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We at Health and Life take great pride in knowing that our articles help people understand medical issues better.

These are our goals and mission:

First, above all, to provide well written and interesting content that explains medical issues so anyone can understand them.

Then to be a medical watchdog, reporting on the benefits and risks of medical issues, finding things that others overlook.

Finally, to develop comprehensive coverage of medical topics.  Currently, we are focused on analysis of new medications.

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Healthlifeandstuff.com provides health information – medical and non-medical in nature.

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Much of the medical content on the site has been produced by David Gurevich, who has a medical background from Stanford University (USA).  The other content has been published in-house by Healthlifeandstuff. All content is checked for accuracy by someone with a medical background. All our content is thoroughly researched for accuracy before publication.


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