Why Hire Me?

Hey there!

My name is David Gurevich and I love analyzing pharmaceuticals and life sciences topics from a business perspective.

I’m looking for a position in consulting or analysis.  Can you help me?

This is a blog I run – feel free to check it out!

For it, I have written 170+ articles on medications and conditions, covering a wide variety of topics. To do so, read many research papers.

I have predicted multiple FDA decisions, including non-approval of lorcaserin, approval of Provenge, and others.

(You can see my prediction of non-approval of lorcaserin here)

My skills are in:

Competitive intelligence, Market research, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, FDA regulatory issues, Analysis

My email:


Some work experience I’ve had:

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Created scenarios of likely possibilities for competing firms’ behavior and FDA policy relating to new drugs.

Work was of high enough quality to be asked to provide input on issue relating to a new drug application and for boss to use in his presentation to higher executives.

Congressional Campaign

Proposed variety of web marketing ideas for campaign. Suggestion to adopt Google Adwords advertising was used. Took over running ad campaign and increased results by 10 fold while cutting costs.

Created slogan about candidate which was used in TV ads.

Harvard Medical, Liao Lab

Learned sterile cell culture techniques, side population growth principles, and basic lab technique.  Assisted with Western Blotting, Immunohistochemistry, and Bacterial cloning.

Published review article in The Triple Helix based off independent study into stem cells