An ADHD Test Made For Adults

A businessman and woman

A businessman and woman

This is an informal test with 33 items designed for adult ADHD – that focuses on the way the condition manifests specifically in adults.

What distinguishes it from most ADHD tests is that a) it is written for adults b) it is behaviorally based.  That means it asks if you have behaviors associated with ADHD.

The limitation to this approach is that it may miss something or that some behaviors may not be restricted to ADHD.

That said, as you read each item, mentally note if, “yes, that’s me.”  If you think “yes” more than a few times, then you may have ADHD.

1)         You sit down to study something you don’t want to.  Five minutes later, you’ve decided that it isn’t worth doing, that it’s not important, that you’re not interested in it – whatever.  You come up with a reason so you don’t have to study.  This lack of focus can be explained by the structure of your brain as a young child 

2)         Someone can be talking directly to you, but you get either really irritated – you want to talk about something else – or start to zone out and not really hear what they’re saying.

3)         Is something boring? If something is boring, then doing it feels like your mind was put into a blender and then sucked through a straw. If something is interesting, however, you can do it for hours without getting tired or losing interest.

4)         You tend to get lost while driving.Additionally, you tend to lose your temper or get frustrated with the other people on the road.  Why do they drive so fast?  Or so close to your car?

5)         You are really excited about a new idea until someone points out a flaw in it.  Then you lose enthusiasm like a deflated balloon.  Many of your great ideas die when they turn out to take more work than expected.

6)         Over the course of a day, you may go from one extreme mood to another.  You may feel like things are great, lose excitement, get bored, get excited and so on – all in the course of a day.

7)         You can watch television, talk on instant message, and do crossword puzzles – all at the same time.  You actually find it relaxing, or that you focus better.

8)        People can sit at the dinner table and talk for hours.  Say it’s just a plain old dinner and not on one of your favorite topics do you leave the dinner as fast as possible?

9)         Are there periods where you get really excited about something and just slip into a zone where that is all you think about? Hours go by like seconds.

It’s called hyperfocus, and if that name “clicks” with you, then it’s likely you have it.

10)       You’re playing video games or doing something fun, when someone you know starts talking to you.  “Why don’t you take out the garbage, please?”

“I said I’ll do it – after I finish doing what I’m doing.  Why don’t you trust me?”

“Because I need it right now.  Please!  You’re not even doing anything right now!”

A fight ensues.

Sound familiar?

11)       You’re in math class.  The teacher is talking: “So if you add 3 + 4 and..”

“it’s 7!” you call out.

The teacher coughs, gives you a black look, and goes on -“So if you add 3 + 4 and multiply by 2…”

12)       Sometimes you can just zone out.  Time flies by, you’re deeply relaxed and thinking about things that have absolutely nothing to do with what or where you are – like life in general.

13)       You’re in Paris with some friends, and deciding what to do.  “Okay, first we’ll see the Louvre, then hit the National Museum, then see a juggling show, then…”

Sound like you?  When you’re in the groove, you’re a powerhouse of energy.

14)       Sometimes you get really angry for no reason, or shout at someone for stupid reasons.  The anger doesn’t make that much sense and it goes away really quickly too.

15)       You’re supposed to do something, but you forgot or lost the things you need to do it.

16)       You notice things all over the room that are extremely random or irrelevant.  Like, for instance, in a meeting, you may notice the clicking of pens, the leaves falling outside, and so on – all while you should be paying attention.

17)       You are wondering if you could be doing something more interesting than reading this list.

18)       When  you start getting bored, you have to move physically or do something different.  Now!  And if you sit still for too long, you almost feel physical pain in your head.  It’s hard to describe.

19) Hitchhiking through the amazons while writing a book and making new friends with the natives – does that sound like an ideal trip?

20)       You’re at the coffee shop with a friend, and you’re ordering.   “That’ll be a triple shot espresso, please!”

Your friend looks at you.  “How are you going to fall asleep?  And…umm, aren’t you a little hyper already?”

You smile.  “It actually makes me think better.”  (Friend in the back of her mind mumbles, It makes everyone think better…)

You down the coffee and feel calmer.  Then you have an hour long conversation about the new dynamics at work, take a walk and really connect.

21)       You are the first to start new things, like wearing multicolored socks. When things start to become cool, you can be among those who make it so – adopting them before everyone else.  You might find yourself ahead of trends because you’re always looking for something new.

22)       When you love someone, you think nothing of spending hours on them, noticing what’s really important to them, and being very romantic.  Your ability to focus can make you an irresistible charmer – when you’re interested.

23)       “We’re going to have to start using this new program.”  One week later, you’ve pretty much figured everything about it, while everyone else is complaining about the change.  When you have to update all your files to the new format, however, you don’t get round to doing it for a long, long time.

24)       You’re always interested in making new friends.  Frankly, they’re usually more interesting than your old friends!

25)       Since you’ve gotten lost so many times, as long as nothing important is happening, you just enjoy getting to see something new.  It sometimes is fun.

26)       You can be very loyal, sticking with someone when everyone else abandons them

27)       When you find something interesting, you can learn everything about it.  When someone tells you something about it, you don’t forget it, either.  For that one thing, you are a supergenius.

28)       You just finished a lecture and you are the first to start clapping.  Are you among the first to react to things?

29)       Someone walks up behind you, shouts “boo!” You hardly flinch.  You just have a feel for what’s going on in a room, and aren’t easily caught off guard.

30)       Do you quickly forget what happened or the past, or not feel like it’s important?  Are you always doing something new?

31)        Your new boss wants to try a marketing method you feel is highly immoral.

Everyone else in the office tells you to wait, that the approval process for sure will make it cleaner and more appropriate  But you feel you have to do something right away.

When you next bump into your new boss, you blurt out how you feel.

32)       You’re in a meeting when you can’t wait anymore.  You blurt out,  “But why don’t we try doing this?  Am I the only one who noticed we don’t have a real marketing plan?”

Sometimes you seem to notice things others don’t.  That said, sometimes you might say something impulsively that everyone kind of laughs at.  It can be embarrassing.  Because even if you have a good point, if not delivered the right way, it can be taken the wrong way.

33)       When you want to get something done, you get it done.  The way you get there might be totally bizarre, strange, exotic – whatever.  But you get there.

Wow, that described me pretty accurately!

Some people read this test and are amazed at how accurate it is.  They wonder, maybe I have ADHD – what are the next steps, or how can I improve my life?

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75 thoughts on “An ADHD Test Made For Adults

  1. *sentence correction
    (By now i really dont give my diabetes a second thought)
    jeez sorry about that post its difficult for even me to follow when reading
    ugh i’m disgusted at the mistakes as far as incorrect words and pretence of words in that post… sigh the post in general… here i go rambling again… but it doesnt matter im a sceptic anyway i cant help but sit here and wonder if someone will believe my truth or if they think im lying dang i sound whiney time to go outside… fresh air… im burning up after my little synapse malfunction here i dont know why i wrote this… i do and dont feel better now… i think too hard… i think

  2. Wow i just finished that test to see if i “possibly” have adhd ( i just know i do and have for a while) and nearly every point and question in it rang true… i just dont know how to go about getting help. i tried before about 3-4 years ago i guess i was about 15-16 and my parents were in the middle of a divorce i straight up told my psychiatrist/therapist guy, about a month after first seeing him, my thoughts about it and 2 weeks later he dismissed me and ended my appointments. i assume this was done because of my age and situation(s) at the time that he figured i was just out for drugs for my personal recreation… but the biggest reason i began seeing him had nothing to do with family problems… it was because my endocrine dr. recomended i see him due to my lack of managing my blood sugar… lack being used lightly… i just DO NOT do my blood sugar readings at all and havent in over a year or more… im have no recolection of when i last did it… and i attribute this to my adhd to because ill be like oh i feel fine ill do it in just a bit and it never gets done by now i really give my diabetes a second thought and only occassionally will i for some reason feel a dire urgency to fully controll it ( that last maybe a day or so)… i feel like ive been rambling and cant count how many revisions i made over the past hour in writting this… all the while i should be doing the dishes so i can get some sleep instead of doing this I do not care about grammatical error here as long as i get my point accross here UGH! Please Help! how should i go about getting help when i feel like no doctor wont believe me

  3. So obviously the guy above that went on his rant is ADD or ADHD. He lacks about 20 periods, and about 10 unnecessary semi-colons. And eluded to random things such as Christmas, when the general was referring to small things (Like getting a piece of candy), not only this but the list is for adults, sir. It is for people 18 years of age and above, so the child symptoms are not only irrelevant but they differentiate from adults. I think his attention has been detracted by parts that angered him, like a true ADD or ADHD would. Congratulations, sir, you have been diagnosed. :) Have a nice day in the world of detraction, where I also thrive.

  4. I am on Ritalin. It does help me. I was diagnosed with bipolar 1 at 15 years old. I was in a state mental hospital at 19. I know mental illness is real…trust me. I used google to trying to see what was going on with the shortage of ADD medications. Insurance doesn’t cover my replacement drug. Okay, I am blithering…moving on.

    I somehow stumbled upon this web site. I was intrigued when i saw that there was a test to determine if a person was afflicted by ADD or ADHD. I hope that this test is a joke.The “test questions” are based on basic human behavior! This test proves that if a person’s mood fluctuates throughout a the day; if a person isn’t in the mood to study; if a person gets excited about anything and the initial excitement dissipates in any way, shape or, form; if a person gets irritated while stuck in traffic; if a person curses about another driver; if a person zones out while having a completely boring, inane conversation with some random acquaintance; if a person doesn’t want to stay at the dinner table because they just feel like having some time to themselves; what about that person vacationing in Paris that is so excited to be there and wants to see everything-so over whelmed with deep down pure intense joy so thrilled to be alive…….apparently all these people should be medicated…doesn’t this sound like all human beings!?! Realize that ups and downs make us real! Being excited about something is so wonderful! This test is telling us that any child that is so excited about Christmas morning should be medicated. This test is telling us that feeling any unpleasant emotion, any boredom, any sadness, any anticipation, any despair, any emotion what so ever constitutes a mental health diagnosis. Every mental health woe has a pill that claims relief. Mental illness is real, but feeling emotions isn’t an illness…feeling emotions makes us human.

  5. I read these then zoned out, then went on chat, the read again!

    I do all of these…

    I never ever did homework one day in my life and, if I did I only did it for 10 minutes and stopped then came back because I had to finish…

    I get bored easily. But, when I look at things that interest me I never forget. I can remember things that my friends don’t its weird. So It’s like being lazy mixed with intelligence. I am on Adderall but, I talk a lot more when I am on it I am not a social person unless I am on it.

    I am really loyal and I get my family lost on the road all of the time and then we end up find the place with an extra hour added on that! I do honk for my mom when someone cuts or tries to cut us off, or they don’t know the definition of a “green light”.

  6. Challenge: Find a person that does not have ADD. I am 29, and have been on Adderall since I was 17. I am currently prescribed to 150mg of Adderall/day – yes, 5 30’s / day. I was fine in high school when I was prescribed by a doc that lost her license. I was never tested for anything, a crazy woman just wrote scripts. Then, she lost her license, so I switched to a new doc that continued all my meds – even though I had only been on them a few months…

    —Really, what Senior in HS wouldn’t like Ritalin/Adderall. My grades went from C’s and D’s to straight A’s in one semester. It was great, I felt like I could rule the world—

    Not anymore, after 12 yrs on it, I’ve developed narcolepsy as a direct result from my stimulant use. I can fall asleep within 30 min of taking 60 mgs of Amphetamine Salts (generic for Adderall). I can’t say what is right for u or ur child, plz just make sure to get a proper diagnosis

  7. im 38 years old and all my life ive been addicted to something not drugs but just one extreme to the next ive always had problems but if i tried hard enough i usually prevailed but at some point completley lost my focus on life !i was life of the party then id be so not intetrested anymore i have been diagnosed with anxiety ocd depression pmdd bipolar disorder and add my doctor seemed to hate it when i talked fast witch i did at timed
    s so she drugged me beyond belief my family begged me for a year before it hit me life was passing me by while i watched since ive weened myself off all those nast bipolar drugs and am much more human but i relized i still needed help so i finally found a doc who looked at me as a person worth saving im on cymbalta for depression klonopin for anxiety but instead of 10 diff drugs for bipolar im trying ritilin for add it seems to be helping some !as of the list id say about 10 fit me perfect dont know what that means but im hoping that i am getting real help this time even if im bipolar too just figure what wsorks not give me so much i dont feel at all! i am a nurse curently unemployed basically because of lack of focus no concenration small mistakes i constantly make over and over again which we all know we need to be on our toes as as a nurse i just really want to help people and be well so someday i pray someone sees this and understands im smart and good at what i do i just need help at times and some modificvation i can be a good nurse and have all the skills but noone wants someone who has problems to deal with and led a not so perfect life in please let this ritilin work and give me strenghth to do what i need to do to get up and be something again if anyone out there remotlely understands me please help me here! and also if youve made mistakes in your life that haunt u or at least other people remind u so theres no moving forward! i want my kids to be ok and be alot better than me they think i just have alot of health issues because i have diabetes high bp and high tryglycerides and asthma also was born with spina bifida although not severe it still causes pain and problems i may not even be aware of! ok i know ive prob bored most people into moving on but if anyone out there understands me give me some advise and to who wrote the article im no professor but u seem to have a good grasp on things and it seems to me someone is only trying to bring you down! those type of people need to leave us whose problems dont concern them alone ,and who in the hell doesnt quote or state others opions at times and who is Arthur to say your a fake ! you have gave me a night of reading and a little hope which to me feels oreety darn good! people can cut on me all they want it will be nothing i havent heard before i guess what i seek is an understanding a real true one that i know im not alone out there!! thanks whoever took time to read me!

  8. well im not much for typing but i must share this . i have had an off and on relationship with meth-amphetamine to help with my problems in life. unfortunately i grew up around the attitude that one should just “man up ” and work thru problems. i never had the education or information to realize i was only searching for the ability to live and be happy. of coarse the “speed” was not always available and not the same quality  so it was super aggravating. long story short , im 36 years old and im a professorial musician that has always been an addict. dont let that happen to you. its a hard life. thanks for letting me share my story. get help . VYVANSE CHANGED MY LIFE!

  9. I have a lot of these symptoms and have always felt like something was different about me other then just having other people tell me that. I’ve been to a number of doctors and been treated for depression anxiety but that never really seemed to help what was really going on….. I’m really tired of living my life this way I’ve always done for other people and not myself maybe it’s time to talk to a doctor about me. I’m tired of having 15 projects going around my house and none of them done and just feeling like I don’t fit in…

  10. 95% percent of these things describe me. I think. I kind of skimmed through after a certain point.

    However, I was tested extensively and the psychologist insisted I did not have ADHD. I took the CPTII, some kind of computerized test, and performed well in all categories outside of impulsiveness. Psychiatrist said it was an inconclusive case. Tried Strattera and it didn’t do a damn thing. Was recently prescribed Ritalin but have yet to try it out.

    I spend hours playing video games almost in a trance-like state. I actually do very well in them. But when it comes to a programming or writing project — keep in mind these are projects of my own creation — I get distracted incredibly easy, particularly when I hit a difficult thinking problem.

    People seem to stereotype ADHD; I’ve had some say I don’t have it. “I’ve seen you use the computer for hours,” or, “I’ve seen you sit and play video games for hours.” In many ways it makes me doubt if I am a legitimate case. I mean, I typed out this long comment, didn’t I? So clearly I can focus on SOME things. The common perception of how ADHD works would dictate I’d only be able to drop a few typo-riddled, un-pucntuated sentences and perhaps never even remember to hit the submit button.

  11. Great list. It looks like I definately qualify. My doctor has started me out on the 70mg dose and the last few days have been wondeful. I am so gklad it lasts all day and drops off at night. This drug is going to really helo me with my career and life in general. Thanks for posting the article!

  12. The first time I read a list of ADHD symptoms, I felt as though I was reading my own grade-school biography. (Smart kid, couldn’t sit still or shut up) Since I am now 60 years old, I have long since dropped the H (hyperactive) part. Adderol has made a big difference. Now I only have to learn how to control the focus, so that I can work on what I am supposed to rather than find myself having focussed on whatever I bumped into on the way to the important task.
    Does anyone have any recommendations on books or publications that describe how to gain better control of setting the focus? Thanks!

  13. This article is honestly kind of scary… I felt as if i had a spy my whole life and finally found his file on me. Described all my attributes very accurately. im about to go into testing for ADHD to see if something can help me focus more with focusing on my coursework for college. Thanks for the rundown on whats really going on in my life and the problems i was having.

  14. I got a few really good laughs from this. And why is it a bad thing to sit and ponder the meaning of life? Couldn’t we all get honorary Philosophy PhDs rather than labeled ADHD and medicated? Can’t find a medication that both works and doesn’t give me major stomach problems. On the other hand, without the meds, I have no energy until 5 — they didn’t mention that problem. Anyone else have that problem, or should I ask my doc about sleep apnea or imminent death? (I’m not depressed-believe me, I’ve been there, I know the difference.)

  15. I have ADHD and can relate to this to the point of before being diagnosed I knew. I’m just glad i’m not crazy and others go through that same thing

  16. Yeah I got ADD. I’m a adult. Right now I’m wondering if Ritalin is better than the real deal(No it isn’t) Anyway. Ritalin and beer is a nice combo so I deal with it.

  17. Noticing word choice mistakes: Please note: When it’s a verb, it’s “Affect,” not “Effect.” PLEASE!! Effect is the noun.
    also, It’s “Lose your Temper” not “Lose your anger.”
    Having correct word choices with the correct spelling will improve your professional look: I just noticed the note above, from Arthur Burke.
    If you would like me to proofread the pages I just read more carefully, please let me know.
    I’ve been dx with ADD years ago, and just took some old Dexedrine (for two days in a row) and it does help a LOT. Right now I’ve gotten fascinated by this article and am supposed to be doing something else. I have a rx for Norco, for my osteoarthritis and find that this helps some things a LOT, but I do still tend to get seriously distracted by more interesting things. Anyway, I thought your list of questions sounded good. I’m not sure why the Arthur Burke is thinking that way. But anyway, seriously , word mistakes really lower your professional image. Interested in word mistakes especially in OTHER people’s work! I (also my own, of course) get in trouble at work for jumping forth with ideas, just as I saw in your list.

  18. I”m really quite surprised by this website. You obviously don’t have any real experience that gives you the credentials to write this ADD ‘test’. In fact, you have very little real merit for writing any of the posts you have on this site – they are nothing more than a regurgitation of articles published elsewhere but without giving the original authors credit. In fact in a couple of cases, you have simply rearranged the wording of other articles and passed them on as your own. The ‘we’ in the who are we page is nothing more than a smoke screen – this website is filled by a cast of one. You are a young man who is portraying himself falsely. This is not smart. Your name is now out there and at some point one of us in the business world will recognize you – when you begin applying for jobs after graduation – and your reputation will spread in a way that you don’t want. For a such a seemingly bright young man, plagiarism is a dangerous route. For everyone else who is reading these posts, the information here is seriously flawed. This is a very good example of the need to really screen the information you find on the internet. I wonder how long you’ll keep this reply up David …. hhhhmmmmm….. Sign me A Brown Professor under Alias!

  19. This was very enlightening! Honestly, I was at the doctor’s and fhe form was only one page! after taking the 2 mins. to fill it out, i did feel like I must just be nuts. Having said that, I did start on medication, it helps, but my mind still wanders…which leads to obsessive thinking. Helps knowing that others experience the same challenges.

  20. OMG!!! Can I put this info (this link) on my blog…pretty please?! I love your descriptive and, of course, your enthusiasim!! (hehe)!

    I could mentally, emotionally, and physically relate to 100% of these items you’ve listed above! THANK YOU, thank you for describing this condition in ways I couldn’t sit still long enough to do myself. I have to be honest, I laughed through reading the whole thing as my fiancé looked at me with the blank, “Oh God, what now?!” stare. I then read this to him and he asked if you had a hidden camera in our home. He applauded this almost more than me…I truly can’t believe how the relation so many of us have to this versus how we all live our day-to-day lives. Kind of funny in my eyes…so many unique people; however, those of us that have this are so similar, especially from content you’ve offered and the comments written.

    Thanks again and thanks to those leaving comments!! I don’t feel as “nuts” now! Lol!

    And..seriously, can I post this on my site? I think so many of my readers would LOVE to see what you’ve written here!

  21. The questionnaire seems quite comprehensive and may help people decide if they have ADHD. But It’s important to understand that you dont’t just acquire ADHD in adolescence or adulthood. One person commented that she thinks she’s had it for a couple of years. ADHD is probably something you are born with and the signs show up early, at least by the time a child has started school and has to concentrate or behave. So if you are a teen or an adult you will have had ADHD for a long time and its effects will have been evident long before adolescence.

  22. @Rob, I read your comment:)

    This is an excellent list. I was researching vyvanse for someone else. I do not have ADD or ADHD. Let me just say how wonderful things are around me now that treatment is in place for someone else. Please be careful not to abuse the medications. I have seen the down side of that.

  23. The best part is reading all this and realizing I am not alone.  Thank you.  Not that anyone will see my comment on the bottom anyway.  I only read half of them.

  24. I told my DR I felt I might be ADHD and instead she said it is depression and put me on 2 different anti-depressants which haven’t done a thing for me..duh. The same DR is also prescribing for my 10 yr old son and when I requested she change his med from Ritalin due to the fact that he is having anger issues and verbal outbursts she said “Stop the meds and get him to a psychiatrist asap” what the heck is that about??? He already has self-esteem issues due to his grades being C’s and D’s prior to taking Ritalin now they are A’s and B’s so without an ADHD med his grades will get bad again. Be sure you consult a good doctor and don’t just take their word for it, AND definitely do not feel embarrassed about what the DR will think of you. Who cares what they think it’s your life and you need to be happy, you ask for what you want. Good Luck.

  25. Lol, Sandy – was saying this verbatim as I went to read comments! I am so angry – every doc told me these things were DEF bi-polar, DEF not ADHD! I feel like I’ve wasted two decades thinking I was “crazy” & lazy =/ Hmm. I take ritilin now and feel like I’ve woken up and the whole time without it was a dream. This is the real, smart, focused, creative me!

  26. @amy:  you should talk to your psychiatrist about taking twice a day (one in the morning, one at 1PM before the first dose wears off).  if you feel you are being treated as a drug-seeker then you need a different provider.   experienced doctors know the half life of medication *benefit* is not the same as serum half life.  concerta wears off in early afternoon; adderall seems to be smoother / longer lasting for me (although it is definitely worn off by the time I leave work at the end of the day)
    everyone’s body is different.  open dialog with your prescriber is essential for success. 
    [concentration problems can be due to conditions other than ADD so make sure you are convinced this is the cause.   sleep deprivation; depression; hypervigilance from PTSD can also interrupt your ability to concentrate]

  27. I suspected I had ADD for about 5 years or more actually my brother has it and he is the one who told me I had it with all the problems I was having doing my school work because of quick loose of interest in what i had to read and concentration problems. Finally a week ago I brought it up to my psyciatrist as I have ptsd, she adviced after her questioning that I did and she put me on concerta 36mg once a day at 8am as it is suppose to last 12 hours well by 2 in the afternoon I have to lay down and take a nap because I feel whiped out. Now I am worried if I call her and tell her she will think I just want more drugs so should I call her anyway or wait another 3 weeks until I see her?

  28. very enlightening. my wife sent me this link and it stopped me dead in my tracks. I’m not the emotional type but this kinda just hit home and kinda overwhelmed me. I can relate to all 33 and I don’t know how genetic this is or if it really is but I have a 8 year old daughter that is just so much like me I’m scared to death for her. So i guess this is were I’ll be applying my hyperfocus to find out how to get this under control so that she won’t have to go through her life with like i have. GRATE SITE:} oh yeah i have a tax class midterm tomorrow and that’s were ? number one comes in perfectly got to love IT

  29. Really fantastic “reality check” for someone who has been reluctant to buy the diagnosis that 3 psychiatrists in a row have told me — my husband would certainly recognize many of these as exactly describing his spouse. I had to study on a bus in college because I couldn’t focus in the quiet dorm room; the blurting is soooo painful, professionally; my capacity for sleep deprivation is staggering as I try to complete the zillion tasks I say “yes” to when I’m feeling like the cylinders clicking; starting many things finishing none; notice-y and hyperfocused and yet impossible to stay on task [e.g. I’m supposed to be doing my documentation for patients I saw in clinic today, but instead doing this].

    When my symptoms first started to really become disabling in graduate school, I was sent down the wrong diagnostic path (as I’m sure many are): “hypomanic”, “bipolar type II”; my mom was even diagnosed as “borderline personality disorder” [I got a double-dose, genetically; my mom was the impulsive type, my dad is the “experience junkie” type] Some of the statements above can certainly fit with other psychiatric diagnoses, but the pharmacotherapy is completely different.
    (Valproate for bipolar was the *wrong* answer for me!)

    Wellbutrin has been successful for me for several years — initially started for depression [which often co-occurs in ADD], but I noticed I was less grouchy about other peoples’ driving when I was on it, even when I wasn’t needing it for depression any more. More recently, as my job demands have escalated, I decided to try stimulants. I’m still not on board with taking them every day, just use “PRN” for when I have to focus (grant deadlines etc.), but haven’t yet noticed the dramatic “calm” that many people describe. [if anything, as Concerta wears off I am *worse*, horrible executive function forgetting my keys and a dozen other essential things; and cranky on weekends when I don’t take it.] Today was my first day trying Adderal…and here I am (so perhaps I need more?)

  30. I hate when 32 happens. It seems to happen often and I’m often regarded as the idiot in the classroom because of it. I feel strongly about something I know its right, talk out and try to explain the best i can and when Im done everyone snicker and whisper and my teach gives me a blank face and moves on, and some smartass raising his hand paraphrases what I said and his the hot shot with the right answer and a damn genius. Made me feel better knowing others experience that too I thought it was only me, and I am RIGHT woohoo!!!

  31. Crystal,
    DO NOT feel embarrassed!!  You are actually normal!  I have been taking ADHD medications for  about 3 years.  Yes, I have had to change because my body gets used to a medication, but I will change and it will get better or my doctor will up my dosage.  I am 40 and this was NOT a big deal when I was growing up.  The sad thing about it is it can be genetic and my daughter has it.  I haven’t taken her to the doctor yet, but I am a teacher and I can see the signs.  Just go to the doctor, no one needs to know your business!!!  

  32. Wow i believe about 95% of these questions pertained to me…. but i dont believe im hyper. Could it be i have ADD and not ADHD?

  33. I knew there was something wrong, but I chalked it up to old age. I feel better now I know this is probably whats wrong with me. Iam making a doctors appointment ASAP!

  34. lol i guess i was really interested in this list. I’ve had adhd since i was 4 still take meds and my 5 year old has adhd and odd. I have almost every symptom except the office ones since i don’t work in an office environment.

  35. I have severe ADHD and this is me to a tee…I’m to embarassed to go to my doctor because so many people seek the medication for ADHD that I feel they will look down on me. So stressed and now that I have had a child it seems to have gotten worse. I did exactly as one comment explained…the article was so interesting but to long that half way through it I browsed through the rest of the bolded words:( ….stressed out :(

  36. this list was really helpful..and the way that the writer wrote it is awesome. i was actually laughing as i read this because i was basically reading about myself-minus like 3 things. all i have to do now is fill out that really long, boring, and annoying form that’s been sitting in a drawer for months so that i can have health insurance.

  37. i really enjoyed reading this list! i was formally diagnosed with adult ADD about four months ago, but i’d suspected i had it for a couple years now (it took me THAT long to drag my ass to seeing a doctor, hah). a lot of these definitely apply to me – number 29 though, i’m the exact opposite. when i was living with my mom, i’d be on my laptop, reading, aaalllllll the time and she’d always come up to talk to me and i’d flinch and get freaked out every single time. part of the hyper-focusing, “mind is somewhere else” kind of thing.

    i’ve been on adderall for several months now, and it’s made SO MUCH difference. once i became acclimated to it and the unpleasant side effects went away, i felt like judy 2.0. i’m still myself, but an improved version – the version i always have been underneath, but just needed some help getting there.

    i like adderall, but it takes forever to start working in the morning (i take a 20mg XR capsule when i wake up, and a 10mg tablet in the afternoon) and doesn’t last as long as i’d like, so i’m going to try vyvanse after my next visit with my psychiatrist. if anyone suspects they have ADD, definitely get evaluated! it just might change your life.

  38. OMG. bold words are amazing. I started taking after it and writing my notes in different colors to ‘bold’ the important words (good strategy for you ADHD’ers!). Highlighters were too distracting to me. I would just see the color and fail to pay attention to the words that were highlighted. Ironic huh? Hey Amanda, good luck on your eval! My roommate who was taking sociology told me to read something which was kind of like this while I was in COLLEGE and when I got done I called my mom to tell her that I think I might have adhd and she was like ‘yeah, i think you do too’ and I was so GLAD she agreed but also mad to why she didn’t tell me sooner. I was so close to failing out because of my urge to play video games until 3am instead of study for a final the next morning… anyways. I didn’t finish this thing (I stopped at the love part about thinking all day) but it sounds about right! I also have no idea how I ended up reading this because I was actually on the internet just to check my email before studying for a registry…. ugh!

  39. You also might have adhd if you you found out about halfway through this list it was way too long.  And since you answered yes to most of the questions so far you just skim through the rest focusing only on the bolded words.  Heh.

  40. i think my ADHD is so bad so i couldn’t finish reading this article and started playing online pool while talking on the phone and i have a final test tommorow :(

  41. Wow. tons of these apply to me. I have an appointment tomorrow for an evaluation. I’m nervous but I cant keep living like this. I’m so flustered with the inability to concentrate that I will go into the bathroom at my work and just cry. I hope whatever medication he gives me works with mininal side effects.

  42. I have all these symptoms and know i am ADHD and have been for a long time!!! just never did anything thought i was just crazy….

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