Does Propecia regrow hair?

Propecia is a pharmecuetical drug developed by Merck containing the active ingredient Finasteride. Propecia is developed to treat male pattern baldness. The effects of Propecia on a receding hairline or the temporal area are unknown.

Propecia should only be used by males, with females needing to seek alternate treatment for regrowing hair. However, studies researching the effect of Finasteride, have reported the potential of this drug to treat hair loss in females when taken in conjunction with an oral contraception.

The efficiency of this drug appears affected by factors such as age and body weight.

Strict conclusions have not yet been drawn as to the consistent efficiency of Finasteride in treating hair loss. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor before seeking treatment. This will insure the correct dosage will be administered dependent on your particular situation resulting better results than if pursued without a medical opinion.

Do you need a prescription to buy Propecia online?

Propecia is noted in the patient information sheet as a prescription medication. This may vary according to different country specific regulations. If you need a prescription in your country then you would need it to buy Propecia online.

However, just by doing a simple Google search you will find a multitude of websites offering Propecia without a prescription or with the prescription included. This is illegal. The best way to find out if your country requires a prescription is to speak to your local pharmacist or doctor. It is very important not to buy a drug without a prescription when one is needed as these laws are set in place to protect the consumers.

One hair loss product that is often used with Propecia is Rogaine which has the active ingredient Minoxidil, widely considered the best hair growth stimulant for people with male pattern baldness. For Rogaine questions and answers, see here.

Is it safe to buy Propecia online?

As with buying any pharmaceutical drugs online there are major risks. A lot of websites will offer ridiculously low prices and overlook the need for prescriptions. Although these may seem like benefits, they are not. Sites that do this may be selling counterfeit drugs which will do more harm than good. It is important to always buy the product from a reputable pharmacy and seek medical advice beforehand.

What are the side effects of Propecia?

To be sure of the documented side effects for any drug, it is recommended that you consult the patient information sheet included with the medication or speak to a doctor.

In the case of Propecia, the most prominent side effect is decreased blood Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) levels. Furthermore, an increased risk of prostate cancer is noted when ingesting large doses of Finasteride.

Other common side effects include decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction and decreased semen concentration. A number of less common side effects have also been recorded including but not limited to depression, allergic reaction and tenderness and enlargement of your breasts.

It is also vital to not that Propecia is particularly dangerous for pregnant woman and special caution should be made not to come into contact with damaged tablets and not to accidentally ingest the medication.

Is Propecia covered by health insurance?

This depends on a variety of factors including the country in which you reside, your medical aid provider and the specific plan you are on. In order to know for sure, contact your medical aid and query if your specific plan covers this specific drug. Another factor that may come into play is whether or not you are taking Propecia or another Finasteride product. Some medical aids are particular about the specific drug which they cover.

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