Xanax: Side Effects, Withdrawal

Xanax: an anxiety medication

Xanax is one of the stronger benzodiazpines (BZD), a class of drugs that slows down the nervous system, inducing calm and relaxation.

And it works quickly, and seems to have limited side effects. No wonder that it’s extremely popular, used even by those who appear to be the most successful and least need it.

Unfortunately, use of Xanax may have gone too far because long term use can cause serious problems. Benzodiazepines like it are best used for short term relief of anxiety, and generally as support for treating anxiety and panic disorders.

The American Psychological Association released guidelines to that effect, emphasizing the preferred use of SSRI medications for anxiety disorders.

What should Xanax be used for, for how long, and what are its potential side effects?


Xanax is very good at fighting anxiety. As such it makes sense to use it in the short term for insomnia caused by worrying, and for short term control of anxiety. On the other hand, other drugs are preferred for certain types of short term anxiety, like stage-fright.

Xanax can be used for panic and anxiety disorders and has shown some ability to work for those conditions – but there may be better options that just take longer to work. The SSRIs may perform better and with less risk, and as such have been recommended for typical treatment of anxiety and panic disorders.

And you can’t forget the importance of therapy and exercise for anxiety/panic conditions, which have no side effects.

Use of Xanax after a traumatic event might be a bad idea.

Xanax’s side effects

Xanax can cause excessive sedation, memory problems, and cause or make depression worse. It can interact dangerously with alcohol as both are depressants. And it is addictive.

Long term use has been associated by some with cognitive damage. This means a potential decline in intelligence, ability to pay attention and concentrate, and decreased memory. Stopping Xanax does not always reverse these changes.

Use of Xanax after a traumatic event to help control anxiety may highly increase risk of developing Post Traumatic stress disorder. It is isn’t entirely clear how – or if – this happens.

In terms of physical side effects, Xanax has less side effects than earlier drugs, but can still cause serious physical problems either in overdosing or through interactions with other medications.

Most common side effects: drowsiness, increase salivation, weight gain and constipation.

Use of Xanax can cause difficulties with memory formation and some form of memory impairment in anywhere from 7-33% of those who use it.  It may also be associated with difficulty falling asleep, headache, and some form of cognitive impairment.

Menstrual irregularities have been reported in up to 10% of women using Xanax over an extended period of time.

Addiction and withdrawal

We know Xanax is about as addictive as cigarettes; we just aren’t fully clear on how long dependence takes.

One study showed that 1/3 of people who used any BZD for just a month became dependent to some degree. Another showed a similar rate of addiction over a two months span, and another study put the time-line at 3-6 months.

Use of Xanax over an extended period of time may lead to serious problems upon stopping. The milder problems include anxiety, unpleasant thoughts, and disorientation. Rarer but more serious discontinuation issues include extreme sense-sensitivity, seizures and psychosis.

Do you have any thoughts on Xanax?


We recommend you go through our comments below to learn about other people’s experiences with Xanax use, its’ side effects, withdrawal symptoms. There are almost 300 comments to this article. There are a lot of very useful comments our readers have posted over the years. If you do not have time to go through all the comments, we have highlighted a few of the more interesting ones below.

Please remember, the content on this site and comments from users should be treated for information purposes only. You should always consult your doctor or health care professional for any advice.

A few of the readers suggest Xanax was working like Prozac for them.

One said Xanax helped him tremendously, withdrawal symptoms not bad unless someone abused it e.g. took 10-12 tablets a day, this commenter suggested. Further, he suggests Xanax should be taken for a short period of time, and thereafter, only as and when needed.

Stopped using Xanax abruptly. Caused severe withdrawal symptoms. At least 10-14 days of being extremely anxious, inability to sleep, vomiting, and many other symptoms.

Xanax has helped ease anxiety with no side effects

Another said Xanax helped with panic attacks and agoraphobia since losing their daughter. This person had been taking .5mg Xanax and now felt they could gradually withdraw, though still worried about withdrawal effects.

Another person said they cut .5mg in half. They now only take Xanax on bad trading days. Now withdrawal symptoms. They also mention they had replaced Xanax with melatonin sublingual.

One person said they had taken 1mg of Xanax three times a day for 15 years. They had stopped taking it suddenly (without doctor’s advice) and now feels paranoid, with imagination running wild.

296 thoughts on “Xanax: Side Effects, Withdrawal

  1. DaytonDennis: I am sorry to hear about your accident and subsequent back problems. I take 20 mg. Prozac every morning and .25 mg. Xanax before bedtime. for anxiety, panic attacks and depression. I started taking (2) .5 mg. Xanax every day in February. It helped calm me down to a point but basically made me feel sleepy, dopey and afraid to drive. I went back to my doctor in March and she prescribed the Prozac. along with the Xanax. It made all the difference. I am content with my life and, if I start to feel anxious about something, I can get a hold of myself, calm down and think clearly about what to do about what is making anxious. No more racing thoughts, looking at everything as a catastrophe that can’t possibly be solved and letting every little ache or pain make me think the worst. I am rational; I am no longer angry at everyone and everything; I take life as it comes and deal with it as best I can–because that is all I can do. The only side effect I can think of is possible weight gain–but since I was eating next to nothing and sleeping very little before and sleeping and eating better now–that might be why I have gained some weight. Prozac gave me my life back; if your doctor is willing to presribe it for you, give it a try; it takes about four weeks before you see any effects. Good luck!

  2. Patricia: Have you been back to your doctor lately? Obviously, there is a problem, either with your anxiety/depression worsening or some physical issue. Xanax works in about twenty minutes and stays in your system for four hours and sometimes gives a boomerang effect, the anxiety is worse after the medication than it was before. I think Zoloft would take longer to be absorbed and would take longer to have a beneficial effect. Same thing with stopping. Make an appointment with your doctor and do not stop taking either medication on your own. You shouldn’t do this alone and you shouldn’t have to suffer, either. Good luck.

  3. I have been on Zoloft and Xanex for  four years. This past year I felt worse than I ever had. My body hurts, don’t want to go work, stomach in knots, sleepless nights, increase appetite . Having more anxiety attacks and just feel like someone is sitting on my chest. Feel angry all time.  But I am like this without medicine too. I can’t deal with people or stress at all!

  4. I am a recovering alcoholic.  When I entered a twelve step program 7 years ago, my psychiratrist put me on Lexapro, xanax, and Trazodone.  Am up to 5mg of xanax a day.  Recently got a new doctor and she is going to try to help me get off xanax, replacing it with Gabapentin.  Talk about being scared!  Last week though and throughout this weekend I have been taking 3 1/2 instead of the 5 mg of xanax.  The differences I feel are positive and it hasn’t been hard to begin weening off.  Less sleepy, more energy, and a feeling of hope.  This website is great.  Well wishes to all and God bless!

  5. Thank goodness for this site. I have anxiety problems for many years. I take antivan, which really relives the PHYSICAL issues I was having, but never really the emotional. I was in a car wreck a little over a year ago and injured my back. It was nothing “damaging” per CT scan and MRI, but a “thoratic sprain” per the Drs. The pain has been very very severe and my Dr. has prescribed vidocin which really did help me. I would go off the vidocin for several weeks and the back pain came back as bad as ever. I cannot take off my job, even though it was covered under workmans comp, because the MRI was negative. Finally, my doctor sent me to a pain management specialist who gave me several shots of a “steroid-like” chemical (not sure exactly what it was. He said it might take 2 or 3 sessions for this to show improvement. None after the first series, then after the next treatment about a week ago, things got much better after a few days. Great, now I can stop the vidocin. But heres the problem…

    Along long with relieve from the pain – I also got a feeling of well-being. I had been very stressed and depressed about my job as work long was increased several times because of layoffs. It had become so bad I asked for anti-depression med and my Dr. put me on lexapro. It SEEMED to help, but then, not really. It mainly seemed to make me tired and what good affect it seemed to give, wore out pretty quickly. Then came the accident and the vidocin and I “felt good”, which I attributed to finally having relieve from the severe backpain, but have learned that that effect comes along with the med.
    Here is my delima. I mentioned this to a friend and said “gee, it would be nice if they could seperate whatever gave me the feeling of well being from the dangerous part of the med used for pain (and potentially dangerous to the liver)”. She told me, they have done that and it’s called Xanax? Really. hmmm.. I had heard bad things about Xanax, but that mainly from watching COPS and seeing people arresting haveing those without a prescription. But there had to be more than that, I thought. Now, this feeling I got from the vidocin wasn’t making me “stoned” or “buzzed”, just made gave me that feeling of well being. I don’t want anything that makes me feel dopey, just not down in the pits 24/7. I had have other anti-depression meds, which really seemed to do nothing – the lexapro was the only thing that seemed to have any affect at all and that didn’t seem to last. Now, from reading these posts, it would seem that Xanax good points are far out-weighed by theh potential bad points. So, I’ll rule that out. Any suggestions for a medication that can help me? My doctor has seen me for 25 years and is pretty cautious about what he prescribes. He knew I was in great agony with my back and he was careful about prescribing it and having me take it only when things got really bad. What does Prosac do and what are it’s negative side effects? Thanks for reading the rant (well, not really a rant as I’m not angry – just looking for advice from folks who seem to have been or are where I’m at right now.

  6. I Use Xanax just to keep my emotions in check.

    On and off Xanax every month. I take Xanax: 10 pills 0.5mg in one day.

    Never experienced withdrawal in all the years ive been using.

    I live in a part of the world where Xanax doesnt require a prescription. Im on Parcxetine (SSRI) plus xanax once a week. Some may consider this a binge but gets me thru my ups and down.

    Good l;uck to all of u guys.

    Love, Peace and goodwill to all of you afflicted with anxiety and Social problems.


  7. I was never told that Xanax is addictive. Research I never did until this happened to me now I research even a vitamin C.  Lol. I have learned the hard way and I think it was for a reason even if it was to tell my story to help others.  Thanks for listening   Valery

  8. For 12 years I was on 1 mg Xanax for sleep 1 mg as needed day time. For 12 years I thought nothing was wrong, I was alittle forgetful but didn’t think much of it in the 12th year my hands would tingle, my ears buzzed, still never thought about it. I started having back to back Heath problems my kidney and bladder infections then throat and tummy troubles. I went to so many Doctors, I thought I was having a nervous breakdown. I stopped eating and lost 40 pounds. I checked myself into a mental hospital which they took me of Xanax the first night I couldn’t sleep, by the sec night I had a seizure. They put me on kolonipin for the W/D from Xanax. The noise was so bad my ears was so sensitive to sound from the other people and the anxiety was so bad. When they did let me go home I researched Xanax  and kolonipin. I seen that they was all benzo’s   I checked myself into drug rehab. It has taken me a few months still with some panic and anxiety attacts but I am doing so much better. The benzobuddies site and this site has helped me so much at understanding that things do get better. My health problems are gone. People don’t understand that benzo meds change your thinking. And your health. It gets better. Lots of hugs to each of you and god bless. 

  9. I am in xanax for ten years for anxiety and
    I want to stop them but I am scare to have
    A seizure. I never had a side effect from it
    But I am noticed that i am forgetting things
    So fast and when my kids talk to me they 
    Say that you are not paying attrntion mom! 
    I am very concern about my memory, I dont
    Want to lose it. I’m open to advices. I need
    Help!!!!! Att. Nana

  10. Just looking for a website to help me get through what clearly has been the hardest thing i have ever been through. Started taking Xanax for sleep. Have had insomnia for over 20 years. Doctor prescribed for sleep. Decided after about 5 months I wanted to stop taking it. DId not know you could not quit cold turkey. Ended up have a seizure and in the hospital . Since that day I feel completely broken. Dizzy, sick to my stomach, anxious, constant state of panic, nauseous, extreme insomnia. I am attempting a taper and it seems like I now have a disorder (anxiety) I never had before. With each decrease in dose I feel like I start back at the beginning. The anxiety, sense of impending doom, headache, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, memory loss, abdominal pain, nausea, etc. I feel like I am never going to get “me” back. Prior to Xanax I only had issues with falling asleep at night. How I wish i would have explored more options. Xanax worked so well in the beginning. I just did not give it much thought . . . . i was sleeping for the first time in 20 years. My doctor never told me about the high abuse potential and that discontinuing it would be next to impossible. I was given Buspar today by another doctor. He thinks I may now have anxiety over getting off Xanax. It is possible . . . just so afraid to take another drug that could make me feel worse? Any suggstions or comments.

  11. Kathy: You’re welcome. As I said in previous posts, it always helps to talk to other people, whether they are professionals or people who are going through the same thing. In many ways, visiting and participating in this site is a form of therapy.

  12. Mick: I too take .25 mg. Xanax before bed. I leave the other half out on the shelf in my bathroom in case I need it, but so far, I have only had to take the second half once. I started Xanax in February, Prozac in March. I weaned myself down from the .25 mg. I took every afternoon to just the half at night with no effects. How long will be be overseas? If the answer is not long, perhaps you should wait to change anything so you have access to doctors and hositals if, God forbid, you need it. Good luck!

  13. Maureen Thanks for your post on therapists If iy were not for mine , I would not be where I am today. I truly believe that this site and everyone’s comments have been enlightning & truly helpful. It makes one feel that he/she is not alone and we all are equal but we are all different & unique human beings. We are all trying to help one another…………for this….. it is a blessing in itself !

  14. Maureen, I want to thank you for your input. I might do that because I do want to get my life back together and feel alot better. I have an appointment with the doctor on Monday so I’m hoping he will do something better for me.  Thanks again

  15. Check out benzobuddies they have the Ashton manual in there, that’s what got me through my big w/d. And good luck and god bless. 

  16. Been on Xanax coming up 9 years, am wanting to make some healthy changes to my life. I take a small dose daily, mostly to relax me before i sleep. Does anybody have some advice on what my first step should be for withdrawal. I don’t have access to my Doctor as i’am currently overseas for an extended period. I have no interest in going cold turkey, iam looking for a more slower over a certain period way. Thanks

  17. It is obvious I come from a different planet. I’m un subscribing to this site. Good luck. But please do try working on common sense. That will serve you far more.

  18. Dominic: You are not correct regarding talking to someone does not help. Maybe for you, but not for the rest of us. When I was totally stressed out, talking to anyone helped me. Same thing with my husband. In fact, group theraphy for eight weeks gave him his life back because he saw that there were many other people who felt the same as he did, and by talking to them, as well as his therapist and psychiatrist, he got his life back. Just because therapy didn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean that it will not work for anyone else. As you have said many times on this site, you have to do what is good for you, whatever that may be. Telling someone who is suffering from anxiety and/or depression not to seek therapy is just plain stupid.

  19. today is day 9 of no xanax. i had a seizure two days ago from stopping cold turkey. i feel so much pressure in my head ears and eyes it gives me even more anxiety thinking i might have another seizure. i know your not supposed to stop cold turkey but i know that if i slowly stopped using lower doses i would mess it up and go back to abusing them. Has anyone else experienced a seizure from withdrawals? and is it common to have more than one?

  20. Dominic…………Well then I guess all those patients that are alive because of therapist’s must have not had common sense !!! Apparently you are very bitter or have had a bad experience with them or are just having a bad day !!!!!!!!!!
    I beg to differ that talking & working together with someone who is far more experienced in a field would not be benificial. Sometimes those medications cloud one’s inability to process what one is saying. Listening to other posts written, clouded judgements, mental fatigue, etc are reasons & symptoms that keep patient’s in theray for years. Withdrawing from medication has many side affects…….your comment may hurt other peoples strong feelings & diligent work about therapists that have in fact have helped many. Common sense is sometimes lost when being an addict or going through withdrawl & may be regained/restored when on the road to recovery !!! GOD BLESS ALL THE THERAPISTS who have helped & restored people’s lives to a healthy happy normal life without drugs……………NO MATTER HOW LONG THE SESSIONS HAVE LASTED !!!!

  21. Therapists are like a good friend………..you just have to find the right one !!!! It took me a long time to listen to my therapist……..but since she also had a problem with drugs 30 years ago and went through a lot I finally realized that this women can truly help me if I give her a chance. Today & every day for the rest of my life I thank B. Mac for my normal & healthy life today !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I’ve tried therapy several different times. I found the therapists had less to offer than I already understood. I don’t think I’m very smart, but I do have common sense. The therapist I’ve dealt with didn’t have one bit of enlightenment to add.
    I’m so thankful that I’ve suffered zero negative effects for xanax. I rarely take it any longer, but it is comforting to know I have it on hand.

  23. Carey , This had been a complaint of mine…….gaining weight. My therapist said xanax does cause weight gain. Since I have been off of it …. the weight is slowly coming off….. I had gained at least 15 lbs.
    Another side effect of this medication………..xanax slows down a lot of bodily functions. Also since I no longer take this my joint pain & back pain have diminished or lessened drastically.
    Give yourself the best Birthday present ever………..remove this medication from your life and you will see that you will have many more Happy Birthday’s to follow. Find a good therapist or a support group to help you thru this . Good Luck & God Bless !!!

  24. Carey: Your first step should be a trip to your doctor for an exam. Is the weight gain increasing your blood pressure and blood sugar and possibly causing the pain? How much weight have you gained and is your weight concern primarily about how you look versus how you feel? Perhaps you can start taking another medication which would keep you calm and let you start to heal. Xanax can have a boomerang effect in that when it wears off, you are worse than before you took it. I started on Xanax back in February; all it really did was make me sleepy and dopey. In March, I started on Prozac and that has made all the difference for me. I now take only .25 mg. of Xanax at bedtime and haven’t taken any extra in months. My point is go to your doctor, get an exam and talk to him or her. Are you seeing a therapist? Perhaps, that would help you. Or group therapy on a daily/several times a week basis which gave my husband his life back. If I were you or you were a friend/family member of mine, that is what I would do. Good luck!

  25. I was reading the response to your questions and answers to taking xanax. I have been on it for over a year and its hard to get off of it. I have gained some weight and also have some pain that I do not know where it came from. Can I really get off and have a normal life again. I want to stop on my b’day and I am hoping this wont hurt me and I can loose some weight and feel better about my self. My anxiety are really bad and I am afraid it will come back worse. Please help. Give me some advice. Thanks

  26. Anthony: I am on Prozac 20 mg. and take .25 xanax at bedtime. If I need it during the night, which has only happened once, i take the other half. I was able to wean myself down to this from 1 mg. per day without any side effects. How fortunate I am! Before the medication, I was totally stressed out from my life during the previous ten years and it caught up with me. My solution was alcohol to relax me. I tried to stop several times and weaned myself down to wine only. Always felt better without it and always went back to it. But I now realize that alcohol, particularly every day, was depressing me more and not helping. I do not drink alcohol at all any more. Stopped cold turkey because of the medications. Do I miss my wine before and with dinner–absolutely–but I have never consumed alcohol with any medicaton, not even aspirin. I haven’t felt this great in years and don’t ever want to go back to that dark hole I was in. If taking meds and abstaining from alcohol is what I have to do, that’s fine with me. If xanax or any drug does this type of thing to you, look to that as an incentive not to take it ever again. Sometimes you find strength in places you never thought about. Keep up the good work!

  27. @Elizabeth – thank you so much! Tomorrow will be 14 days!!! Congrats for being off this terrible drug for 8 months. I still have issues with a little dizziness, sensitivity to light during the day and muscle spasms primarily at night but nothing that’s all that major. It’s nice to actually “feel” again. I can now do simple things now like sitting outside and enjoying the wind & sunshine, looking at DIY projects around the house that for the past 2 years I just said screw it I will do it later…..Xanax made me a huge procrastinator.
    @Maureen thank you & God bless you too!!! 

    Question for everyone…I noticed that when I was on Xanax the craving for alcohol was intense. It seemed like I could not wait until Friday to stop by the liquor store and binge drink…I haven’t felt that craving since I quit but was curious if anyone experienced this while on the medication? On my Friday’s I wouldn’t take any Xanax in anticipation of knowing that I would be binge drinking that evening/night which now I look back on it in disgust :/  

  28. Lori, call your Dr. And let him know what you are going through, most Dr. Do a tapering plan with a person on Xanax. The hospital took me off cold turkey I had a seizure. They put me on kolonipin. Another benzo. I took myself off that. It took me a few months to get over a lot of the W/D. And from day to day I may still experience a few things from Xanax.  Good luck and god bless. 

  29. Lisa: Call her doctor immediately and tell him/her what happened. That’s the person you should be asking. Eight xanax (you didn’t state dosage) and two glasses of wine? She definitely should not be drinking with that much xanax or any other medication for that matter. Sounds like she needs to be watched more closely. If she doesn’t live with you, perhaps she should. Good luck.

  30. Last night , my daughter who uses xanax, was arrested for attempted homicide against her sister. As well as reckless endangerment and false imprisonment. She had taken xanax, 8 of them earlier that day trying (she said) to get past the attempted break in to her house the previous night. My daughter is tiny and meek normally. She weighs less then 100 pounds and is smaller then 5 ft. She just turned 21. She had 2 glasses of wine and attacked her sister a hour later. Her sister is nearly 6 ft tall, 170 lbs and raised by her father to fight in the UFC. I am at an absolute loss as to what she was thinking. This is not like her. I’m so afraid of what she is facing legally. Is there help for her?

  31. I have been on xanyx for years….I just got off of it and am experiencing extreme headaches, sick to my stomach and memory loss….wondering why my doctor took me off cold turkey. will these side effects go away eventually?

  32. While I am one of the lucky ones who has been taking low doses of Xanax for 7 plus years with no side effects I know that people out there have problems while on and/or trying to get off of Xanax.

    To Carol and Anthony — Hang in there. You both seem to be making progress and I feel confident will make it through your challenges and come out a better person for all that you have gone through.

    Although I am not a doctor I worked in the disability field for over 30 years prior to my retirement 6 years ago. Through my work I have dealt with a number of individuals with different non –physical disabilities who initially had problems finding the right combination of therapy and/or drugs but almost all have had positive outcomes after some trail and error with different therapies.


  33. Day 9 and even though Tuesday and some of yesterday was a little rocky I am feeling better than ever. The dizziness comes and goes but doesn’t last as near as long as it has on previous days. Sensitivity to light/sound is there but not bad. I am able to drive without the fear of passing out and killing someone or myself. A few items I would stay clear from is caffeine (sodas, coffee, Redbull), chocolate, sweets, eating large portions of food in one setting, spicy foods and especially alcohol. I am just speaking from personal experience in the past 9 days. Thank God for websites like this, it really does feel better talking about it. 
    Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday evening!!!  

  34. Carol, yes my ears stayed stopped up enough that I went to ENT doctor, they found nothing wrong. There is so many side effects from benzo’s   At one time I started to start taking mine again. But I hung in there and so happy I did, after 2 months I only have alittle anxsity once in awhile. Every day seems to get better. Hang in there. 

  35. Carol: Keep up the good work and don’t give up. Take one day at a time; don’t think about the past–it is over and done and you can’t do anything about it. You don’t know what the future will hold, so concentrate on the present, making it the best it can be. Do what you have to do to get through each day. God bless.

  36. Am back again for more reassurance. Thank you all for the posts as i get them in my email and read them daily as a way of keeping up my hope that the withdrawal symptoms: endless anxiety, muddleheaded, stuffed ears, and some big sweats – are par for the course even though am in day 27 of withdrawal from ativan/benzo (which I relate as to Xanax – am i right???). Because of these postings can keep up my determination to go thru this process without resorting to taking any more of the med that took me to such a deep depression that on Sept. 19 was Baker Acted here in Ocala, Florida. I only recently began to think the stuffed ears may be a side effect and wonder if anyone relates to this. Please keep up the comments as they are my life line to hope now and I can’t help wondering how such meds can be so widely perscribed when long term they are so destructive for so many of us. It’s like a big secret and only when we get into trouble as a result of them do we find out this truth.

  37. I’m not trying to discredit any of you who think this is a good drug, I’m just telling my truth and alot of others too. I went to a support group for 8 weeks and of all the illegal drugs out there, I went through the worst withdrawels from xanax than any of them. I also still have symptoms and they don’t. I was told by the councilor, that xanax is the toughest to get off of, but once you go through it, you will never want to take another one again, and he was right.

  38. Jeff, I also want to say that xanax can cause depression too. The doctor that prescribed the xanax also then wanted to prescribe an anti-depressant. He never told me that the xanax could cause depression. I ended up with way more problems to deal with than I ever had before. Alot of years lost because of pills. I now have a doctor who is testing me for the symptoms I have now, just to rule out anything else that might be causing them and so far it appears that I,m still suffering because of the xanax. So, I’m not out of the woods yet. So good for you that you are being so cautious of this drug, you should be.

  39. Jeff, so glad to hear that you are going to go to a psychologist to tey and get over your anxiety issues. Better than taking pills for sure. Others might have a different opinion than me, but I was prescribed that exact dose way back when because I had suddenly started having the odd panic attack, and I ended up taking them for twenty years and was up to 8mg/day. I never had taken any medication for anxiety before and I still can’t believe all this. I just want to tell you that a little anxiety and the odd panic attack would be way better than the path I went down on xanax. Yes, for me, I know now that it was the xanax causing all the anxiety. I still get anxious at times but no more than the average person would. Don’t start this medication please. You do not sound like you have debilitating anxiety. Two or three anxiety attacks a year, I’m sure you can live with. Your worries about your health may or may not be in your head. If they are than give a psychologist a chance to figure it out, better than to take medication. Take care and good luck.

  40. JLEE, As bad as this medication can be for some people, I wouldn’t be too sure that this would explain such violent behaviour on it’s own, Maybe he is doing other drugs. Regardless I hope you are not sticking around waiting for him to get out af jail. Please be safe.

  41. So happy for you Anthony! I mistakenly addressed my post to Shawn when I meant you. Keep up the good work. I,ve been off for over 8 months and still having some symptoms but feel so happy that I no longer rely on pills. If your ever having a hard time please post so you can get some support. I will be checking every once in awhile as I am still waiting to hear if anyone is still experiencing muscle spasms and a buzzing in their ears, teeth clenched, sore jaw, this is 8 months later. Doctor has been doing all kinds of tests, all negative so far, and he thinks it is still from the medication. I told him I find it hard to believe but he said “look at how long you were on this medication”. Yes, it’s highly likely this is still residuals? of the medication. Anyway, Anthony, so glad your glad to be alive and enjoying the little things. I love the simpler things so much now too. Even a rainy day with a paper and my dog curled up beside me feels great. Take care.

  42. Day 5 and glad to be alive!!!!! Having a little trouble with anxiety after I eat but it was brief this morning. I have what seems like sinus pressure in my face & head but I have a really good feeling that is due to the w/d. I took an Advil 200mg and it worked. 
    A positive note is that I can feel again, instead of staying inside taking Xanax I feel more motivated to do things like laundry or just sit outside and enjoy the weather. 

    To Elizabeth ” It feels good to be fully present for my life now and to know I can get through anything without drugs.” ~~~ That is how I am feeling today. 

    To Jeff ~~~ Yes I would experience w/d symptoms between doses. I would take 1mg around 7am then 1mg at bedtime which was usually around 10pm. I was good from 7am-11am then from 11am-bedtime was horrible. I would snap at the people I love, coworkers, classmates, sweat, my speech was slurred and choppy, and just could not focus. Stay strong everyone!!! It’s a long hard road but you can do it!!!

  43. I have read all the comments and with I had read them before my boyfriend committed Domestic Vol. and went to jail . He is on Xanax 4x daily and Fluoxetine. He became violent during the night and hurt me several times and didn’t even realize it. He didn’t remember anything he said or done. After the last blow up he got up and started throwing and breaking my things. He threatened to kill me , throw me against the wall and the only thing I did was roll over in the bed and lightly touched him as I did everynight in my sleep. Caressing him. Wow… I never knew what effect it did have. I filed a report because I was scared. When I arrived home he was not here and when he arrived he was drunk and his xanax pill bottle of 240 filled three days ago was in the trash can. He burned me with a cigarette. Threatned to kill my dogs in the house and when I tried to call for help he grabbed my phone and pushed me against the door and threw the phone against the wall breaking it.. I was so shocked to  know that I moved in a house with a monster. He was not the same man I fell in love with. He never showed this violent side. He is still in jail and my heart is pounding..

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