The 3 Home Workout Products You Need To Stay Fit

Home workout

Home Workout


Nowadays it seems no one has time to go the gym and exercise.  Our lives are so busy we struggle to find time to relax, catch up with friends, or exercise as we’d like.  Exercise has benefits across the board, including reducing anxiety and depression, lowers blood pressure, and reduces inflammation, among other benefits.

As our lives have become more chaotic, home workouts help us stay in shape.  Short, intense, primarily bodyweight exercises are now the norm for us.

Instead of the pricey gym membership (not to mention the time spent traveling to and from the gym), we’re able to get the exercise we’d like with these three home gym equipment products.

These three pieces of gym equipment are really all you need to get the daily exercise you need, in the comfort and convenience of your home.

Importantly, what makes these workouts effective is primarily their intensity.  This is the same reason why we recommend leaving your phone in your locker at the gym (if you can’t do home workouts).  Without the distraction of your phone your workouts are suddenly more active and intense, which elevate your gains.

The two most important features of an effective workout are 1) good form and 2) intensity.  While the two seem somewhat contradictory, good form must always come first.  Once your form is intact, its time to up the intensity of your workouts.  Bodyweight exercises are great for any workout as they obviously carry no extra weight and thus are lower risk than weighted exercises (think benchpress, squat, etc).


The Only 3 Home Workout Products Needed:


  1. Pullup/Chinup Bar
    1. Pullups and chinups should be a central part of any home workout program.  We recommend the Firstlaw Fitness I-Beam Pull Up Bar.   Firstlaw Fitness makes the bar with steel tube, guaranteeing its durability and control for use of up to 600 lbs.   Install this on the door to your bedroom or closet, and reap the benefits.  While you’ll use it for your workouts, you’ll also begin using it randomly throughout the day.  This will only help you get stronger quicker.
  2. Dumbbells
    1. Complementing the pullup/chinup exercises should be some sort of free weight exercise.  We recommend Amazon Basics Hex Dumbbells for use at home.  The dumbbells are backed by a one year warranty, and their shape prevents them from rolling around or bending from frequent use.
  3. Jump Rope
    1. Short, intense cardio is a must for any home workout.  Survival and Cross’ Jump Rope is the ideal product for the job.  The rope is lightweight, adjustable, and easily stored in any sort of bag.  Not to mention it’s just 10$.



Sample Full Body Workout (15-20 minutes)


  • Rest between exercises should be minimal- 20-30 seconds at most.
  • Rest between sets should be short- aim for 1-2 minutes.
  • These 2 sets should be completed twice each (x2).
  • Pull-up Form notes:  lock out your legs to prevent lower body compensation.  Squeeze abdominals.
  • Dumbbell Form notes: seated or standing is fine.
  • Jump Rope Form notes: head straight ahead, back straight, clenched abdominals.

Set I (x2):

  • Pushups-15 reps
  • Dumbbell Bicep Curls -10 reps (each arm, using 10% weight for dumbbells; so 15 lb. weights for 150 lb. individual)
  • Jump Rope-2 mins without rest
  • Wide Grip Chinups-to fatigue (as many as you can)

Set 2 (x2):

  • Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Flyes-7-10 reps
  • Close grip chinups (1/4 your pushup max; if 40 is max pushup, try to do 10 chinups)
  • Jump Rope- 3 mins without rest
  • Close Grip Pullups- to fatigue

Additional accessory exercises using the three products:

  • Full body plank
  • Goblet squat with dumbbell (great for lower body)
  • Farmers walk
  • Step-ups




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