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A red ribbon for AIDS

UPDATE: We have chosen and contacted the winners.  Thanks everyone for participating!

Do something about AIDS – post on your blog

This is an AIDS Awareness Initiative, which is uniting bloggers to post about AIDS before the end of the decade.  As an incentive, there are $750 in cash prizes for participation.

It’s an attempt to get bloggers like you to show your support against AIDS before yet another decade of failed research and dashed hopes ends.  There are many reasons that posting about AIDS is a good idea; read on to see just 5 of them.

Top posts will be linked to and discussed, as well as receiving input from our fantastic judges.

Prizes: $500 first place, $150 second, $100 third

Rules: 1) Post about HIV/AIDS on your blog.  (If you don’t have one, you can start blogging in less than 5 minutes at Blogger)

2) Email to let us know you’ve entered

3) (Optional, but appreciated) Link to this contest page somewhere in your blog post, so that interested readers can also get involved.

Your post does need to meet minimum quality standards, but it can be in any form you feel appropriate including poetry, YouTube videos, or even art.  Final judging will be by a panel of three.

See suggested content for ideas of what we’re looking for as well as links to useful resources.

Dates: Contest will be open for entries from November 4th to December 15th, 2009.

5 reasons your blog post matters

1) Most transmission of HIV/AIDS is by preventable causes.  Your post could motivate a reader to adopt safe practices and avoid contracting or spreading the disease.

2) AIDS has already almost destroyed some countries in Africa, where in some places more than 10% of people are infected.  Those people deserve a voice; your blog post could spread awareness of their suffering.

3) AIDS is spreading rapidly to countries like Russia, China and India.  Some countries remain in denial of the threat AIDS poses; your post could help fight that complacency.

4) The treatment we currently have for HIV infection is far from ideal.  You have to take a large amount of pills daily, with serious side effects.  Worse – even with all the medications we have, there is still a high chance the disease will become resistant.

Your post can help confront the myth that our current treatment means we don’t have to worry about AIDS.

5) At least 1/3 people don’t know that they are infected.  Your post could motivate a reader to get tested.


Our final judges are pretty amazing people who really care about fighting this disease.

Peter Shank, Ph.D., is a noted researcher and professor of virology whose research was mentioned in a Nobel Prize acceptance speech, and hopefully will win it someday.

Dr. Kenneth Mayer is the Director of the Brown University AIDS Program, has been fighting this disease from almost day one, and is a passionate advocate.

But don’t get intimidated – this is a blogging contest, so all you have to do is blog.

Suggested ideas

Blog entries on HIV/AIDS for this contest can range from personal to scientific, from stories to potential vaccine ideas. Whatever form of expression you are most comfortable, use! Even if that means having as your entry be a limeric rap video.

Here are some starting questions/ideas:

What is HIV/AIDS?
What are safe sex and other practices to reduce transmission risks?
Do you have a personal story that might help people?
What are possible future treatments for HIV/AIDS?
Are you HIV+? What’s it like to have to live with it?
How can we make a vaccine to treat it?

Here are some resources that might help:

Mayo Clinic Guide to HIV/AIDS
Debunking AIDS Denialism
Wikipedia Article on HIV

Note: I can’t promise that those websites are entirely accurate.


Made possible in part by a generous grant from the Brown University AIDS Program.


This contest is in no way intended to replace a doctor/patient relationship or to cause entries which do so. We take absolutely no responsibility for content generated as a result of this contest, as anyone who blogs can enter.

This contest is a good faith attempt to raise awareness of issues around HIV/AIDS, and is not intended to cause or promote any inaccurate or dangerous material.

Entries that contain offensive material may be ineligible for entry. Examples of what may be considered offensive includes content that promotes illegal activities, or offers advice that may be considered medically dangerous, like, as an extreme, advising the use of heroin.

Entry into this blogging contest does not guarantee winning. Within good faith, I reserve the right to modify the contest, and do not guarantee anything.

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