The new Obama Health Care Program commonly referred to as ObamaCare is suppose to provide more prescription drug coverage to millions of American who will be able to receive insurance through the new health care fix that will begin at the end of 2014. What does this mean to the general public, state plans, and insurance companies?

The entire health care overhaul has many people on both sides of the fence and some just sitting on the fence waiting to see exactly what will really occur once the new rules are finalized. During the 2010 Legislative Conference for the National Association of Counties, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said concerning the health care bill, “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of controversy.” So, now Americans are waiting to learn whether the new health law rules are going to help or destroy mainstream America just as the house was when they passed the bill.

The main benefit most people are seeing is that there will be an increase in prescription benefits, which was announced on November 20 by the Health and Human Services Department. The US government has placed the minimum requirements for the health insurance coverage and has banned denying coverage to any person that has pre-existing health conditions.

The new health insurance marketplaces known as exchanges will begin in 2014.

The federal government will be setting the minimum standards for what all health insurance companies must cover unlike the way it has been where the insurance companies, state regulators, or employers chose. The Affordable Care Act has put it on the shoulders of the government to create a base line for minimum coverage that will include emergency services, inpatient care, outpatient care, maternity care, childhood care, preventive screenings, lab work, and prescription drugs. The new rules may even include rehabilitation for cognitive disorders and physical disorders, mental health treatment, substance abuse treatment, and dental and vision for children. These are often coverage’s that small businesses cannot afford in their insurance plans for employees.

The latest information released on Tuesday is that health insurance plans will have to cover the same amount of prescription drugs as the plans in their states. What this means to the general public is that there will be more prescription drugs available with the insurance plan in each class including antidepressants and antipsychotic. Now the exchanges will be offering about the same as the employers.

The information released on Tuesday also explained that tax credits will be offered so more people would be able to purchase the coverage on the exchanges with enrollments for the plans beginning in October of 2014.

The only thing that no one is mentioning at all is the price tag associated with the health insurance coverage as well as other issues such as being approved for the exchanges new insurance plan. Most people today if they visited the Department of Human Services to receive free medical they would be told that they do not qualify for the benefits as they earn more money than is allowed. This puts those people in a position to find affordable health coverage away from the new government health insurance plan and back to insurance companies. With insurance companies now having to include so much in the coverage’s, the premiums a family must pay in order to be covered is sure going to be very expensive.

The one good thing is that seniors that find themselves in what is known as the doughnut hole with their prescription drug coverage is suppose to see some relief. At this time, prescription drug coverage for seniors on Medicare have only $2,700 worth of prescription drugs they can have. Once they hit this level, they must then spend $6,200 before Medicare will take over the payments for prescription drugs. If you must have an inhaler due to COPD that $2,700 will be gone in no time at around $500 per inhaler. From what the government is stating regarding the overhaul of health care the doughnut hole will completely disappear in about 9 months.

Another very controversial coverage is that women that are approved for the health care plan as well as all insurance companies and employers will now have to provide free birth control and other preventative services for women unless their employer is a faith based organization that does not agree with birth control.

The truth about the health care plan as well as the prescription drug coverage is actually still in the shadows. Until the plans are created by the states or exchanges and the government creates their minimum base plan, Americans still do not really know what is covered in the health care overhaul. It is more like a wait and see game with the American people being the pawns.



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