person

  7. How can alcohol be a drug when it is not illegal at terms and i would like to find out why it i a drug?


    need sM Lsd ….prant0!!!!

  9. i learned this stuff in health class and i never knew marijuana was not illegal in Amsterdam…….. weird >.<

  10. This info is misleading and you did not provide a source to any of it.
    Marijuana- ‘Use does decrease motivation and memory formation’ where is your proof? that is just a stereotype.
    LSD-‘At least one person died as a result of that testing.’ no one has ever died from LSD ever. ‘That said, its potential for bad trips is not to be ignored – with some people even jumping out windows, thinking they can fly’ Bullshit. that is an urban myth, that conservative dumbfucks spread in the ’60s and 70s with absolutely no evidence to back the claim. When you’re tripping on acid you are fully aware of what gravity is and how it works. LSD does not make you retarded. ‘Owning just one gram of LSD can send you to jail for 5 years’ who the fuck has ever owned one whole gram of LSD? LSD is used in micrograms (1 millionths of grams) this just shows you know nothing of what you are talking about.
    and putting alcohol last because it is ‘socially acceptable is bullshit. alcohol, if it were’nt legal, would be classed as a ‘hard drug’. alcohol kills more people than any other drug on that list, every year. and where is tobacco? and why is PCP on the list of most popular drugs and methamphetamines (ice, meth, crystal) not? you know nothing of this topic. sit down and do not talk.

  11. haha i love dising people but really drugs how do u get that topic wrong?

    the funny thing though is that i feel like im high off of all of theses at some point im my day the only thing is for me to stop the feeling all i have too do is take off my headphones and i dont crash!!!!! haha love music DRUGS KILL STAY AWAY !!!!!!!! no one deserves to die

  12. cocaine oooooooohweeeeeeee is one hell of a drug…legalize all drugs now!!!

  13. this article sucks

  14. Heroin should not be number 6. I see it more as a number 4. And where is methamphetamine, adderall number 4 give me a break. More people use heroin over ecstasy nowadays anyway b/c ecstasy is not necessarily addictive. I agree with the top 3. Even though i think you are an idiot if you are addicted to uppers of any kind. Its all about the sedative drugs. I used to have a problem with coke, weed, x, and have tried all on the list except pcp. I most recently stopped using heroin overcoming a 4 year addiction using up to 200 dollars a day. I am now on 70 mg of methadone and doing just fine.

  15. Adderall n xanax saved my life

  16. You fockers didn’t mention CAFFEINE ! ! ! Who are you, the DEA?

  17. Please visit The website Questionnaire has a unique scoring system that can accurately detect drug / alcohol abuse with the help of behavioral changes and symptoms!!
    The questionnaire is a one of a kind, which I’ve been working on for the past 8 months. With the help of numerous behavioral psychologists & Drug abuse experts. You can make a difrence please link the website to your site!!!!

  18. When I was in middle school, I read in my health book that abusing drugs is fatal to somebody’s health.

    So I tell you guys one thing: don’t start using them!!!!!!

  19. i like talaga magsuyop the drugs because it makes me high. i like flying in the sky

  20. Whoever made this list is very uneducated about drugs.. Tobacco kills more people in a day than drugs, aids, and car crashes combined. Alcohol is right after tobacco, and guess what, theyre both legal. Oh and the fast food industry fuels the obesity epidemic, which has effected millions of more people than any illegal drug. People demonize drugs so much, and biased government propaganda drives the hate further. The media is a fear mongering propaganda machine that misleads millions of people across the country. All they need to do is find a target and start pointing fingers. I have used weed, mdma (ecstasy), lsd, shrooms, and mescaline, all in moderation, and my life has improved so far. I LOVE DRUGS! legalize them.

  21. people who don’t use drugs =/= people who should write about drugs

  22. Ivory, alcohol is a drug beause it is a chemical that has effects on the human brain and body. Being controlled by law or not controlled is not the definition of a drug. Over the counter medications such as anti histamines, aspiring, etc are still drugs. Also, the so called Natural supplements, made from plants, are also drugs; they have a chemical that effects the mind and/or body. Many supplements are dangerous if taken while on an OTC or prescribed drug.

  23. thomasamsterdam

    This website is nothing but random thoughts and assumptions.
    I can hardly believe the writer ever used drugs.
    I live in amsterdam, drink alcohol, smoke weed every day, use mdma occassionally on techno party’s (once every 2/3 months), used mushrooms(truffels the originals are not legal anymore) and have noticed so much more good than bad effects on my life.
    I don’t use cocaine and never will. Same goes for heroin, crack, crystal meth, ketamine, GHB and all other shit that’s around.
    MDMA in my opinion can be a live changer and is the best drug there is.
    You’ll feel so intimate and emphatic with others, naturally confident, and love the whole world (especially music, lights, drinks, strawberries, water, lollipops:P, icecreams).
    Only thing is (apart from drink enough water we know that now thank you) that it feels SO good, THAT you are very very unlikely to not like it and never want to do it again. But that’s logical, that’s the case with everything that is really good you do(/eat/drink/hear) for the first time. You just have to be aware to not get socially dependent of it, do it only with people you like and trust, drink a fruit juice the day before :) and limit it to 5/6/7/8 times a year. You’ll be fine and you’ll love it!


  24. wow, im stunned, worst article i ever read. person who wrote it obviously doesnt party . no mention of meth or pain killers. i will say this though. drugs are bad mmkay. i recently kicked xanax, heroin, coke, crystal and painkillers. its been horrible! i still smoke weed     and drink few beers a week but quitting after 15 years
    has been the hardest most terrible feeling. i wish i had listen to ny patents.
        has been so hard.  xanax and heroin, oxycontin withdrawals are the worst thong imang

  25. dobt do drugs. they fuckin suck .  theyll take over your life anake you a loser and a slave . you will need them for everything. yoh will choose them over your family and driends. you will have no choice with opiates and benzos. and you wont even notice the damage until 15 yyears pass you by . if your a  guy you will becone a thief crook liar and drug dealer 100% if you do drugs. and if your a girl then add prostitute whore junky to the list . if that sounds cool then go ahead and do drugs. if you do coke crystal heroin. you will eventually become scum. itsfun at first then it gets real nasty. dont do drugs. have pity on those who do.  im not a bad person, just stuck in a viscous cycle i cant escape. i wish i had never given into my curiosity. only step left for me is the needle and then im a goner. dont do drugs, you will have to pay the price.  you will have a love hate relationship and you will remain convinced at how much you love drugs while they slowly ruin your miserable life. used in moderation drugs are awesome.problem is inevitably you get addicted to the point of little to no control and then your life falls apart. hope it was worth it( it wont be)  . do yourself a favor and dont do drugs. your life and yout friends and family will all be million times better off.  now im gonna go cook up some h and do some coke. dont judge me. do as i say not as i do. i need help. i lied about kicking. i only quit ice and xanax. actually more like i just ran out and havent made attempt to get more in weeks now godam i need some bupenorphine bad :/ welcome to my world. it sucks . oh yah.  lsd best drug experience ever !  but cateful. dont mix with stimulants and have sedatives in case you lose it,never do it alone ..  xanax  valium klonopin are all good if you have a bad trip.  drugs are double edged yourself a favor dont do drugs. 

  26. Can anyone please help me identify the type of mushroom shown in the picture of #9.  Please email me at:    if you can help… it’s for a school project.  Thank you in advance!

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