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VIAject is a new treatment for diabetes.  It is a modified form of insulin that is designed to have superior onset of action and provide better glucose control.

The hope is that it will provide better simulation of normal, body insulin release patterns after eating.

This is important as even temporary abnormalities in blood sugar can cause damage over time.

The condition

Diabetes is one of the most common health conditions.  There are two main forms.

Type I diabetes is characterized by the destruction of insulin producing cells in the pancreas.  Type II is in general characterized by the development of resistance to insulin.

In both cases, the body is less able to process sugar, causing accumulation in the blood and damage to the body.

The problem

While we are able to give insulin to people with diabetes, there are some issues.  One of the most important is that traditional insulin has the tendency to form hexamers, or six-sided structures.

Since your body has to manually break down the hexamer, this can cause a significant delay in how long it takes the insulin to start working.

A possible solution

VIAject is a form of modified insulin that has had certain Zinc elements removed.  The removal of these elements prevents it from binding with itself and forming globs.

Because of this modified structure, VIAject is available more rapidly to the body than regular insulin and can be described as an “ultra-fast” insulin.

In one study, VIAject reached a certain measure of metabolic activity at around just 33 minutes, versus 51 minutes for lispro, and 66 minutes for human soluble insulin.

In theory, this rapid availability will provide better diabetes control.

A recent six month study of people with Type II Diabetes showed that VIAject had significantly lower rates of hypoglycemic events compared to regular human insulin (RHI).

There, those on VIAject had only .33 events per month, while those on RHI had .66.

Additionally, it is possible that VIAject helps prevent weight gain.  Some data has shown that use of VIAject can lower the amount of weight gained by persons with diabetes over time.

While it does not promote weight loss, it might work better than current therapies to prevent weight gain.

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