Dr. Joe or Joseph Biederman is an extremely prolific and productive researcher in many areas of psychology, especially ADHD.  He has been an author or coauthor on hundreds of papers and is highly respected, although some of his views have provoked controversy.

Due to his high level of output, general acuteness, and ability to analyze many complex factors, Dr. Biederman is sometimes referred to as “the world authority on ADHD.”  Specific areas of ADHD research he has investigated that have been of benefit to this blog include:

1) How heritable is ADHD?

2) What percentage of people with ADHD also suffer from depression?

3) What are the effects of long term treatment for ADHD?

4) Are people with ADHD more likely to get divorced?

5) What effects do certain genes have on ADHD progression and development?

6)  Does stimulant use increase risk of future drug use or not?

7) What areas do ADHD and bipolar overlap in?

8) Is Guanfacine extended release an effective ADHD treatment?

9) Do stimulants cause weight loss or height suppresion in the long run?

10) How does ADHD and high IQ overlap?

Never one to rest, Dr. Joe Biederman is sure to continue his impressive amount of research and hopefully better explain ADHD to improve the lives of the millions who have it.



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