Over the past 30 years, we’ve learned a lot about what food does to our bodies.  It doesn’t just give us energy.

What we eat plays a big role in how we feel and helps determine if we suffer from conditions like hypertension, diabetes or cancer.

Eating fast-food and artificial, chemical laced goo like doughnuts lays waste to our bodies and gets us addicted to sweeteners.

Focus on eating simple, basic foods.  They have surprising health benefits and are what our bodies naturally need.


Drinking several cups of tea a day may reduce blood pressure and promote a healthy immune system.  Interestingly enough, tea reduces the amount of sugar in your saliva.  It also naturally contains fluoride.  That means it also helps fight cavities.


Eggs contain choline, a cognitive booster.  They also provide selenium and Vitamin K, in addition to essential proteins.

They may not be so bad for your cholesterol, too.  Recent research shows that eating more than four eggs a week didn’t raise cholesterol that much.  But as always, when in doubt, check with your doctor.


Made up of more than 180 compounds, honey contains flavonoids like apigenin and acacetin.  Eating honey may thicken your stomach mucus, reduce acidity, and help prevent ulcers.

Importantly, honey has been shown to reduce the effectiveness of viruses and bacteria, even possibly killing them.


Myricetin and quercetin are among the ingredients that might make cranberry effective in reducing risk of cancer.  It’s also theorized that cranberry can prevent and possibly help cure uterine tract infections.

Research shows that cranberry reduces bad lipids in blood and assists with healthy inflammatory response, both of which help your heart out.


In having a healthy diet, the key is diversity and simplicity.  Eat meats, fruits and vegetables along with carbohydrates.  Eating fish is good as well.

  • If a food didn’t exist 100 years ago, it’s probably not too healthy.

A good diet can help you feel and think better.  Deficiencies like not enough Vitamin B12 have a real impact on your life.