Anxiety Associated With Psoriasis

Do you have psoriasis?  In addition to the physical problems, you’re probably experiencing a great deal of anxiety and emotional pain.  What can you do?

Psychosomatic problems

It might be a good idea to think about getting psychological therapy if you suffer from the following:

1) History of psychological factors causing psoriasis

2) Depression and/or Anxiety

3) Increased itching

4) Feelings of isolation, stigmatization or thoughts of suicide

Increased sensations of itching have been shown to have a psychological link, and if you’re feeling down it’s important to get help.

If your kid is suffering from psoriasis, strongly consider psychological intervention as in pediatric populations psoriasis has an even higher link to stress and life tensions.

Therapy can help you deal with your condition.  It can also possibly help reduce the severity and occurrences of psoriasis.

40-80% of psoriasis has a link to or is caused by psychological factors. And having psoriasis makes life a lot harder.  Sufferers often feel discriminated against and unattractive.  As such, ordinary activities like socializing and sexual relations evoke a great deal of anxiety.

Therapy can prevent this anxiety from exacerbating the psoriasis and causing more pain in a vicious cycle.

Moderately heavy consumption of alcohol can prevent clearance of psoriasis.

Antidepressants and Psoriasis

A trial of bupropion (Wellbutrin) in 11 patients found significant reduction of plaques.  Oddly enough, only one person actually felt like his mood improved.

That said, three psoriasis patients who were prescribed bupropion to help quit smoking suffered extreme reactions and were hospitalized.

Lithium and fluoxetine may exacerbate psoriasis.


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