Enrolling in a Medicare Supplement Plan: Step-By-Step Guide 2024

The cost of health insurance can be debilitating, especially for older adults and people who have disabilities. Older adults and disabled individuals are in continuous need of medical attention. Moreover, their ability to earn and pay for medical insurance is considerably limited. Thus, most welfare states have policies and programs to help people with their medical insurance bills.

In the United States, there is a medical supplement scheme that provides health insurance for people who are in need. So if your out-of-pocket expenditure on healthcare is very high, you may want to apply for Medicare in VA. A supplement part covers the gaps left by the regular Medicare scheme.

What All Should You Know Before You Join The Medicare Supplement Program Of The United States

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Know What Is Medicare And What Is Its Eligibility Criteria?

Medicare is the primary health insurance scheme in the US. Every federally managed scheme has eligibility criteria because the state wants to pay or help only those who cannot manage their expenditures themselves. So if you are aged sixty-five years or above, you are eligible for the medicare supplement plan.

Again, if you have a chronic health condition like end-stage renal disease or ESRD, then you are eligible for federal health insurance even if you are below sixty-five years old. Also, if you have social security disability insurance for a period of twenty fours months, you are an eligible candidate.

Check The Eligibility For Medicare Supplements?

A person has to be enrolled in both part A and part B of Medicare to be eligible for Medicare supplements. So what happens if you are working after retirement? It is quite possible that you have taken up a new job to supplement your income after you have retired from your primary employment.

In that case, you will most likely consult your new employer and see if you are covered under “credible coverage”. If you are indeed covered under “credible coverage,” you need not enroll under part B of the scheme and just get yourself registered for part A.

Part A is for a hospital visit. So if you fall seriously ill and need to be hospitalized for further treatment, part A comes to use. But if you do not need to be admitted to any hospital and just need to visit the doctor in the outdoor patient facility, then part B will do the job.

So if you wish to apply for the supplement plan, you must first join both programs A and B, and if you delay Plan B due to a post-retirement job, you will have to wait to register for the supplement plans as well.

But if you have enrolled for both plans A and B and you have not crossed the age of sixty-five years and six months, you can buy any supplement plan as per your needs.

Can You Get Supplement Plan If You Are Below Sixty-Five Years

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In many states, insurers are not required to sell supplement plans to people below sixty-five years of age. However, in many states of the US, you can go for a supplement plan even if you are below sixty-five and have a chronic condition that gives you Medicare benefits.

However, you may have to undergo a round of medical screening to actually be eligible. Some of the states that do not offer this facility to young people with chronic conditions are California, Vermont, etc.

Decide Whether The Supplement Scheme Is Indeed Useful For You

They are primarily helpful for all because they help fill the gaps the regular federal schemes left. They are accepted by any health practitioner who accepts Medicare. So you do not have to worry whether your doctor will recognize the coverage. If you know they accept Medicare, rest assured that they will recognize the supplement plans too.

Choose Between The Supplement Scheme And The Advantage Scheme

It is true that you cannot have both a supplement scheme and an advantage scheme at the same time. You can have the supplement scheme if you are still on plans A and B of Medicare, and if you go for advantage, you have to choose Medicare Advantage part C coverage.

However, once you have made up your mind and decided which scheme to choose, you can go ahead with the process of enrolling. If you are eligible and wish to go for the supplement plan, you need to be registered in Plans A and B of Medicare first.

How To Enroll For The Medicare Scheme?

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You may have to enroll if you are not automatically included in the basic Medicare (Plan A and B ) scheme. In that case, you may call 1-800-772-1213 to learn about the details of the scheme and how to apply.

Alternatively, you could visit your nearest social security office to enroll in the scheme. And if you are comfortable with using computers and the internet, you can log in to www.SSA.gov to get yourself registered for the scheme.

At times sending multiple forms and filling them correctly can become challenging. So if you need help, there are several organizations that help you with the process of filling and sending the requisite forms, and you can always take their service.

Once you have Medicare, you can buy a supplement scheme from a private insurance company. And be prepared to pay regular premiums for the coverage. Also, before applying, check whether it gives coverage to your spouse.


The out-of-pocket expenditure on health is one of the leading causes of poverty in many countries of the world. Hence, if you want to avoid losing all your savings in a hospital visit, you must sign up for the social security benefits that your government offers.

The process of registering for Medicare Plans is pretty straightforward. But if you need help, you can always visit your local social security office or take help from an expert agency that helps register for the programs.