9 Facts About Lung Cancer



1) Lung cancer is the biggest killer of all the cancers.

2) Several hundred thousand people are diagnosed with lung cancer every year.  (219,440 new cases in 2009)

3) The most common cause of lung cancer is cigarette smoking.

4) Women tend to respond better to chemotherapy for lung cancer than men.

5) The percentage of men who are diagnosed with lung cancer and will be alive in 5 years is only 12%.  In women, it is only 16%.

6) The symptoms of lung cancer include difficulty breathing, persistent cough and swollen lymph nodes.  If caught at an early stage, survival rates are many times higher.

7) One of the key factors that determines if your lung cancer will respond to treatment or not is if it has invaded the blood vessels of your body.

8) Lung cancer is diagnosed through chest x-rays and other methods.

9) Lung cancer is the most preventable form of cancer death.

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