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Omron is one of the top manufacturers of Blood Pressure Monitors. They are very popular and have a solid reputation.

One of the features that some of their monitors have which is especially useful is the automatic detection of certain arrhythmias.

In terms of accuracy – they seem to be fairly accurate in that their readings tend to match up with manually checked blood pressures.

Here we present several perspectives on Omron’s blood pressure monitors.  They range from a doctor who uses them in his office and says they have made life-saving catches to people who use it for themselves.

If you use an Omron blood pressure monitor, we’d love to hear your experience in the comments.

A Cardiac Nurse

I am a cardiac nurse but also a hypertensive myself – I have used blood pressure monitors for years both professionally and personally. I have two home monitors and one is an Omron.

I check my blood pressure every morning before I start my day with the Omron machine. I am very happy with it, have checked it against my manual BP cuff numerous times – it is very reliable.

Always recommend arm cuffs never wrist or finger BP cuffs – not as reliable.

– Carolyn Strimike of Heart Strong

A Doctor

I use Omron HEM-711 DLX blood pressure monitor in my office.

Everyone is trained on proper use and several readings are taken during the office visit.

I verify blood pressure measurements myself using the stethoscope and manual cuff to ensure accuracy with the portable monitor. The readings have been within 5 points.

I would advise patients bring their monitors to their physician’s office to review proper cuff size, positioning, tightness, technique and compare with a manual method.

Several patients have averted medical crises by noting higher than usual pressures (verified by me) and treated promptly.

Some monitors have the pulse rate as well and one patient noted an erratic reading which was brought to my attention and diagnosed with an irregular heart beat (atrial fibrillation). Without this device, the irregularity would have gone unnoticed as the patient had minimal symptoms.

My parents use Omron Blood Pressure Monitors and enjoy taking readings several times a day.

Mom prefers the wrist cuff as she cannot manage the standard cuff with one hand.

Accuracy is good – 5-7 points by my double check method.

– Stephanie Bien, D.O., of Age Well Med

A User of an Omron BP Monitor

I saw you[r] request to hear from users of an Omron BP machine. My 91 year old mother was using one regularly for a couple of years and had no problem doing it by herself (she had no problems with mental clarity).

A few months ago, I was staying with her and helped her do the monitoring. I found the readings very consistent with the manual one done by the home care nurses that came to visit. After my mom passed last month, I brought the machine home for my husband’s and my use.

I am impressed with the ease and consistent accuracy.

– Betty Fowler

A User Who Switched

As I recall I had the cheapest Omron and concluded after awhile that it may not be terribly accurate or consistent. I kept using it, however, until it broke. I think the gizmo where the tube from the cuff plugs into the white box eventually failed, if memory serves.

The Lumiscope looked like a more robust unit, at least the version they had on the shelf at Costco at the time. I’m sure Omron had beefier units too, this Lumiscope just happened to be there when I needed to replace the Omron. I would have been just as happy to purchase another Omron, had Costco had one that was a step up from the one I originally had.

All that said, I don’t think any of them are all that accurate or repeatable, but appear to be good enough to monitor trends. In other words, I don’t get too excited about one or two high readings or low readings.

– Philip Mandel

4 thoughts on “Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

  1. Where can I get my wrist Omron calibrated for accuracy? My physician tell me IT must be wrong as our readings differ widely, her’s being much higher.

  2. I use Omron. I got a dirrerence in readind compared with a resdind from the doctor almost same time. The difference is when omron shows Blood pressure 130/80, Doctor’s reading is 120/90.
    Every time, it happens. i’m confused.

  3. I use an Omron and they’re fairly accurate.  Only a few points out on the systolic when compared with a reading from the doctor a few minutes prior (could definitely be the “lab coat” effect). 

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