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Healthy Eating

At Health & Life we love knowing our articles help people understand today’s most important health and medical topics.

Our goals and mission are the following:

First, to provide engaging and insightful content, backed by reputable research, that aids the reader in their own journey for health and well-being.

Finally, to be a medical watchdog, reporting on the benefits and risks of medical issues, and finding things that others overlook.

Currently, we are focused on topics surrounding nutrition, neurological disease, and fitness, the three of which we believe are related!




We (the writers!) all found our passions for health and medicine in different ways.

For one, it was her series of concussions in high school and college that left her with previously unfamiliar health complications.  Struggling to balance the demands required of a Division I Ivy League student-athlete, she delved into the nutrition and medicinal spaces hoping to find solutions.

This blog is the result of our years of exploration, both formally through our undergraduate health courses, and informally through our independent research.

 The majority of the medical content on the site has been produced by a graduate of Dartmouth College (USA) with a background in nutrition and health policy, and a graduate of Brown University (USA) with a medical background.

All Health & Life content is thoroughly researched for accuracy before publication.  We strive to reference only the most credible sources in our articles.

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