Actos – Side Effects, Problems

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Concerns about Actos

You may be considering pioglitazone or Actos to help treat your diabetes.  But you absolutely need to know that Actos has some very serious side effects and that it’s not entirely clear how well it works.

Pioglitazone, or Actos, is a very popular treatment for Type 2 Diabetes, with prescriptions counting for about 20-25% of total.  It works on peroxisome proliferator activated receptor-gamma receptors to improve sensitivity to insulin in various parts of the body.

The good thing is that Actos does have some benefits.  It seems to lower blood pressure, and seems to have a positive effect on certain important markers of health, like urine composition and levels of lipids in the blood.

And some studies like PROactive have shown that it has significant benefits in lowering risk of mortality from certain aspects of diabetes.


First, the way that PROactive measured its outcomes was not properly done and changed in the middle of the study, almost certainly to make the medication come off as being better.  And most of the other studies don’t clearly show health benefits.

Yes, Actos or Pioglitazone does seem to have significant effect on certain physiological factors.  But those measures don’t necessarily translate to improved life-span or reduced risk of events.  And even the PROactive study didn’t have statistically different outcomes for certain serious diabetes related problems.

One analysis of 22 studies argued that 21 of them showed only improvement in surrogate measures.  That means that the medication was shown to have some sort of physical effect but not necessarily have health benefits.

Heart Failure

Worse.  Pioglitazone might significantly increase the risk of heart failure.  In one study, rate of heart failure went up from 2% to 4%, and in another from 8% to 11%.  This is despite having some effects that are good for the heart, like reducing thickness of certain arteries.

Actos also increases risk of bone fracture, and, like a related medication that was withdrawn from the market, may have significant liver toxicity.


Because of these factors, and the lack of definitive and convincing long-term studies focused on measuring health end-points, Pioglitazone’s cost-benefit analysis is not clear.  Its use over other options for Diabetes management should be very carefully considered.

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7 thoughts on “Actos – Side Effects, Problems

  1. Hey man, .This was an exceptional page for such a hard topic to talk about. I appear forward to reading numerous more fantastic posts like these. Thanks

  2. I used actos as a fertility drug and it worked wonders as did 4 other friends who never conceived before. Well worth the risk when you have a little one to hold as a result.

  3. International drug mart is falsefying actos because as someone once said just recently and my DR clarified is that there is no generic form of actos so what you got was a palcebo of that drug that was convincing your brain that you had the real thing. Thats right no generic so you been took for a ride.

  4. There is no “generic” Actos available in US & I won’t risk buying international drugs – don’t know what you’re getting. Actos does a great job of lowering BS – I’m sticking with it.

  5. For actos is good as along as I don’t take it with any other drug. I was taking only generic actos. I got it online at International Drug Mart. It reacts with certain medications like Furosemide, Gemfibrozil and few other medications.

  6. This sounds like another case of the pharmaceutical company putting another drug out there that does more harm than good. Type- 2 diabetes can definatley be reversed but this is clearly up to the patient to indulge in proper nutrition. I myself was borderline. Idropped some weight,got on a exercise routine, ate properly and things returned to normal. In my case I was very persistant,I changed some habits and did a little research of my own on how to reverse it. I know that alot of people really need the medication but doctors really should encourage the patiient to really try and reverse it a get them off of the medicine if they could.

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