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Health and Life is proud to be hosting the 32cond edition of the Cancer Research Blog Carnival!

Dr. Henneman

Let’s start this month off with the submission, Does Fosamax prevent breast cancer? It was not written within the official scope of this blog carnival but as pharmacology buffs, we couldn’t resist sharing. This piece from Dr. Henneman analyzes some of the controversy as to whether a popular bone medication has important cancer related effects.


For anyone who has delved into the issues of breast cancer, the BRCA1/2 mutations are extremely important.  Women with those mutations have a shockingly high risk of developing breast cancer, and they may play a role in future treatment.  Bayblab, an excellent blog which combines scientific insight with good humor, reports on a patent dispute regarding ownership of those genes.


Next, we have The Role of Bone Marrow Niche in Stem Cell Aging and Cancer.  This thought-provoking piece goes into the role of bone marrow, hematopoiesis and the potential for a niche to play a role in cancer.  It is extremely technical yet quite accessible which is a rare and extremely useful skill for scientific writing to have.

The Spittoon reports on confusion over the utility of genetic testing for breast cancer.  It starts by pointing out that a recent paper,

“has led several media outlets to declare that common genetic variants have nothing to add when it comes to predicting breast cancer risk”

and argues against said claim.

We’ll start to wrap things up with an interesting post on ERVs, Epigenetics, and Testicular Cancer.  This piece is short, funny and assertive.  It goes into some of the details of the complex and confusing endogenous retrovirus protein debate.

Then Backwards day: Using ERVs to treat cancer – an interesting piece on the potential of using retroviruses to treat cancer.  Readers will remember that retroviruses are known for being able to cause cancer as they play with the cells DNA, so this is a fairly nifty read.

Health and Life

To finish, we’ll share a link to an analysis we wrote: Dendreon’s Provenge for Prostate Cancer.  In it, we analyze an emerging treatment for prostate cancer that may change the field yet faces the FDA and is exceptionally complicated.

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