The HairMax Laser Comb is a hand held brush that uses lasers and LED light to promote the cycle of hair growth through a process the company calls Photo-Bio Stimulation. The product is said to be safe for both men and woman and results are promised in as little as eight weeks.

For the purpose of this article, we only look at HairMax since they have the most reputable of the laser hair combs and their products have been the subject of research studies.

Photo-Bio Stimulation

The company explains Photo-Bio-Stimulation as the process of using laser treatment for hair loss. This is accomplished by using low light laser therapy -LLLT- to promote hair growth, rejuvenate hair bulb production and to stimulate nutrient delivery and cell growth in naturally growing cells.

How to use it

Because the product is simply a brush with laser and LED light emanating from it, the procedure for use is fairly cut and dry. Simply brush your hair with the product in long stroking motions from front to back for 10 to 15 minutes, three times per week. According to the company, this is not only safe and easy to do but therapeutic as well.

Results vary

Here’s were you need to read carefully. On the company’s own website, they admit that results vary from individual to individual. While that is true for many products, the HairMax Laser Combs are by far one of the most expensive hair loss products available today.

According to the website, only about 45 percent of users will see strong results in the first eight weeks while others will have to wait and may never see results at all. This type of verbiage is confusing and when it comes right down to it, how do you know if you will be in that 45 percent that sees results?

Then just to make things extra confusing, in a different section of the website, the company says that the product is effective in 90 percent of those that have used it.

Advantages of Laser Hair Comb

A one time investment is all required. Although expensive, a laser hair comb offers a life time return if it works. Both Rogaine and Propecia require a long term financial commitment.

FDA Approved

In a great smoke and mirror trick, the company touts that the product is approved by the Food and Drug Administration -FDA-. What they don’t say in so many words is that the FDA only approves the product as safe to use. They are not saying that the product will or will not work for you.

But a couple of other more recent studies have indicated that genuine laser hair products can offer people a means to combat hair loss and grow hair as well. One such example is below.

A study conducted by Jimenez JJ et al., 2014

Efficacy and safety of a low-level laser device in the treatment of male and female pattern hair loss: a multicenter, randomized, sham device-controlled, double-blind study.

The below is an excerpt from this study

We observed a statistically significant difference in the increase in terminal hair density between lasercomb- and sham-treated subjects. No serious adverse events were reported. Our results suggest that low-level laser treatment may be an effective option to treat pattern hair loss in both men and women. Additional studies should be considered to determine the long-term effects of low-level laser treatment on hair growth and maintenance, and to optimize laser modality.


The HairMax Laser Combs are very expensive pieces of equipment. If it does work like it claims, then whether it is 45 percent or 90 percent effective is anyone’s guess. The company uses fancy verbiage and labels all in an effort to make you believe that the astronomical price they are charging you is worth it.

We are not completely convinced by the studies showing the effectiveness of these products. At best they can offer a more thorough treatment along with proven treatments in Rogaine and Propecia.

There are several different laser combs available for purchase today and although they are all rather expensive, none come close to the price of the HairMax Laser Combs.

Most disturbing of all is no guarantee. You will get a one-year warranty, but this will only cover the laser comb if it is defective and malfunctions during the first year. If the product doesn’t work for you or you just aren’t happy with it, then you are not only out of luck but out of a great deal of money as well.

We feel a laser hair comb is only worth buying if you can afford to. If not, there are more proven products available that are much cheaper but with an ongoing cost.

If by this point you have decided a laser hair comb is worth a try then you would want to know what types are available, how they differ, and which offers best value for money.

HairMax has discontinued some of their earlier products and now have two main types available – The Ultima 9 and 12 and the Laser Hairbands

The main difference between the comb and the band is that one requires the motion of brushing while the other just needs to sit on the head for a very short duration.

Here are details of the products:

Name Image Pros Cons Price in November 2018 Product Info
Hairmax Prima 9 Cheaper than others Takes a long time 11 minutes per applicaion $299See more information
Hairmax Prima 12 12 lasers so faster procedure Relatively expensive and 8 minutes per application three times a week $395See more information
Ultima Hairband 41 No need to brush and use while doing another activity Expensive Currently not availableSee more information
Ultima Hairband 82 Only 90 second application three times a week Expensive $749See more information



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