Non-Obsessive Healthy Eating


Striking a balance between disciplined healthy eating and non-obsessive dietary choices is important.

Fretting over meal options, counting calories and avoiding social events for fear of breaking your diet rules all defeat the purpose of healthy eating in the first place.

We don’t believe in calorie counting.  We don’t believe in logging our food intake in any way.  Stress is just as major a player in disease and death as diseases related to poor eating.

The point of eating well is to feel better, look better, and be healthier overall.  Riding your body of toxins (processed grains, vegetable oils, gluten) almost guarantees your mind and body will feel better. In turn you feel more confident and less insecure/stressed out. Obsessing over food choices on the other hand just creates unwanted stress. Stress kills you. Connect the dots.

Other comments:

1) Theres a certain randomness to health we can’t explain. There is no guarantee that following certain dietary standards will absolutely keep you alive through your 90’s. We all know of the 95 year old who eats ice cream 2x/day, or the 40 year old triathlete who suddenly passes away. This uncertainty is what should keep you focused on the present.

2) Personally, for us, family time takes priority.  We never refuse family time because of the meal at hand or restaurant we’re planning to go to. If absolutely necessary, you can always navigate around your dietary rules without compromising time with family and or friends.

3) Finally, keep your food preferences out when involved in work-related events or anything professional.  Could leave a negative impression with your clients/employers/etc.

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