Cholesterol lowering medications have been increasingly prescribed in the United States. The best selling medication of all time is Lipitor, one such drug. This blog will be exploring statin use and safety over the next week.

A recent non-statin drug is Ezetimibe. It was discovered by Shering-Plough as part of research into reducing LDL, or low density lipoprotein. And it’s pretty good at doing that.

Unfortunately, it’s not entirely clear how much clinical benefit it offers. Several large studies sponsored by the drug company showed that use of Ezetimibe alongside simvastatin did not mean less risk of adverse heart events.

And one of the studies even showed that Ezetimibe use slightly increased risk of developing cancer.

The ENHANCE study showed that Ezetimibe did not help decrease the intima-media thickness as opposed to standard treatment. The SEAS study showed that it did not have significant clinical impact.

Despite the lack of evidence, Ezetimibe is still being prescribed heavily. It’s clinical uses are not entirely clear, and it seems that it should not be a first line treatment.


Is There a Problem With Ezetimibe or Just ENHANCEd Hype?



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