10 Things You Should Know About Vyvanse

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This article was written by a new addition to our team who has significant personal experience with the ADHD medication Vyvanse.

None of the ADHD medications I had tried, Ritalin, Adderall, Strattera and Wellbutrin had helped me much.  Vyvanse has.

First, I go over 10 things I’ve learned from taking Vyvanse for about a year that may help you if you are taking or considering taking it.

These are things you can pretty much only know if you have been taking it for a while – that would have made my life a lot easier had I known when I was starting!

The 10 Things You Should Know About Vyvanse

1) Vyvanse is extremely long lasting

Its half life is about 9 and a half hours give or take an hour or two.  That means that in most people, the medication has some effect for up to 14 hours!  But there is more to the story – see element 8.

2)You can take Vyvanse daily

You can take it every single day of the week, every day of the month, and every month of the year – and it still works!

You hear all the time about people saying they develop tolerance to ADHD medications or they stop working – so I was very scared.  I didn’t want to take Vyvanse every day because it helped so much and I couldn’t stand the thought of it not working anymore.  But thankfully, it seems you can take it daily and it still works!

3) At the right dose, you might start thinking that it isn’t working anymore eventually.

It seems that a lot of people who take ADHD medications, when they find the right dose and are consistently taking it, don’t really feel like it is doing anything.

Which is wonderful!  Because, for me at least, it means that my personality and who I am are 100% intact – I take Vyvanse and I feel like it doesn’t do anything (but it does!)

Now when I tell you that the Vyvanse still works for me and that I very often worry it has stopped working, you may feel doubtful.  The reason I can say this for sure is that if I try a slightly higher dose, say 50mg instead of 40mg, then I feel way, way, overfocused.  If the 40mg had stopped working, this would not be the case.

4) Vyvanse is d-amphetamine

It turns out that Adderall is made out of d and l-amphetamines.  The l-amphetamine type may be responsible for the weird feeling some people get on Adderall.  It does provide more of a motivational kick, however – but I much rather not have it and feel like myself.

5) Vyvanse is mostly digested in the blood so what you eat likely won’t affect it so much

With some ADHD medications, your diet content really affects how the drug is released.  It turns out that with Vyvanse, most of the action takes place in the blood.  This means that your diet likely won’t affect it so much, but I still don’t drink orange juice in the morning on it.

6) It takes an hour to kick in, and two hours to fully kick in

I take Vyvanse in the morning with a cup of water and have a snack 20 minutes later.  It starts having an effect I can notice at 20 minutes and is ‘fully’ operational (to the point where I trust myself to send emails or work on something) at about 1 hour.

7) Exercising does not seem to change its effects very much.  I can get a 20 minute high intensity cardio work out and still feel the Vyvanse working normally.  This is very important because I love exercising.

8) It becomes weaker at night

When I first took Vyvanse, I felt the difference from 9am in the morning to 9pm at night.  With time, I felt like it stopped working at 7pm and then, increasingly, that it stopped at 5pm.  9am to 5pm is 8 hours.  I started getting depressed and was not able to do things past 5pm; figuring out what’s really going on got me back on track.

At 5pm or 8 hours in, the levels of Vyvanse are about 60% of their peak (for me, at least, and in my estimation).

At 7pm, or 10 hours in, the levels are about 40% of their peak.

At 10pm, or 13 hours in, they are at about 20% of their peak.

How do I know all this?  First, this is my personal experience.  Second, I am basing it off my experiments with Dexedrine instant release.  See the next item.

9) I think there are about 3.3mg of Vyvanse to 1mg of Dexedrine instant release.  I can’t find a number from a reputable site for conversion, but this ratio seems to work and I’ve heard it in several places.

This is important because I’ve found that I need to start taking small doses of Dexedrine at night to keep my levels of d-amphetamine where they need to be (yes, I know how horrible that sounds.  ADHD is not always fun.)

What that means is as follows:  I now take 2.5mg of Dexedrine IR at 6-7pm, 2.5mg at 8pm, and ~4mg more somewhere around 9-10pm. (This is all based on my taking Vyvanse at 9am but I usually take it earlier these days.   When I started, I was so depressed that I was sleeping a lot.)

The reason this is important to you is that you may have a similar experience to mine in that you might need to work on things that take focus or need ADHD symptom relief even at night.  Vyvanse works really, really long, but at the low dose it is at night, I simply can’t function in what is now ‘normal’ to me.

10) Being on Vyvanse for a year has given me stability

I have had more than 40 hobbies in my life and I’m just a college student.  I would go from learning calligraphy, to conducting medical research, to crashing parties, to bike riding, to swimming, to hip hop dance, to studying infectious diseases to… you get the drift.

The ads for Vyvanse say something like “consistently Vyvanse.”  I hate ads and you do too, probably.  But, for the first time in my life, someone called me ‘consistent.’

If being consistent means sticking with a job and performing well, getting promoted and professional recognition, studying for classes, developing meaningful friendships and relationships over time, being able to remember things that happen to me – being happy, sure I’ll take it.

Even if the ADHD part of me does not, does not in any way shape of form like being called ‘consistent.’ =)


Update March 2019:

Importantly, you should exercise discretion and consult your doctor ESPECIALLY before you give it to your child (or if you are under the age of 25 or so).  In a recent study, analysis revealed that Vyvanse and Adderall consumption  (amphetamines) among youths were more likely to result in psychosis than its methylphenidate counterparts (Ritalin or Concerta).  Check out the study here: //www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/03/190320171704.htm

Adult ADHD:

ADHD can be different in adults than children.  If you are concerned that you might have ADHD and are over 18, see an ADHD Test Made For Adults.

And knowing the 4 Secrets to Success with ADHD may make your life a lot easier.

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450 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Know About Vyvanse

  1. one more thing! sorry! lol- I had Add as a child and i respect my parents for not putting me on medicine bc at the time they didn’t know anything about it…However- there are times that i can’t help but think that they should have at least tried it. I never finished work and as a result was embarrassed every single day in elementary school by having to stay in at recess. I wasn’t hyperactive and did not really have discipline problems other than not finishing things or losing things and never knowing what the teacher was talking about bc i just daydreamed the day away. I think school would have been different for me. For me as a parent- medicine would be a last result if one of my boys had add- i would try many different things first. BUT i would not REFUSE to ever put my child on meds if it ever came down to they just couldn’t function with out it. 

  2. Also guys- melatonin helps with sleep and it is safe and non habit forming. It just tells your body that it is bed time without tranqelizing you. 

  3. I was very heitant to take a medicine. I have had Ad.d for as long as i can remember, but my parents were ant-rittalin when I was a child- and back in the early 90s- that was all available. I would consistantly test into gifted and talented classes and was even told i should skip a grade (these tests we all conducted for the most part in a room by myself with an instructor and were oral, or were puzzles, or problem solving) but then i would make really bad grades in the classroom. I have never had the hyperactive aspect- so it took a little long for my parents to realize why my grades were so bad. I would day dream constantly, i would lose my homework almost every single day before it was time to turn it in. As an adult i have a ton of different jobs, have attended college and dropped out way to much. Now i am 28 and i decided enough was enough. I was so so so skeptical of vyvanse ( i had a very very brief stint with adderall a few years ago and did not like feeling like i was “on” something). This medicine has helped me so much! I feel like my dose may need to go up- but i will not ask my doctor about this unless it gets to where it is just flat out not working at all. (We are still in the adjustment phase and I am on 30 and happy) I am a better student, a better parent, and i feel happier with myself than i have in a long long time. My doc is great too. He said that if i ever have concerns about the medicine, to let him know and we will figure it out together. He also suggested that i not take it on days that i don’t have tasks that require undivided concentration. I don’t feel like I am losing my personality- and if i ever do i will take break from the med and see. I think that it is significant to add that i am a writer and was adamant that i would not take something that would cap my creativity- but in reality- when not taking the med i never ever ever met deadlines- or if i did i was rushing at the last min and would force my poor husband to proof read bc lets face it- for us with add- proof reading (or going over anything twice) is not in our strong suit.  Now i am on the medicine, still writing, finishing tasks, and taking frequent breaks from the med.  
    Once more thing about vyvanse that i appreciate- there is no stigma attatched like there is to adderall. You know what I mean….If someone hears that you are taking adderall you are going to have 15 people asking you for one! I am a parent- and you would be suprised at the people who would ask….
    anyway- forgive my rambeling and grammar.

  4. Re: Aaron G
    Although I have been on Vyvanse for year+, I am nolonger depressed, and however like Aaron G.. I still find it nearly impossible to prioritize and get things done in a timely manner. I know that we are responsible for ourselves but unlike Concert, Vyvanse doesn’t ‘kick’ that ‘do it’!’ portion of my mind…. I still wait until the last minute to perform…. Fortunately I’m self employed…I fired myself many times…. 

  5. Im glad my tips could help you out Big Daddy! Also Aaron G your one of the people that is totally the exception to needing a lower dose to help even out sideffects and the med working properly. When I stated my thoughts above, I was mostly talking about the people who are new to the drug and unsure about its effectiveness at different dosages. The exceptions, like you, ( and the rest of you know who you are) are the people who have already put in the time ( over 3 years is way more than enough time to know how your body chemistry reacts) and the effort to figure out what your body needs. I’m sure that if you could, you would love to be able to take a lower dose and have it work effectively, but for some we know that’s just not how their bodies work. On the subject of the high, I’m only referring to the one that people mistake for how the drug will always feel when working at the Very Beginning of treatment ( you should remember the one I’m talking about. It was different slightly since our bodies had no prior experience with the med). For high level doses like yours, I have no experience haha, so I can only bet that your body must feel something. Either way, as long as YOU know it’s helping you than I agree with you completely. It’s the unsure what to expect people who are experiencing side effects I’m trying to help since I was was in the same boat not long ago myself. Equilibrium is the thing I think most people want

  6. You gave a lot of good advice on there Sound….However, I would like to give my view on a few of your comments.  I have taken 140mg of Vyvanse for over 3 and a half years now.  You posted below about side effects:

    1. I think that most of the side effect people are reporting (myself included) are because like many have said before, doctors and customers are impatient and will up the dose on a whim, and in most cases we misinterpret the drugs high for it working effectively.

    I disagree, as 3+ years later i still have many side effects from the medication and i’m not even on a dosage that is effective enough, ( I also have to take 40mg of Adderall in the afternoon because my two dosages of 70mg wear off).  The “high” you discuss I still get “a bit” and this IS the drug working effectively.  Vyvanse is essentially an amphetamine and that’s what it does.  

    2. You mentioned that people should lower their dosages if they are noticing side effects.  i HIGHLY disagree with this.  Obviously from my previous statement I still have side effects at my extremely high dosage but i have had over $5000 worth of testing done specifically on my brain, (called a SPECT SCAN) and this test proved that my body DOES need this much medication daily for me to “cope.”

  7. Thank you everyone for the posts.  I am about to begin my journey from years of Straterra to Vyvanse.  I feel good about the different opinions and facts posted here.  Everyone has helped in some way.  I  especially appreciate the last tip right above from Sound_Water.  Great summation of all of the other stuff said here for the most part.    
    I am 41 years old, have a steady job and a schedule that is pretty predictable..Thank God.   10 o clock to bed….6 am to rise.. and GIT R DONE.   I’ll post as the drama or lack there-of unfolds..ha ha

    From the length of some of these posts it seems the Vyvanse is working on that left brain part pretty well..HA HA

  8. 3. MOST IMPORTANT::: it you have through consultation and experimentation found that it is not the dosage that is the problem. Try reviewing your EATING HABITS, SLEEPING HABITS, and WORK HABITS.

    In most cases for me (and I have read others) the irritability and fatigue come from not eating enough during my day. I know, I know, food seems BLEhhh when vyvance is in your system. But try snacking often (small meals seem more appetizing to me. cliff bars are godsend and protein shakes are great too!)

    Next I have read and can testify that vyvance does not replace sleep. Again I know I know, sometimes you cant sleep (trying working out in the evenings several hours before bed, helped me lots) and then sometimes your all like “hmmm got get ____ done but i have no focus…or energy, I need more ____) realistically this scenario is just kind of just too bad. If you start using stims for awake/focus perposes then you headed down a bad road. The alertness that any stim gives is a side effect and for the good of your long term ADD/ADHD med us, you Must Not get in a habit of loving the alertness it gives you more than the daily focus. Power through the tired/unfocussed-ness because in several hours you have bedtime. *Remember sleep is insanely important for the medicine to even work.
    this leads me to my last part.

    WORK HABITS: *(this does not apply to people who work long hour jobs that require “Complex” cognitive thinking skills and focus) you people know who you are. ex: doctors (on call) ect…
    Undergrad College students do not count for this, because being one, we both know that there are effective time work can be done that fit our unique schedules. Even if you work, tell me there is not a single time you cant do work at work or find another time no matter what fun thing you have to give up.

    OK this is the last advice Ive got for anyone and it kind of plays into sleeping habits.
    I believe a lot of these needs for evening stims are a result of not using time wisely* (this is something no ADD/ADHD med can fix) if you have important things to do and you take your med in the morning, do your important things first. The more focus the task needs the closer you should be doing said task to the peak effectiveness of your med. 6-8 o clock are the times your meds should be wearing off because in “theory” you should be going to bed around 10pm if you want a full nights sleep and wake up at 6 or 7am.
    here is a super helpful link to how to get a full nights sleep if you don’t know how to calculate your rem cycles just put in what time you have to wake up by and bam!! your set.


    And not to sound like some stupid marketing bot but bright light will keep you awake and alert so maybe try this app for you computer. It worked wonders for mine because it dims you computer lighting in accordance to the typical daily circadian clock in your time zone. It allows me to still surf the web, but its not the equivalent of staring into a bright light that tricks your body into thinking its day time.


    In essence your evening should be your reward for your meds to wear off and you get to be back to silly ADD/ADHD you and surf the web, make dinner, spend time with the fam, have sex (stims can cause ED so dont take them when you wanna do stuff stuff) and finally get a good nights sleep.

    Living with ADD/ADHDis all about time management really. Meds will help but only practice will make you an effective worker, i think the key to these drugs is finding your own personal balance and to some of you (stop looking for that “hyper focus energy dragon”, if you really need the meds he should be gone shortly after they truly start working) and you will be OK with that.

    these tips and tool have helped me and I hope this helps Somebody else in a positive way also!


  9. Also just some tips from a guy who is 3 months in to this.
    Personally I think all medicine has a purpose so im not one of those “pharm companies are the DEVil ! ” people. We all know they are a business and will try ti get as much cash from us as possible but they do provide a useful service. Now that I have established my stance of being pretty neutral to the industry i will say:

    tips: After reading forums of people who have been taking this stuff for a while,
    1. I think that most of the side effect people are reporting (myself included) are because like many have said before, doctors and customers are impatient and will up the dose on a whim, and in most cases we misinterpret the drugs high for it working effectively.
    2. People should probably try to lower their dose if they are experiencing side effects.
    If they feel that it is wearing off too soon, try taking it later in the morning. You really don’t need vyvance in your system on you (theoretical) 30min drive to work. I hope this helps other newbies like me (kind of like this article did help some! some…) So, here is my addition to these tips!

  10. I have been taking vyvance for the term of my summer courses (three months) after switching from strattera (gave me weird messed up nightmares LoL. not your everyday side effect).

    The initial high phase from switching to vyvance was pretty cool since my body had 0 tolerance to the substance while trying to get my dose dialed in. ive moved from 30mg, 50mg, to 60mg.
    I would say that 30mg was my favorite ONLY because the intial high I received from having no exposure to an amp prior. Now that i am at 60mg the high is gone, and I am aware that I could abuse (im in college) and go higher to get those side effects, but that’s not the point of vyvance.
    The other thing that worries me about higher doses is that the side effects are amplified. On 60mg Ive experienced slight anxiety, irriability and in some cases more ADD like symptoms (especially if I was not able to get a good nights sleep the night before due to the long vyvance half life).

    My personal diagnosis, go back down to 50mg which seemed to work best once all typical upper side effects had worn off due to tolerance. Also I have not once felt withdraws, of mood swings besides the anxiety and irritability of this higher dose. Is it normal to not have withdraws? I take weekends off (unless a project is due or something) and recently took a week and a half off without the side effect of me just being sleepy (Ive always been sleepy though, vyvvance is probably the only time im not, and that’s ONLY if i take it after a good nights rest/ 6-7 rem cycles/)

  11. I was prescribed 20mgs of Vyvanse in my freshman year of college to help me with my ADD, which I have had symptoms for as long as I can remember. Vyvanse helped  me to learn things more quickly and to stay more focused while doing school work. My study time was cut in half and I was easily making straight A’s. I also was less forgetful, which helped me with deadlines. 
    Almost immediately, I began feeling depressed and helpless. Absolutely nothing brought joy to my life while I was on the drug. I have had depression since highshool, as well as a great deal of anxiety, but it had never been like the hell I was going through while on the drug. In conjunction with my intensified depression, I was experiencing excessive paranoid thoughts. It got to the point where if someone was not directly in my line of vision, if I couldn’t physically see that someone was okay, I had a dreadful feeling that he or she would wind up dead. I completely withdrew from everyone close to me, and I spent endless hours sobbing because I just felt doomed, for lack of a better word. I literally wanted to die.
    Thankfully, I stopped taking it. I’m not sure if I would even be here today if I hadn’t. I do believe, without a doubt, that my already existing depression and anxiety contributed to my hellish experience, but that does not make it any less alarming. I understand that everybody’s brains function differently, and the drug that made my life hell could also be someone else’s saving grace. I do not believe that Vyvanse is a “bad” drug, my experience was just extreme. But I encourage parents to LISTEN TO YOUR KIDS. If a child is telling you that they do not feel right on a medication, don’t force the poor thing to continue to take it. No one should be forced to go through what I went through in exchange for a few good grades. 

  12. This is a warning to vyvanse users or parents/loved ones who may wonder about the safety of vyvanse regarding their claim of the enzyme/protein that only is broken down by the liver, thus making it not effective if snorting or injecting. 

    I am here to prove that claim to be false. I no longer use this medication or any other drug (major thanks to my higher power, Jesus Christ, and supportive people), but one time I tested the boundaries of this medicine and wanted to see if one could inject vyvanse. The founders said you can’t. but im here to say that someone could abuse it that way. The drug becomes 3 times more powerful but more dangerous, and I know of other people in my town who started injecting vyvanse as well. A warning to anyone reading this that has any relation to vyvanse. It can be abused this way. 
    Thanks and God bless everyone. 

  13. Hi, I too suffer from ADD and was prescribed Vyvanse. I thought everybody but me had a wonderful, euphoric, stimulating experience with this med. I kept thinking ‘what is wrong with me!’ So I was grateful to stumble upon this website and other’s experiences with Vyvanse. I, like many above, feel lifeless, dull, flat and numb. I have been on this med for 4 months and I too am waiting for the good effects to kick in. Normally, I am also very animated, witty, outgoing and fun. On Vyvanse I notice I rarely laugh nor do I daydream as another blogger wrote. I used to be a voracious reader and not a TV watcher. Now it is the reverse. I cannot seem to concentrate nor do I have the desire to read. However I can now super-focus on television and the only thing that offers me relief is watching hours of TV. Strange. I can focus on details such as helping my 16 yr. old daughter with homework and almost wish I was a student again. But I am retired and at home and it has become harder and harder for me to leave the house let alone answer the telephone. I have become anti-social and a loner. I am almost afraid to go out. I know this is unacceptable and I should go off the drug, but I have tried every med. out there and nothing works. I have mild bi-polar with ADD. I take my Vyvanse-60mg with 60mg of Zoloft every morning. Lately I feel very depressed and don’t even want to get up. When you are not working or going to school you become hyper aware of how you feel.  I want to ride this med out as in some ways it has helped me. I don’t blurt out inappropriate remarks, am more controlled and less likely to fly off the handle. My moods  are more stable as I don’t get irritable and angry but inside I feel anxious and sad. I also think that perhaps I have to work harder at feeling ‘well.’ That I have to push myself more and as someone here wrote: “turn the negative into positive.” I am starting talk therapy next month with a great psychiatrist. I really am at the end of a long journey of med taking and I know that without any meds I am a mess. So I think perhaps I might ask for a different anti-depressant and go with that. If I stop the Vyvanse I can only imagine what hell I’m in for. Yes I probably am addicted to prescription drugs but when you are dealt Bi-Polar and ADD (inherited in my case) you don’t have too many options. By the way I tried Concerta and Adderall and both of those made me tense and angry so Vyvanse has been the best of the worst. What about dex. spansules? Anyone have luck with those? Finally I agree with those who wrote that every brain is different. This is so true. For example I tried cocaine years ago and it had a horrible affect on me. Made me so anxious that I couldn’t speak. Yet others seem to find it highly pleasurable. So there you are. Please keep posting…………….signed: confused 

  14. If you would read miss hoopers first two sentences , you can clearly see that she was 
    Improperly diagnosed.  I know that for a fact. Quit butting in. I am fully aware of how I am
    On the med and off the med. I also know that if you dont have ADD and have bipolar disorder, 
    You will react the way she did when she took the med. that was my point!!

  15. Karla: we saw the same issue with my 5yo – he had severe hyperactivity, and on Adderall, we saw all the joy leave him. We took him off of it. Currently we’re trying Focalin 15mg, and it seems to be working well. We will probably also try one of the nonstimulants (Strattera) to see if he responds well to that. The problem with that is we can’t mix it into ice cream like we can for Adderall and Focalin.

  16. Girlie-  You are in no place to diagnose who and who does not have ADHD.  Any professional will tell you that different people react differently to different medications.  Just because it works for you does not mean that it works for others.  There are countless testamonials from others who have reacted negatively to taking Vyvanse, and they certainly had ADHD.

    Personally, since getting off Vyvanse, I have found that I have returned to the positive person I was before it and that the extreme moodswings and irritation have vanished.  It was not right for me, though I will continue to seek help to manage the difficulties I have due to ADHD.

    However, I do not believe that it affects one permanently.  It is probably best to make an effort to explore how you are after it and try to figure out if this is simply symptoms of your ADHD returning, which you may have forgotten about or never noticed before taking Vyvanse.

  17. Karla: Your testimony about your son breaks my heart. If I were you and it was within the realm of reality for you, I would seek another school, an alternate school that will be more tolerant of your son. Teachers love a more disciplined child, but I feel your sadness about your son. See what else is available to hoim educationally.

  18. I am very happy with my result from vyvanse70mg. I have over ten years in medical field. 
    I said what I did because the person trully doesnt have symptoms of ADD and she doesnt know what shes talking about. Its not a bad medication. She got the wrong result because she doesnt have ADD.
    Then she wabted toblame the medicine for her misdiagnosis. That infuriates me. 
    Regardless, I took my meds early morning and it worked quickly, the same day. yrs the MD should  have started the pt at the lower dose. you dont have to take it with food. it does completely fix tge sleeping problems, if taken in the early morning.

  19. Hi! Just yesterday a young girl,(14) that I have become friends with, (the daughter of my boyfriend’s boss), started her first day of taking Vyvanse – 70 mg. In reading all of your testimonies, I still do not have a clear understanding of how this medicine should be taken, ( this is no way a comment of blame to anyone on this forum; You have all had such interesting suggestion’s,albeit the un-necessary comment’s per “Girlie” – RUDE).

    Here are my concern’s – school is right around the corner for this young girl and like most children during the summer, her sleep schedule varies, ( awake most of the night – sleep in late the next day). I know that a bedtime routine need’s to be put in place quickly, however it sound’s as though this medication work’s “quite quickly”, ( I have never known a medication to work within the first day of consumption.) I’m also concerned about the higher dosage- should’nt there have been a more “gradual approach?”

    I have some thing’s to get done for now. I will try to offer more info. throughout the day.

    Thank you! :)

  20. My son has been on Vyvanse for a year now.  This summer we took him off of it so that he could eat.  I know his ADhD is irritating to teachers and causes problems at school, but I prefer for him to be his crazy self in the summer.  Our drama last year was getting him to take the vyvanse in the morning (he fights taking it) and the mood swings that occur as it wears off at the end of the day.  When we went for our annual visit to the psych. recently, he said we should be doing it every day.  So 2 weeks before schools starts, we have been doing the vyvanse.  This is the first time I’ve been able to see it affect him and work with him throughout the day on it.  He is so different that it breaks my heart.  Yes, he is more focused.  But he is more anxious, more agitated, and less happy.  I still enjoy him but it seems so criminal to be altering his character like this.  His teacher said it makes him socially more acceptable and less irritating, which I see also.  The end of the day is still a problem, also.  He is very emotional and irritable.  
    I am so happy to find a place to vent for this is a daily pre-occupation for me.  

  21. My son (9) has been on Vyvanse for about two years, quite hyperactive and unfocused without it. When he takes it, he is a sweet, loving, intelligent thoughtful boy — without it he cannot absorb anything. I occasionally give him a day off, but I would say it has been a miracle drug for our family.


  23. I do understand because I do have ADD. It has affected me my entire life, caused me lots of pain wondering why I was so smart inside, but lazy and stupid on the outside. Nobody ever asked me why I wrecked my high school education and dropped from Honors to lower level classes, or why I dropped out of college and wasted my family’s money and felt so ashamed.

    I have no doubt that it works well for a lot of people, but it obviously comes with a price. It’s a matter of whether or not you care that your brain could be altered permanently and that you will never feel the same without the drug again. If you don’t care about that, and want to rely on amphetamines for the rest of your life, then that is your choice. 

    Side effects are signals of abnormality. Again, two choices. Mask them with more drugs, or respond to what your body is telling you.

    My ADD has been in my life since I was a child. It’s a learned behavior, most likely passed to me from my father who has been diagnosed bipolar. It’s in my personality, thoughts, and actions. The only thing that will fix something like that, REALLY fix it, is therapy. A cocaine band-aid like Vyvanse is not for people like me. It’s not for most of the people I have spoken to who have taken it. There are tons of doctors like mine, who want to read their lists, talk to you for five minutes, and send you out the door with months of written prescriptions. And in times of desperation, weary from outbursts and loads of dirty laundry, one will try it and get my results. 

    If you are not a paid shill for the pharmaceutical company, perhaps you should contact them. They’d love you. You’re a lifetime member of their money machine. 

    Anyway, day three without Vyvanse and my brain feels like it’s burning. The fatigue is bringing me to tears thinking that it’s only 8:30 in the morning. JUST SAY NO to amphetamines. I’ll continue to update.

  24. – I never had mood swings. I also was texted alot more than just going down a list of questions with a psychiatrist. Yes you do become dependent on th e med, but you do have to realize there may come a time you would have to wean yourself off the med. Thats why this med needs to be given to someone that actually has ADD/ADHD and someone that is aware of how the med is making them feel, if it is

    improving or worsening symptoms.The reason some peoole have to take ” a concoction” of other meds is because Vyvanse has a side effect of anxiety. And some people have underlying depression thats caused by having ADD/ADHD for yrs and struggling. You dont understand these things unless you actually have ADD/ADHD. This medicine is not bad and I have had therapy. What I figured out is that this med works really well for a lot of people.It doesnt for others

  25. I saw a psychiatrist for the first time because I have always been a procrastinator and suffered from mood swings that were messing up my life. The doctor asked me general questions from a list and told me I have ADD. I took Vyvanse for the past six months (two weeks of 20mg, then 50mg) and am now on day two without it. The first three to four months were great – productive and clear. Then I realized that my body had become dependent, and without it I felt slightly hungover and so sleepy, like I was swimming through the world. That in itself was enough to turn me off, but soon I started feeling like a zombie in the afternoon….just zapped of emotions. I have always been a strong speaker and reader, but I’ve found that I now have trouble spitting words out! I also stopped remembering dreams, where I used to be a vivid dreamer.

    To say that this drug is not bad, and then say that you’ve only been on it two months, or that you need to take a concoction of different drugs to make it feel alright, is not realistic. What IS realistic is that this is an amphetamine. It creates a tolerance in your body, which means that your brain changes and the drug is no longer something extra, but part of you. Your body will need it. And when it makes you feel like shit, you’ll need this that and the other thing to get through your day.

    Luckily enough, I ran out of my last prescription two days ago. I was nervous because I know on day two I always feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. I woke up today with that fatigue but also a feeling that I want to be done with this crap – and I told the psychiatrist all of this at my appointment this afternoon and walked out empty handed.

    It’s not normal to me to be hooked on this stuff. I’ve decided to focus on therapy to get out what was causing my initial problems in the first place. On my way back to my crazy place….hope to see some of you there :D Health and happiness..

  26. Vivian, I’ve been on Vyvanse for 4-5 years, xanax as needed for over 15 years, and have gone through prozac, abilify, cylexa & a few others in that time, but I could rarely ever take xanax in the morning and still function all day unless I was in a highly anxious state, which I didn’t want to be in the first place.
    But I think it’s great that you’ve finally found what works for you.

    There have been periods when my med combination has worked very well for me, but sooner or later my doc would be adjusting them again.

    I could have written those exact first three sentences in Anniesmum’s 2nd paragraph when I first started Vyvanse, and I sure do miss that total sense of ‘normalcy’ I had the first year or so – I’ve never quite achieved the same plateau since. However, people’s individual physiological makeup is as different and unique as snowflakes, and that many people actually do find their ideal medical regimen sooner or later, and it’s always encouraging to hear from people like you.

  27. OK people, reality check. If a medication makes you feel un-like yourself, or – God forbid – worse… IT ISN’T THE RIGHT MEDICATION FOR YOU. You need to see your doctors and try something else. Do you people even discuss these things with your phychiatrists?

    I’ve only been on
    Vyvanse for 2 months, but I feel more like myself than I have in YEARS. It doesn’t mute my personality, it doesn’t fill me with rage, it doesn’t make me totally left brained and hyperfocused. It just makes it so I’m calm enough to deal with my everday life and not run around in reactive mode all the time. I’m still the funniest girl in the room at any social gathering – only now it’s not because I feel like I have to be “on” all the time to seem normal. Now it’s just my natural wit and its fun. Its so much more fun. I’m a little quieter now than I used to be. A LITTLE. Not a lot. But it’s because I’m not performing nearly as much as I was before to cover up my adhd problems. (Which, I didn’t even know I had. I just knew that life seemed so much easier for so many other people, and my anxiety was out of control.)
    Please, the medication isn’t the devil. The medication is working for many people. It just isn’t YOUR medication – so you need to use something else. Talk to your doctors, and find one that knows what they are doing. Don’t GP this, use a psychiatrist how is board certified and knows their s**t about medications. Seriously.

  28. VERY helpful. Thank you! Just got prescribed to help with depression. Nothing has worked for me, but my as-needed-to-study amphetamine salts made me feel great. Doctor wanted to give this a shot. We’ll see how it goes!

  29. Hi all, I just wanted to share my experience with you about this drug. First off, I’ve always been ver anti-drug, but each person is different, as you can see from other people’s comments. I believe that maybe for the men, due to the corpus collosum (sp?) and that it is typically thicker and/or higher, they may act more like robots – as mentioned earlier by another blogger.

    I took this drug a year ago and took  myself off of it, because I was afraid of the side effects and it made
    me very curt and cranky. I have the added blessing of having periodic boughts of dyslexia, which has just recently come back full force. I probably don’t have to tell you how frustrating it can be to have ADD and compound that with dyslexia. It can really suck. 

    So, back to the doctor with my tail tucked between my legs. “We’ve been here before, haven’t we?” so, we discuss a new regimen that really works! I don’t feel the up down effects of the drug, I don’t get cranky, mood swings, anxious, etc… He has me take 1 zoloft, 1 Vyvanse and 1 Xanax first thing in the morning. They are all at the lowest possible dosage. I have also limited my coffee consumption a little bit, as this can make me agitated on the Vyvanse. So, I’m on an upper, downer, and in between. I can’t tell you what a god send this is. I feel alert and focused, but not speedy, agitated, or moody. I feel relaxed and have a sense of wellbeing, but not tired. I’m not nearly as confused and it not only helps with the ADD, it also helps with the dyslexia. I do notice that at night, if I want to study, I have to take another dosage, without the Xanax and with half a zoloft, as recommended. This works, but because I start to get tired from my day, I skip the Xanax. If I have a little trouble “coming down” I’ll take half a Xanax and a cup of chamomile tea. The only time I feel speedy is if I’ve had too much coffee. So, I stay away from cold medicines with stimulants in them as well. I do have to talk to my doctor about having to take a second dose of Vyvanse at night if I want to stay up and study. It lasts all day, about 12 hours for me, but after a full day, I then have to study, so I take one more, because it’s already worn off by then. Also, I try not to drink any alcohol, as it can really mess me up with the little cocktail I’m on. One drink and I’m out asleep. Which is a shame, because I love red wine, but it’s counter productive and doesn’t add well into the mix. 

    Ok, I hope this helps some of you. I’m just really glad I found what works. I have to check with my doctor about dozing again at night, but that’s what seems to work, especially for school.

  30. During the time I was off the med, I became depressed after struggling at work. Id sleep alot. I would never feel good. Since ive been back on it, im happy, and have energy, Im doing well at work. I feel normal and i sleep well. What more could i ask for. i dont have and addictive personality, so ill eventually wean off the med entirely because potential hrt probs scare me as i age. VYVANSE works for me.

  31. I took vyvanse for two years, two years ago. I have started taking it again two months ago. I am in my 30’s. I was diagnosed with ADD without the hyperactivity in my 20’s. I believe I suffered with ADDsymtoms all my life. Starting in kindergarten, I daydreamed, did poorly on tests, wouldnt focus. Teachers wanted to hold me back a grade. My mother refused. I did well with tutors thru third grade. Still having trouble focusing in class, concentrating. mind was constantly going in all directions. I have bever been really social, outgoing yes. Always have had one or two friends, and certainly dont want to be the center of attention. Struggled i thingn highschool and college to make a B. Started taking ritalin after diagnosis in 20’s. I did become tolerant to it but felt 100 times better and knew I should have been taking something all my life so I  wouldnt have had to struggle so. Vyvanse has been a life saver. I started at 20, then 50 and am now taking 70mg. I feel great all day, am happy, focused and more social. The bes thing is that im just as smart as I always thought I was. I only stopped taking it for a  time to have a child. The dosage change was because it was completely wearing off at 1-2 pm everyday when I would take it at 730. Im in the medical field. I would say that it probably runs in my family. My mom prob has it bit has never been tested.

  32. I’ve been taking a low dose of 30 mg for 6 months now and it has also been a lifesaver for me.  I’ve always been a big procrastinator throughout my entire school career.  I would constantly lose my personal belongings, forget to pay things on time, etc.  Always hating school, would daydream in lectures, and hyperfocused on all my hobbies outside of school.  I recently received my doctoral degree.  While I was in school,  I was always able to get by with cramming for tests, but when it came time to multi-task in a clinical setting at school I started falling apart.   Constantly getting mediocre to low reviews from my attendings on my performance lowered my self-esteem and I had an increasing feeling incompetence.

    I wish I had started taking vyvanse earlier, because once I began the medication i was able to attend to my patients better and give them the care they needed.  I could explain things better to them as well.  As well all know, vyvanse does not make you more intellegent, it just helps you focus.
    I only take the 30mg dose during the week and not on weekends and I have no felt a huge decrease in the effectiveness of the medication.  The first few weeks were definitely an adjustment.  Side effects are occassional dry mouth.  I have been pretty lucky with side effects, but I attribute that to the low dose I’m on.  I’ve always been a night-owl and that hasn’t changed, but taking the medication in the morning has kept me from having any insomnia.  Personality wise, I am more social I will admit, fight less with my parents, and I am less anxious.  Although, vyvanse has been known to increase anxiety.  The medication affects everyone different.  As seen on this forum, the medication has worked wonders with some and effected others very badly.  Medication is trial and error sometimes unfortunately and you have to use caution with any medication.

  33. I’ve been on vyvanse for almost a year. I am getting ready to stop taking this drug completely. It is destroying my life and relationships. The first couple of hours after taking it I feel happy, motivated, invincible… but then its all downhill from there. I start feeling anxious, paranoid, depressed, self loathing. I start having thoughts about how my life sucks, my job sucks, and I not good at anything. I get angry and irritable and pick fights with people for no reason. I have also noticed that it drains every bit of life and personality out of me. I’m focused but lack any creativity and imagination. Vyvanse has changed me. I’m no longer the happy, bubbly girl my family, friends, and boyfriend loved. For me, this drug is the devil.

  34. I’ve been taking Vyvanse for over 4 years and it’s been a lifesaver…so just because you might think it’s a deal with the devil, doesn’t mean it’s that way for everyone

  35. Also Vyvanse can be abused. All you have to do is take more than the prescribed dose. I’m not say I have done that. I just know that some people can’t live life without taking three 70mg every few hours. BE CAREFUL. SERIOUSLY, HEED MY WARNING. ANYONE WHO’S THINKING ABOUT GIVING THEIR YOUNG SON VYVANSE! CHOOSE SOMETHING ELSE.

  36. I’ve taken Vyvanse for like 3 years now. Vyvanse releases a huge amount of dopamine and makes you very happy at first. The happiness, after awhile, begins to only last for an hour or two, then for the rest of the day you want to commit suicide. That’s how I’ve felt for the past year almost. I had to get off of it before I killed myself. You realize nothing else in life makes you feel happy, and you could be sitting in a blank room with nothing to do, and for those few hours that Vyvanse is in what I call its “Golden Stage”, you will be the happiest you’ve ever been. Then hell kicks in.

  37. I’ve been taking Vyvanse for 3 years now, and after the first 6 months, you realize you’ve made a deal with the devil. Vyvanse is a deal with the devil. Be careful. I want to explain, but I’m afraid it will be too much and no one will take the time to read it.

  38. I’m honored to be able to share this amazing drug . It’s my anti depressant it’s called VYVANSE but it’s not an anti depressant and non habit forming 70 mg is ideal taken with 1/2 of a .25 Xanax prescribed . You can break it down . Mix it with 6 ounces of water . Drink 2 ounces of water every 3 hours. For about 17 hours of feeling normal, happy, horny, and wanting to read everything you can get your hands on . (I never enjoyed reading before) I have also learned to play 3 songs on the guitar in just 3 weeks. Sounds too good to be true ? Google it !!! Since I have been on the combination. My grades in college have went up from 80′s to 90′s + my girlfriend and I have sex when ever she wants … Lol I’m always ready . When it’s time to go to sleep . I take my other half of Xanax 30 minutes before bed. Be sure not to take Xanax before intercourse. Wait, then take it afterwards. Be safe !!! Start out very slow and low doses. Don’t take it expecting or trying to get a buzz. Because you will very easily. then it looses it’s whole purpose! Do not drink at all. I was once a social drinker. I have not had a drop of alcohol in 8 months now. But I’m more socialable than ever. I will have sprite with a splash of cola no one knows the difference and it’s just as fun. Go to the doctor tell him what you read . Remember to start on s very low dose . I would recommend 30 mg split in 6 ounces of water every 3 hours. An hour after ingestion, take vyvanse, take a 1/4 of .25 Xanax it doesn’t sound like much, but you are preventing it from coming on too strong. This was my ideal recipe. You might or will have to up your dose of Vyvanse later . I still take , pretty close to the same amount of Xanax . keep in mind Vyvanse can not be abused . It has to go through a digestion process to work. It is bonded with sn amino acid that has to be stripped off . Then it enters the frontal part of your brain. Where as they say , is the part your executive thoughts come from. I only planned to write one sentence . But here we are, this is the first time I have shared this ! GODSPEED!

  39. The one point I wish to make is, you cant say ANY drug is absolutely for everyone, whether it be vyvanse ritalin, marijuana, heroin-whatever. To say people should absolutely use or not use any medication/drug is misguided and possibly dangerous. I am in my 50s, have tried just about every kind of recreational drug at some point. (thankfully I didn’t find the need to continue using them, heh) The important thing to remember is that drugs affect people differently, and you can’t state catagorically that your experience with any given drug is reason to advise people to take or avoid a given drug, or have it prescribed for your children. I have been on 20mg Vyvanse for 3 months now. The first week I had my boss ask what was going on; I hadn’t f–ed up my paperwork or orders all week! I was also getting my chores done, without reminders, I was more motivated. That said, I am not telling everyone Ii know (it runs in the family) to start taking vyvanse. Any drug should be considered and tested on an individual basis.

  40. i disagree. i can sure tell that u had a bad experience but just like people, ADD cases are not all the same. if i were to follow ur advice where my 13yr old son is concerned, i dont see him making it across the high school stage with a diploma let alone keep up to get into college. How do i know this? His constant aloofness in class, forgetfullness to turn in assignments he struggled so much to finish and inability to concentrate long enough to stay focused and absorb school material kept him from walking the graduating stage of Jr High. I considered holding him back but I may consider his wishes to move up with his peers into High School and see wat he can handle BUT THIS TIME with the help of a little Vyvance or his old sm dose Adderall ER to help with the higher demands he is expected to deal with and if I leave him with his ADD alone, will surely further affect his self esteem. Its not a forever fix or even an everyday one…BUT it is one that i KNOW my son needs in order to succeed and perhaps feel good about himself and smart.

  41. LOL….I WISH my parents would have put me on meds when i was that young,  but I wasn’t formally diagnosed until I was 31.  Looking back, I would always wait until the VERY last minute to study for tests, write papers, finish assignments, etc and could get away with it, even through college.  I managed to graduate from the #2 Business School in the country with a 3.4 GPA.  However, when I entered the “real world” i found that “waiting until the last minute” for everything, ultimately catches up with you.  However, by that age my “habits” were so ingrained that all the medications in the world have done little to change my ways.

  42. Parents get your damn kids off medications that the government or teachers think will “help” them, the real learning in school comes when the child is an adult, College basically. Just cause you are the parent doesn’t mean you have the right to put your child on any medications. when the child is old enough to understand his or her life, and wants to help themselves then, should, they be put on medications but by their own doing saying so. I was placed on dexadrine when i was 15 it changed who i was, then now as a 22year old i realize for myself what is best for me. the most important schooling for anyone would be high school and university. then, should your children be put on medications only. NOT in elementary TREAt YOUR CHILDREN WITH RESPECT! children are children for a reason, let the teacher deal with their hyperactivity and craziness who cares??? they get paid too do it!! 

  43. Wow! guys Thank-you so much, I just started taking Vyvanse about a week ago, and the first two days went wonderful, now about mid-day I start to get angry and sad and depressed. I see my doctor on Tuesday and I will ask him what is going on, but, i’m only on 30mg. I kinda feel nothing on this drug except anger….. 

  44. Several of the points you have made throughout this article are factually incorrect. No drug is “digested” in the blood. Vyvanse becomes active when it reaches the brain and crosses the bbb. The reason why what you eat affects the relative strength or amount of time before the effects take hold is because certain components of foods affect drug absorption in different ways (fats, proteins, carbs, sugar, and more all can have positive or negative absorption effects depending on the drug to be absorbed.

    Also, contrary to what you say, vyvanse does build up in your system over time, requiring higher and higher dosages to acheive the same effects. That is why there is such a large spectrum of different size vyvanse. It is an amphetamine, and it is habit forming, bottom line.

    Please do not try to cover up the potential dangers of this serious drug.

  45. Okay, mate, you sound like a Shire cheerleader to me.  (2X) 

    As to the previous stories, I completely agree with this article but you have to realize it is for the 40mg case. I also take 40mg’s and have previously gone through taking the 50mg and had the same terrible loss of appetite and personality destruction. 

    But i can actively say that while taking the 40mg I still have my personality and in fact may even be more sociable, more engaged in specific conversations per say so i would definitely recommend if you’re on 50mg to switch to 40mg IT MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE and i am much happier now. 

    The only other thing i caution is to not specifically take it every day as the PERSONAL experience article states you will notice it wearing off earlier and earlier. If you avoid taking it everyday you will notice the times of its effectiveness will be relatively consistent. 

  46. Rob,

      You clearly were doing well on it at a low dose, and your “not working” observation is a common response to people who take these meds and want it to make everyday tasks to feel effortless EVERY DAY. That’s not how life works. But you went up on the dose anyhow, and instead of figuring out you were better off on the lower dose, you blame the drug after you effectively abused it (taking more than you ought to know you should– you clearly are describing hyperfocusing symptoms).

    Let me guess: you didn’t happen to mention to your doc that you were in a mindless trance of work each day when it began happening. Yeah, that’s called abuse, and don’t blame Shire or your doc for it.

  47. Like Robert, I’m a naturally outgoing and very effusive person. I also dabbled in theater and am known to be pretty funny, off-the-wall, spontaneous, clever, whatever you want to call it. I graduated and picked up professional work writing and fundraising for non profits, because I like to eat. Working in non profits and writing jobs in general require close attention to detail, juggling multiple deadlines, and most importantly knowing when to speak up and when to smile and nod.

    If you’re reading this, and you have ADHD, you know what part of that was nearly impossible for me. By the grace of my personality I was able to carry on for a few years of repeated closed-door meetings having to hear about how my work was inconsistent and poor quality.

    I believe very strongly that ADHD is not a dysfunction, but a kind of vestigial personality trait leftover from a different time when we lived in close concert with the world around us. I believe very strongly that people with ADHD were the heroes, hunters, and leaders of their time. The world changed into a place where people by the millions crouch over computer screens focused on singular tasks, and we just got left behind. Today, we medicate ourselves to keep up with a broken culture completely disconnected from biology or evolution.

    That being said, I realized that to be successful and consistent, I had to make a decision between which version of me I wanted to be.

    I started taking Vyvanse at the 30mg level daily. I’ve been unmedicated since I was first diagnosed as a child and actively rebelled against Ritalin for how it limited my personality. I tried Straterra in my 20’s and was horrified that it affected my sexual ability. It’s been about ten years since I took a prescription pill of any kind.

    In my first two weeks on Vyvanse, I went from carefree and happy to literally being filled with rage and intolerance at everything. I was picking fights with people on the road, complaining about my boss at work, and generally ranting like a maniac about everything. I told my wife over and over that if I had to choose between being happy and being productive, I would choose to be happy. BUT IT ALL PASSED.

    That’s my takeaway, and how my experience differed from Robert. The side effects of Vyvanse that changed me as a person went away after about two or three months. It’s a long time to feel like someone else, but you have to ask yourself if you are who you think you are. To me, I’m a witty, always-on guy with a million things to say who is always hilarious and at the top of his game. To other people, I think I’m just a pain in the ass, and for all of what I thought were my best qualities, I learned to embrace new qualities. The old me didn’t go away, he just learned to be more thoughtful, respectful, and careful.

    But you have to get past your fear of being transformed for it to work. I had a powerful motivator. I didn’t want to lose my job and risk my new marriage falling apart. It didn’t mean it made me less of a person, it just gave me the opportunity to choose who I wanted to be.

    That’s my other big takeaway. Take it slow. Choose. If Vyvanse or any drug changes your personality, give it time. Allow it to level out. Tell your friends you’re trying something new and that you might be different for a while. If they don’t understand, they’re not your friends.

    Most of us who actively treat ADHD are young, 20’s or 30’s. We have a long time to decide what the right course of action is. Don’t make half-measures. Try it for at least six months, consistently. Keep track of the results. I noticed one day that although I didn’t feel very different, or angry anymore, that I was ahead of my work schedule by 2 weeks. A strange benefit to the Dexedrine compound in Vyvanse was that I was also eating less, spending less money on lunch, and losing a little weight.

    After I overcame my anger and acclimated to the drug, I found that I would jump out of my chair at work and then stop to wonder what I was about to do, or if it was worth doing. Three months prior, I wouldn’t have thought twice about running down the hall to share a funny story I just remembered. The people I talk to would laugh and be engaged by my antics for sure, but in the scope of getting through a work day, was it really something that had to be told? I realized that I had never even questioned my impulsiveness before.

    Eventually I learned to embrace the new me and found ways to keep the old me going. The difference was that I had a choice. No more all-night self-hating sessions because I showed up to class or a meeting with no work done having simply forgotten the assignment. No lost cell phones or things in strange places. No more ruining relationships with off-the-cuff comments.

    All these drugs are recreational, no matter what anyone says. They’re all just designer drugs that let us pick our personality. Use it wisely, be realistic and patient with your results. It won’t make you love your job or your classes, that’s up to you. It will give you more focus and you’ll get lost less in your own life.

    If you don’t like it, stop taking it. You’ll be back to your old self in days, maybe even hours. Compare the two and figure out what’s right for you at this point in your own life. It won’t permanently change you, it won’t destroy you. It just gives you options.

  48. Okay, mate, you sound like a Shire cheerleader to me. 
    First things first: I was diagnosed with ADD and prescribed on Vyvanse. I loved it and it worked wonders. At least at first. 

    For me it was subtle. I started out with 20mg and things were fine a dandy: I got homework done, I finished projects early, I even paid attention in Statistics. My notebooks were literally full cover to cover. I didn’t miss a thing! It was great! I soon got bumped up to 50mg because the 20mg was no longer effective. Things continued all rosy and rainbows until the second semester. You see, I’m an actor, I’m outgoing, I prioritize people over grades. Vyvanse put an end to that. I still took acting classes and my notes were full, but my personality had become so dead inside that every time I tried out for a play or musical, I’d get EXTREMELY anxious and stressed and ultimately fail. Which is weird because in High School I was in every single production they put on. I loved the stage. I loved pretending to be different people. I loved theater. And yet, on Vyvanse, I became a shrinking violet! I spent HOURS in the library researching stuff at school and HOURS online researching stuff at home. I didn’t eat much, I lost A LOT of weight, and I slowly drifted away from my friends. I became a loner. An intelligent, A-Grade making loner, but still a loner. And so I stopped taking it. My mother tried to stop me, saying stuff like “But you’re doing so well in school”, but I flat out refused to take it anymore. I felt like a robot, cold, unfeeling and dead inside. 

    Vyvanse is a hell of a drug. If you can handle it and don’t mind losing all traces of personality and humor within you, good for you have a cookie. It’s as if Vyvanse totally and completely suppresses any “Right Brain” functions. I couldn’t daydream, I couldn’t act, I couldn’t talk right, I wasn’t funny anymore, and worst of all I couldn’t imagine anything! I literally had trouble daydreaming!! On the flip side, however, “Left Brain” functions are heightened and become extremely dominate. The “Left Brain” becomes the “Whole Brain”, to put it simply. You do have more concentration, but you almost focus TOO much. You pay more attention to detail, but you can become a bit OCD, as in you will become obsessed with one thing and won’t stop until it is fully complete. You do have better control over emotions, but you are limited to having only three emotions (Sadness, Anger, and Indifference). You do take fantastic notes, but you no longer doodle nor do you daydream. You do process information better, but you can no longer use your imagination. It’s like the perfect drug for a mother with a bad child or a Principal with rowdy students because it literally turns them into obedient little angels. Vyvanse is NOT to be taken everyday. Take it when you absolutely MUST be “in the zone” and no other time. Period. It WILL change you if you take it everyday. It is NOT to be used to control children either. Sure they obey you and complete each task and are no longer rowdy, but you have effectively killed who they were and their individuality. You have turned them into what YOU want them to be by force. You have turned a creative child into a cold robot. That is unethical and verges on child abuse. 

    Suffice to say, I’m off the full-time drug, as in I no longer take it everyday. I do still take it to help with tests and note taking now and then, but it is not an everyday thing. Usually I take it about once a week, if that. Since my switch, I’ve noticed immediate improvement. I was soon back to jolly old me, doodling during class, daydreaming about possible inventions, cracking jokes with the professors and hitting on all the pretty girls in class. I even got a lead role in Sweeney Todd! (Judge Turpin! Yeah, I’m usually the bad guy, but I love it!).

    So let me close with this: Vyvanse is a powerful tool and can be extremely beneficial to someone with ADD/ADHD, but as the saying goes, “With great power come great responsibility”. Use this drug WISELY. Do NOT abuse it. If it changes your personality and you don’t like that, STOP IMMEDIETELY and talk to your doctor. If your doctor insists you take it, FIND A NEW DOCTOR. Only YOU know what’s best for you, NOT your doctor and NOT your parents. Vyvanse IS a wonder drug, but it WIL destroy who you are if you aren’t careful with it.

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