I think I'm Losing My Mind!

Have you been feeling weird lately? Like things are slightly off?  Or not as energetic as you might like?


Thought so.  How’d I know?

Because it’s perfectly normal to be somewhat tired, somewhat drained, somewhat unhappy!  It’s a hell of a lot easier to complain and feel crappy than it is to realize how good things really are.

But if you are seriously concerned about your mental health, the list below offers some questions that you might ask yourself.  If you see yourself in them, it may be worth thinking about seeing a shrink or getting some kind of help.


I can’t concentrate as well anymore.

I feel different over the past few weeks.

My friends are worried about me.

Mood disorders

Have you felt seriously down or unmotivated for more than a few weeks? Or have you felt irrationally happy, or excited, spending money casually?

Do you no longer enjoy doing things you used to?

Anxiety Disorders

Do you worry a lot? Is it hard for you to relax? Are there things that just make you panic?

Does the memory of some traumatic event keep coming back to you?


Do you believe people are out to get you? Can you read other people’s thoughts?

Does the TV sometimes talk directly to you?

Dissociative disorders

Do you often feel like things aren’t real?  Do you sometimes not remember what you did over a period of time?

Eating Disorders

Do you have difficulty eating? Do you count calories or restrict how much you eat?

Or do you eat too much and sometimes purge?

Substance use disorders

Is there something that you couldn’t live without – literally? Would stopping a substance result in physical symptoms?

Do you often blackout?

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