You found this article and you’re hoping to learn a little about how to gain weight.  We’d love to help you.  To be honest, it’s something some of our team have had trouble with!

Sometimes we feel like no one gets us.  Having trouble gaining weight is not something that the average person would find problematic or even understands.  Some of us have metabolisms like hummingbirds. For instance, I, the writer of this article, can eat 2lbs of steak, fries, and salad, and still have room for dessert.

But if you have trouble gaining weight, you probably aren’t eating enough or have a fast metabolism.  Like weight loss, weight gain is a journey. It is not something that can happen immediately. You can’t just binge eat on ice cream and protein shakes and expect to gain weight. This is a time consuming process and you must be patient.

The goal is to gain muscle and good weight by eating healthy foods, exercising and using some of the tips we provide right here.

Eat Right – First, it’s essential to make sure you are eating healthily. Anybody can cram fast food in their mouth all the time and gain weight, however I am sure many would agree that gaining the right kind of weight would be more desirable. You don’t want to have weight accumulate in the wrong part of your body and make you look weird!

Stay away from foods that you know are not the healthiest. Eating well does not mean you are going to lose weight. A healthy diet is important, period. Make sure you get fresh servings of fruits and vegetables as well as adequate amounts of protein. Carbs and some fats will also be beneficial which brings me to the next point:

Exercise – You didn’t think you can just sit back and gain weight did you? Carbs provide the body with a fantastic source of energy needed to work out. Find a routine that works for you. The key is to find exercises that build muscle and don’t burn too much energy.

Someone who wants to lose weight, for instance, will run hours on a treadmill trying to burn as much calories and fat as possible. That’s not what you want!  Cardio in and of itself is not a bad idea but you should seek a less ‘energy intensive’ workout regimen. Warm up, stretch and do some weight lifting and other resistance training. Have patience.  Initially you will start burning fat, but eventually you will also bulk up some muscle.

Composition – One thing that is often neglected in many weight gain sites is the idea of body composition. What this basically encompasses are the relative ratios of body fat to muscle. In other words, check your priorities. Do you want to gain 20 lbs in fat or would you rather have a healthy blend of 20 lbs in fat and muscle?

Body Image – No matter what happens, make sure you are comfortable in your skin. Don’t work to other people’s standards! Indeed modern media bombards us with images of skinny people telling us how easy it is to (lose fat and) gain absurd amounts of muscle in a short amount of time. This is nonsense, pure and simple. Any diet will take time to see results. Just make sure those results are what YOU want, not what is imposed upon you.

Don’t agonize over your weight, anything worth doing is worth doing right. Anything worth having is worth waiting. Regardless of what your goals are, reaching them will take some time, but it will totally be worth it in the end!