Public Speaking Tricks and Tips for Beating Nerves

Public speaking is one of those things in life that is enough to make anyone want to hide away from the rest of the world and refuse to come out. It can be nerve-wracking to stand in front of tens of people, let alone hundreds. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a novice at the art of public speaking, nerves can easily get the best of you if you allow them to, which is why you should consider the following tricks and tips for beating nerves and making that perfect presentation.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

This is the first and best tip for public speaking you could take on board. The more you prepare for your public speaking engagement, the more you will feel at ease with your topic. You may still feel nervous about delivering your speech but if you are familiar with what you plan to say, the direction you plan to take and the answers to any possible questions that may come up. Although preparing will not prevent you freezing when you are on a stage or losing your way half way through, it will make sure that you are familiar with the content and feel confident in your knowledge. This is an excellent place to start to banish nerves.

Enjoy Your Favorite Activity

One of the best ways to beat nerves is to relax before a public speaking engagement. This is easier said than done but you should always relax after you have prepared for it to allow all tension to release itself from your body. Any pent up tension will make your nerves worse so take the time to read a book, go for a run, go for dinner with friends or indeed do anything else that will help to take your mind off speaking. You will feel much better for it.

Use Eye Contact to Your Advantage

One of the most important things for achieving success and that any seasoned public speaker will tell you about is making eye contact. You should always make eye contact with your audience so that they relate to you and trust you. However, you may not know that it is also an excellent way to help you to get rid of the nerves. Looking into peoples’ eyes puts them at your own level whereas avoiding their gaze will make you feel awkward. Try to look at some of the people you know or have been introduced to first and you will soon begin to feel fearless.

Visualize Your Audience

This is an old tip but easily one of the best ones. Visualizing your audience naked, on the toilet, in their nightwear or anything else for that matter humanizes them. It helps you to realize that they are the same as you. This makes the whole public speaking game that little less daunting and will really help to boost your confidence.

These four tips may not seem like much in terms of how much time they take up, aside from preparation of course, but they will really help to get rid of your nerves quickly and easily when it comes to public speaking. You need never be nervous again.




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