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At Health and Life, we occasionally relax and engage in corporate team building by watching television.  Over the past months we have seen a fair amount of advertising for a product called 5-Hour Energy.

The commercials promise hours of energy now without a crash later.  We decided to investigate these claims further and present our analysis to promote discussion and are open to comments and input.

Here’s what we found: 5-Hour Energy likely acts as a stimulant to some degree.

But our research could not find definitive evidence that any of the ingredients in it helps with energy beyond the caffeine.

To see why we say that, scroll down to the Ingredients section, where we look at each ingredient and its potential role in energy boosting.

Personal Experiences

The very first thing we did was schedule interviews with two people who drink 5-Hour Energy.  We wanted to hear what they thought and what their experiences were.  Both said that they felt it provided significant benefit and both said they felt it did not cause a crash as other energy drinks might.

The first person, Adam, is a pre-medical student taking extremely challenging courses like physics and advanced biochemistry.  After pulling an all-nighter shadowing doctors in the ER, he needed something to wake him up and bought a 5-Hour Energy based off commercials.

5-Hour Energy returned him to his baseline energy without jitters and had no crash.  He has had it occasionally since then.  Although Adam feels that the drink works and meets its advertised claims, he said he does not drink it often, preferring coffee and tea.

The second person, Ethan, is a mathematics student.  His classes are so challenging that, in one of them, students have made a habit of taking pictures of other students who had fallen asleep – and almost everyone has done so.  In addition to his challenging courses, Ethan is a sponsored snowboarder.

He recalled that he had gone 24 hours without sleeping and was going to go another 25 and needed something to wake him up and decided to try 5-Hour Energy.  For Ethan, coffee doesn’t do much – he could drink a cup of strong coffee and fall asleep soon after.

For Ethan, 5-Hour Energy wakes him up and works.  He does not think there is a crash, but pointed out that, when he drinks it, he is so tired that he can’t really notice if there is a crash.

These two interviews indicate that 5-Hour Energy is likely to provide energy, does not seem to provide a crash, and is overall effective.  Adam expressed some concern about the high level of vitamin b12 in the drink which provided an excellent starting point for our research.

The next step was to analyze the drink from a biological perspective to see if, from the research we looked at, it was likely that the advertised benefits would take place.  We obtained a sample of 5-Hour Energy Extra Strength and this is what we found.



Vitamin B12: 5-Hour Energy has 8333% the recommended daily value of vitamin b12, or 83 times the amount you are supposed to consume.  This vitamin is involved in the synthesis and repair of damaged cells.

We did not find evidence that vitamin b12 increases energy and some studies we looked at argued that it does not have a benefit in increasing exercise capacity for people who are not deficient in it.

It is possible that vitamin b12 is highly regulated by the body.  The research we looked at said that it passes through the body and reaches a dedicated portal entry point.

This may mean that very little vitamin b12 that enters your body has a physiological effect.  It is unclear if this regulation is because it is rare in nature or because it might have negative effects.  We also read that there is no evidence of long term harm from vitamin b12 supplementation.

Vitamin B6: We noticed that the product had 2000% the recommended daily value of vitamin b6.  This vitamin is involved in energy production in the body.  We found little evidence of benefits from consumption of vitamin b6 for energy or cognition in people who are not deficient.

Some evidence we found indicated that vitamin b6 deficiency is not that uncommon – one put the number for some form of deficiency as high as 40-60% in athletes, while another put the number at 17-35%.

Other evidence did not indicate that vitamin b6 deficiency is that common.  We did notice that deficiency in vitamin b6 is more common in women athletes.

We read an article which said that consumption of vitamin b6 above 200mg per day, or 5 bottles of 5 Hour Energy, can cause nerve toxicity.

Niacin:  5-Hour Energy contains 200% your daily allotment of niacin.  Niacin is in general a healthy nutrient and works to improve your good cholesterol levels.  From what we looked at, however, it may not have so much effect on energy.

The bottle warns that you may experience redness and flushing from the niacin, or a “niacin flush.”  While this is theoretically true, the instances of niacin flush that we found were at much higher doses and given more frequently.

Energy blend: The energy blend in 5-Hour Energy includes taurine, glucuronolactone and caffeine, among others.  Our research indicated that this combination of ingredients is highly likely to have positive stimulatory effects.

One study we looked at used just those three ingredients and showed positive results.  There, people who drank those ingredients were more alert and clearheaded.

Additionally, rate of action on some tests was improved, while not necessarily improving the amount of answers answered correctly.

On the other hand, a prestigious journal argued that the amounts of taurine that are present in energy drinks in general is far below the level needed for a positive or negative effects.  Additionally, the stimulatory effects shown might not be too dissimilar from those obtained from caffeine alone.


5-Hour Energy has an interesting variety of ingredients.  While it is likely to provide energy boost, we question the utility of some of the ingredients.  We believe that the claim of having no crash is likely to be true.

The data we looked at indicates that occasional use should not be an issue.  The article we referenced earlier indicates that consumption of more than several in one day might be an issue, and the label says to not consume more than 2.

Again, this is based off our research into the matter and we are not doctors or toxicologists.  We present this piece which consists of our opinions based on our research to promote discussion and scientific discourse and are open to comments and feedback.

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105 thoughts on “5-Hour Energy Drink Review

  1. I have been drinking 5 hour energy once a day for the last week. I have taken them seldom hitherto. I am pro 5 hour energy, but I am not sure what long term side effects are so I am apprehensive about continuing to use them daily. 

    Conclusion –  5 hour energy gives me me energy and unequivocally increases my alertness. I like it. I recommend it. But I do not recommend using it too consistently. 

  2. I have not ever used 5 hour energy. but honestly think it makes
    You think its giving you energy. think its all in the mind. 
    It works on some people. which is most likely the people that think
    It really works. people who think it work, take it, then it don’t work.
    So it is most likely all in your head that you think it gives you energy.
    But on the other hand, trying it tonight. and people say it can mke you feel like your
    Gonna pass out, so my boyfriend would be the lucky one with that.
    Have a great day/night.

  3. My hubby drinks 5 hr energy when he has a lot to get done, and sometimes he gets too hyper! I wasn’t sure if it was bad for his heart or how it was making him feel – he won’t tell me the truth! – so on a recent 10 hour trip, I tried a bottle of 5 hr energy. I always get sleepy after driving for just a couple hours and have to stop and walk around, but with the 5 hr energy I didn’t have to! It didn’t make me jittery or my heart race or any other ‘bad’ stuff, it just kept me alert and I loved that! Forget the coffee when traveling, from now on I will use the 5 hr energy!! (Probably a lot cheaper, too!!)

  4. I tried % hour energy once. The affects lasted 30 minutes. It was just a feeling of well being. I was on an allnight drive, so I felt less tired for the 1/2 hour. Then I had to pull over and take nap.

  5. I have had moderately good results with 5-hour energy, especially if I take it when I am feeling lethargic or sleepy in the afternoons after a big meal. It does make me feel more energetic and focused, but only for the next hour or two and not for the 5 hours noted on the product. The energy is not a lot, but it’s definitely measurable. This can be pretty useful especially if I have to attend important meetings. Coffee does not cut it for me and caffeine pills just end up giving me a headache. For some reason 5 hour energy is the only thing that seems to help. I would recommend taking this occasionally when you are feeling sleepy in the middle of the day, that’s when it seems to work best for me.

  6. I haven’t been on 5-hour energy so much this year. It became too expensive for me. A bigger disappointment is the fact that i was never able to find the decaf 5-hour energy citrus flavor. It isn’t sold in stores and i went all around the city looking for it.

  7. I have to say this stuff is awful in my experiences. I love to skate and surf a lot and it beats the hell out of your body and i usually rely on monster or redbull for a little boost to keep me going especially in comps so one day I decided to use 5 hour energy and I passed out within 30 min, and had to drop out of the tournament because of a 3 day recovery to get my system stable. I got checked out at the local hospital and they said it was caused by the 5 hour energy. I would recommend anything but this stuff. Another thing is, almost immediately following taking one I was having some pretty bad muscle twitches in my forearm and fingers as well as my eyelids and my lips. I have never had any problems like this with regular energy drinks like monster, rockstar, or redbull. 

  8. I’m a frequent user of 5-hour energy. Here are my experiences.

    1 regular 5-hour energy would help me through the dinner rush and closing shift as a pizza delivery driver. It cures me of any need to sleep that starts creeping in at 11:00 at night. However, the 5-Hour part of the title is totally true. Since I would generally have worked until 1:00 to 2:00 a.m., I would drink one around 9:00 p.m. so that it’s wearing off around the time I would get back home so I wouldn’t be unable to sleep.

    One night, I was working on some models (Warhammer 40k) and didn’t have work the next day, so I worked through the night. Two 5 hour energies took me through the whole night, but I overlapped the time some. During that overlap, my hands were a little twitchy, and it felt like my brain functions were sped up a bit, but I got through. I would not recommend drinking more than two in a 24-hour period.

    One night, I drank two regulars at the same time. Seriously the wildest ride I’ve ever taken, and that includes drinking Nyquil that was 6 years past its expiration. My heart felt like it was going to explode out of my chest, my whole body was flushed, my hands were shaky, and my speech was twice as fast as normal. I ran 10 laps around my house for no reason other than simply having the energy to burn.

    Antihistamines knock me out, horribly. If I find myself needing to take any allergy meds, I’ll wait until the sleepiness starts to creep in and then throw back an Extra Strength. It carries me through the entire dosage of allergy meds with no coma or crash.

    When taking a 5-hour energy (reg or extra strength), I get noticeably happier. Everything feels more magical, and I’m super enthusiastic and friendly about everything. Best anti-depressant feeling EVAR! (I’m on one right now).

    Caution: Take the entire bottle in one shot if at all possible. My favorite flavors are Pomegranate for regular and Grape for Extra Strength. However, while the first taste is pretty decent, if you take a second, it’ll taste kinda gross. The third taste is down-right foul, and a fourth sip will make you want to yarf. I’ve no idea why this is, but seriously, just pour it into your mouth, and swallow it like a man… er, woman. Also, if you drink them too often, you’ll find that it loses its effectiveness, so take a break from it for a few weeks.

  9. For the past month or more something has been going on with body snd it seems to start shutting down. when it does that I tend to fall asleep usually wherever i am. I just finished my first semester of college at 29. Im going back full time in the fall and cannot afford this. There was not one day I wouldnt take a 5 hour nap. I decided to take a chance and try a 5 hour energy and found i am able to enjoy my day. especially when it comes to babysitting 2 or 3 times a week. gets kinda scary. These have saved that. i think im going to try only a couple sips. i dont wanna rely on them to stay awake… but if a couple sips wont hurt me…. why not use it to enjoy my life and use it wisely. plus it can get pricey living on a disability check monthly.

  10. If you have an iron deficiancy or other vitamin deficiency or have a virus the energy drink won’t help. Neither will lots of sugar, power bars, etc. Better get some blood work checked out at the drs. and get an exam. I was sick w/allergies & virus/sinus infection for over a month and nothing was helping, it just takes time. Also, getting off pork, red meat lean is ok sometimes), and any high fat foods really helps unclog your blood stream. Also, lots of fresh air and sunshine, sitting inside with possibly dirty air filters, dust, etc, also makes it hard to breath and you need good oxygen for your blood to circulate and keep your motor running. It’s not just about the caffeine. The body is a complicated machie. Good Luck and feel better.

  11. American society: We don’t eat well, don’t get enough sleep and don’t exercise. Ingesting a small bottle of this stuff is not normal nor healthy. Drink a couple cups of coffee in the morning and that’s it.

    My best friend works is a medical practitioner and has told me about countless stories of high blood pressure, panic attacks, extremely heightened anxiety, memory loss, fuzziness, seizures and convulsions of many of his patients.

    Stay away from this stuff and live healthy.

  12. I just took one 5 hour power shot an hour ago, I had some cleaning to get down and didn’t feel like doing it so I took one, an hour later I’m still just has tired and I still want to crawl into my bed and go to sleep. I will never take another one of these. I have tried others and they don’t work either. Guess it depends on your body, my body did not change after an hour, so I know it doesn’t work.

  13. I have taken five hour energies plenty of times. I have found that it works like a champ but if you take more than one or two a week for a period of a month then you get use to them and they become obsolete, just as everything else. But as soon as you stop taking them the next couple of days are horrible, almost like cutting caffeine out of your diet cold turkey but ten times worse. So I would say if your going to use it, don’t make it a routine. Just take it when you think you really need it. Typically I use them if i have to drive for a long period of time because in any shape or form I do not want to be dozing off behind the wheel.

  14. I make a smoothie each morning consisting of 4 bottles of 5 hour energy (grape and berry flavor are my favored flavors), 2 cups plain yogurt, one banana, and 6 or so strawberries. I drink the whole thing then I go to work and take care of business. I kick ass all day long because of my 5 hour energy smoothies. The ladies love me, my clients love me, even the neighborhood dogs can’t get enough of me.

  15. I’ve been using 5-hour energy (extra strength) every time I come into work (I work in retail) for the past year. I work several days a week, sometimes less. When I first started this job, it was pretty hectic considering it was during the Christmas season. A month later, I started taking one before I go in, and I noticed a great improvement in my overall work routine. Responding to calls and multi-tasking between a large volume of customers suddenly became easier to handle, and I was only slightly tired while finally closing up the store. I have been on one for an average of about 4 days a week for the past year, and I can confirm that there haven’t been any crashes (except for the rare times when I haven’t had any sleep the night before) and my body is as healthy as it was before. Granted I believe the physical movement in this job probably improved my body from before anyway, but I see no adverse effects. I have asthma as well, and I try to avoid having to use a 5-hour energy when I do get sick – but my main point is that having taken one every day I come in to work for the past year, I see no bad side effects. 

  16. I’ve been taking them for a while now, and they really work for me now.  The first couple times I ever took one, my hands couldn’t stop shaking at all.  After the third or fourth time taking them though that went away and they definitely gave me a much greater sense of alertness, and I’ve never gotten a crash at the end.  For me they seem to increase physical energy slightly and mental energy very greatly.  It is much easier to keep fun conversations with people even when I have no interest in the conversation, and I definitely feel like I am much more clever when making jokes and things of that nature.  One weird thing though, it really feels like every time I take a 5 hour energy (I don’t do more than one at a time) it seems to work better, which sometimes makes me wonder if my body is relying on it more and more.  I can’t recommend it for intense physical activity because I don’t use it for that for fear of my body becoming too reliant on it.  I use it for work because i work a lot of 13 hour night shifts, and it definitely helps me a lot.  My only real problem with it is it’s kind of expensive (at least for my budget).

  17. My wife of 34 years passed away 2 years ago from Esophageal Cancer (at age 56!!). Her doctors said it was the most aggressive cancer they had ever seen, and they were at a loss as to it’s cause. She was as healthy as a new-born colt until one year prior to her passing. She used to drink those 5 Hour Energy drinks, along with Red Bull, although not at the same time.

    Could these products be the cause of cancer in the Esophagus?

  18.  I have taken one a day for about 9 days now. Work is heavy lifting and driving all day and they have so far been very helpful. I have a day off and have taken one to help me get my house clean (5 hours is needed since this place is messy), so far no real side effects, but I use to be prescribed a medication much like aderal for focus.Because of no insurance, I can’t get my medication anymore but this seems to help. A little trick for keeping it going after five hours without taking another one is to eat something and chase it with a gulp or two of soda. Crackers seem to work best since b12 helps break down carbs and all. One word of caution, B12 and really all supplements have an overdose level. Iron is a good example of that. If ypu do take these daily, drink a lot lot lot of water. One last thing, I went to a bar with a friend a few days ago after work and saw the bartender mix up a shot of 2 five hour energies and alcohol. Must say that this seems highly stupid.

  19. I love 5 Hour Energy because I hate having to drink of huge cup of coffee to stay alert during those long afternoons at the office. Coffee makes me jittery, it makes me dehydrated and makes me crash hard after the effects wear off, but Five Hour doesn’t make me suddenly tired afterwards, it gives me a nice, even amount of energy that gradually tapers off, I can drink a full dose in just a few seconds, plus there are a bunch of different tasty flavours. I also take one before a workout on days I am not motivated at all to exercise.

  20. Really good article above… I wanted to know if what I am ingesting is ok. I’ve taken one of these things before, and I was literally scared to do so… I had to drive to San Diego from Sacramento….after working all day. It worked perfectly. I am super-sensitive to “boosts”… such as Jamba Juice’s energy boost – I get miserably jittery. Also just took one early this morning, driving from Fresno back up to Sac… and back to work all day today (TGIF!!!) …no sleep. I am tired, but not sleepy – and very alert. Like others have said… all in moderation. I dont make taking these a habit – just when absolutely necessary. As for the taste… its not bad at all. Gulp it fast, chase it with water. No big deal. :)

  21. I take 5-hour energy once every other day when I start to feel like I’m about to nod off. Effects are instant but there is a downside. At the end of the day, I crash, almost instantly. Once my head touches the pillow, I’m out cold. I’m a full-time student and a pre-med major so my workload is, as you can imagine, ridiculous. Anyway, it does help. I just end up getting lots and lots of sleep over the weekend when I can actually afford sleep.

  22. I been driking 5-hour fo a year now and I am highly addicted to the rush it gives off!!The problem with that is every friday when I get home early from school I crash and burn about 4pm and dont wake up intill 1:30pm the next day. Its very helpful for my long school weeks but no fun on the weekends.

  23. It definitely works…I drink it all the time. I am a mother of two and have fibromyalgia which makes me tired all the time so this helps me get through the days.  I used to drink coffee but it makes me fall asleep so I had to stop the coffee…I only drink 1/2 bottle in the a.m. And then the other half in the evening.  Don’t really want to have to drink this but until I can find a cure for what makes me soooo tired I will continue.  I guess everyone is different and it will work for some and not others.  I can’t tolerate the extra strength it makes me jittery and sick to my stomach.  I think it’s really lame and ignorant of kids (or those acting like kids) to drink two bottles to see what will happen but that’s their prerogative…

  24. I have to say 5 Hour Energy is the worst energy “Drink” I’ve ever drank, the taste just reeks of treacly medicine. I had to hold my nose, and the effects…well, non-existent.

  25. The extra strength works great for me. I did notice, however, after taking one every two or three nights for over a year now that the effects have diminished a bit. At this point, it seems much more effective if I wait four or five days before taking another.

  26. I don’t think anyone is suggesting 5 hr energy as a healthy alternative. it’s a bump. That’s it. When you need a boost, it’s too late to take “real supplements that nourish your body.” Don’t get me wrong, “real supplements that nourish your body” are undoubtedly better for you than 5-hr energy. but that’s not the point of 5-hr energy … waking up is. Getting more sleep is also a better alternative. But a lot of good that will do you when you’re nodding off and need to keep going on your job or drive RIGHT NOW.

  27. I think there should be a differentiation between caffeinated products packed with too much vitamins which will overdose your body. And real supplements that nourish your body. Its that simple in my opinion, nothing out there with so much dosage of Vitamin B12 is good for you. If you need a rush, ok take the energy shot, or just drink coffee. if you want to focus on keeping yourself healthy, explore an alternative method to provide your body and brain with beneficial substance. 
    I think there is a reason all real supplements and vitamins note ” not to consume with alcohol”, nothing out there can be any good for you if you can mix with this vodka! Think about it!
    To leave you with some hope, I would suggest trying Cram it! released by Genius Labs, who focus on progressively helping students and everything  who wants to nourish their abilities, and brain function.
    Let me know how this on works for you! 

  28. five hour energys are awesome! they work well when im hungover as balls at work. highly recomend if you need a pick-me-up during the day. comment left by joey taylor was funny but yeah i dont recomment taking more than one a day or several a week for that matter.

  29. I use this now and then when I am worn out from teaching–I am in my early 70s. One of the little bottles, either extra or not–gives me a bit of staying power, just enough not to be scary and offer some help. Like anything else like this, moderation is the key.

  30. I just drove 3 days to get from Kansas to Mississippi and used 5 Hour Energy in the mornings to help me wake up and stay more alert on my long drives. I don’t think I could have done the trip without it, on just coffee alone.

  31. I recently drove 11 hours to South Carolina and half way through, I felt my attention waning…and my eyes unfocusing on the road. At the next gas stop, I drank a 5 Hour drink and it helped me get through the next leg of the trip. I felt I was more focused on the task at hand and did get feel any jitters.

  32. im going to the club tonight, I have to work tomorow and I dont know what else to take to keep me awake and with energy. Hope it works me !

  33. Just tried the decaf 5-hour energy drink for a long day trip. Took it for the 3 hour drive home and absolutely noticed it helped. And that was without caffeine. Very surprised and didn’t feel shaky or anything. Only complaint was the foul taste; citrus. Will use this again but try a different flavor.

  34. They work, I work a 3rd shift(10p-6a) job and have a puppy and two young elementary aged kids at home during the day with me. ONE of these when I wake up at night for work pending how many hours of sleep I got and one around 4am get me through it all with NO NONE NEVER side effects. If anything I am sleeping harder and better then I did just working off my own energy supply but I am not 20 years old anymore either so need a little helping hand. I notice NO crash at all. Just like anything it needs to be consumed in moderation to not become a habit. Jacob, Ive done a 4 pack at once on a $500 cash bet, I wouldnt recommend doing more then two at once\ ONLY once you have a tolerance built up. Too much caffiene not only makes you an insomniac but it can also mess with your psychological well being and cause you trouble.  (Some energy drinks are used in meth making processes……..) I could care less if you hurt or got yourself messed up beyond repair I dont give a damn about those I dont know nor those that act a fool on the interweb such as yourself and your butt plug joey taylor.

  35. I have found a healthy alternative to 5 Hour Energy as well as Red Bull.

    Same amount of energy…but loaded with over 90 nutrients.

    E-Mail me at matthew (@) destinychanger.com (Minus the ( ) ).

    Matthew Adams (912) 503-5961

  36. First off, thanks for deleting my first comment you fags.
    On a more serious note John, you’re obviously a pussy. Jacobs that’s funny as hell you need to put down 2 in a row again. I’m currently under the influence of 2 extra strength 5 hours, and I highly recommend taking as many as you can. John, I know you probably find this offensive since you’re to much of a bitch to take more than 2 a week. But honestly, nothing personal bro.  Alright i’m out, peace.

  37. I am currently working a 10PM – 5AM night shift wile sick, so an extra boost of energy was needed. I took the drink and plan to balance the caffeine with some extra water. I find it is helping alot, and as for the taste, I had a berry flavoured one and I chased it with some apple juice and it actually tasted pretty good. As for the post above by Erika, I find if you take the drink but remain for the most part inactive that can happen, my recomendation is to only take one if you are going to be physically active. This may not be the same for everyone however.

  38. I have such a horrible time waking up in the morning I just cant find the energy or motivation to get out of bed. It was getting to be a problem because never fail I would be anywhere from 10-40 minutes late for work every morning. So as a solution I have been keeping a bottle of 5 hour energy right next to my bed!! I drink one every single morning. And Ive even started unwrapping it before bed so early in the morning when its dark and im groggy I dont have to fumble with it! Just slam and then bam im ready to start the day!! Oh and people who fuss about the taste, if you can take a shot of alcohol to get drunk then you can take a shot of 5 hour for some energy. I do not suggest taking them when you are hungover though. They dont work very well then unfortunately. And dont be stupid people, moderation is the key to life. Even to much of a good thing is a bad thing. : )

  39. I find 5 hour energy drinks to be very very useful in college. If you stayed up all night on studying and you need something to actually keep you awake during class, use just one and drink all of it. I know the taste is a bit overbearing, its worth it. I used it 3 times so far and it has done it’s job. I have actually stayed awake in my hardest class and took the best notes that day. What else can you ask for in a small drink that does no harm if you don’t abuse it. Just read the label and don’t play around. Grow up and start taking your life serious. Don’t be taking two just to see what it does. Go find a toy and take it apart instead or something. This product is not to be used for experimental fun. Take it seriously. Email me if you wish for more information on my experiences from this product. I know as a college student, I will be taking more of this 5 hour energy, but I will be safe about it. My email is Tuan_Trinh@yahoo.com

  40. well this past week my health teacher had our class do a research paper on this, so me and my friend decided to try it for ourselves, an experiment, well we took them after lunch and we were wired we were so off the wall it was rediculas then about 2 hrs after taking them we both got really sick feeling and we both got clammy and we felt like we were going to pass out, i hated it. so i will deffinitly not drink these again and i would tell anyone not to.

  41. When I wake up during the day I have two cups of coffee throughout the day and then I usually have a energy drink or two before work since I work third shift at UPS. The cost gets steep after awhile so I figured I had better look into something else. I had always heard bad things about caffeine pills and their evilness but upon a review about it I came to the conclusion that the arguments aren’t really easy to uphold. Most people will drink coffee and energy drinks but think negatively of caffeine pills for some odd reason. Caffeine should still be taken in moderation of course and it is no answer to a lack of sleep as well. 
    Overall the Dr Max Powers Burn Pills give me a good boost to help me get through my night at work and so far no bad side effects. I did notice I can’t sleep sometimes so my solution was just to take a pill a little earlier. I take a whole pill since I am not really to sensitive to caffeine but if you don’t know how you will react than you should probably go with a half or so. You will know pretty fast if you had to much so just don’t over do it and don’t feel you have to absolutely always have them to get through what you need. You can probably get a good habit going if you think you absolutely have to have pills to get you through everything. Make sure you sleep enough since there is no substitute for it or you might find yourself driving and feeling the need to close your eyes to rest a second and not have them reopen. If you don’t like coffee or energy drinks I would say these would be the best way to go to get a caffeine kick.

  42. Hello, Im a teacher and no matter what, I begin to crash and wind down from 9:30 to 11:30 am during class. I’ve been taking two gulps of 5 hour energy beginning at 9:30am and it really wakes me up for the next 2-3 hours. I am so happy with the results that I’d like to continue doing this routine as long as necessary. However, I do not want to put my self in any danger. Any advice??


  43. I’m 37yo. I needed to stay up all night for personal reasons and my son suggested I take this. I only drank half, as the taste was untolerable. Not even 10 minutes later, I became so lethargic that I went upstairs, crawled in bed, and crashed. I didn’t wake up until 12 hours later. Zero energy.

  44. This morning I drank 2 extra strength 5 hour energys and I was hyper as sh*t if I even sat still for more then 20 seconds my arms would start twitching. Then that mostly stopped and I started zoning out so much it felt like I was hovering out side my body and would continue to do what I was doing but didn’t realize I was doing it. This was happening for like 10 minutes at a time.this usually happens to me when I sit down for a while and stand up but only for a few seconds.after that I started feeling kinda dizzy whenever I stood up and now about 8 hours after I took them I’m going off and on numb all around my body.also as I write this my hands are having hot and cold flashes.actually been a pretty fun experience.

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