Exploring The Science Of Qigong And Its Impact On Health

The globe has witnessed different medicinal practices to heal and rejuvenate one’s body equally from physical, mental and emotional ailments. And out of the methods that have grown widely known over the years include some ancient medicinal practices such as Qigong.

Qigong is an ancient practice based on and derived from Chinese philosophy and medicine. Nowadays, people encourage themselves to attend Qigong Online Classes to understand and learn its fundamentals, embark on a healing journey, and restore the balance of the body.

With its popularity and efficient results, people worldwide are now drawn to these practices and to try their luck in achieving the results. Read on further to understand in detail what Qigong is and how it is beneficial for our health.

Qigong And Its Philosophy

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Qigong is an ancient practice derived from Chinese philosophy and medicine, which has proven to provide plenty of benefits to the mind and body. As a practice involving the expertise and improvements of years and decades, it is also believed to transform the soul, reinstating the body’s overall balance.

Even though this medicinal practice has been utilized for thousands of years, the current name was established only in the 1950s. The key element of this practice is based on ‘qi‘, which means a life force or the vital energy that flows through our body, whereas ‘gong’ means skill cultivated through constant practice.

Qi is prominent in life; if something hinders its flow, a person can fall victim to many health issues. Along with yoga and tai chi, Qigong has been a highly practiced method in recent years. It comprises breathing techniques, meditation and body posture and is great for many health conditions.

The Impact Of Qigong On Health

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As mentioned earlier, this is an ancient practice believed to have many effects and benefits for health issues. However, the research and studies based on these statements are limited. However, at present, this ancient Chinese practice is helpful to aid the following health conditions:

Relief From Unceasing Pain

With the limited amount of research available, it is so far proven that Qigong is beneficial to reduce chronic pain and is great for people with chronic illness and pain to take classes to undergo the treatments and benefits.

In addition, this is useful for people who suffer from constant back pain and face difficulty carrying out everyday chores, as the class will also include body posture exercises that help tighten achy muscles and joints.

Decreases Blood Pressure

With the current busy lifestyle, most people are prone to hypertension or high blood pressure, which could be the sole reason for heart-related diseases. Therefore, including Qigong in your everyday routine and taking medicines along with it will improve blood pressure levels. Moreover, the meditation included will help in reducing stress levels.

Improves Immune System

This method involves many different components, and the slower movements make it possible to tighten the joints and improve the flow of fluids in the body. As a result, Qigong can boost your immune system and improve the hormones regulating inflammation in the body.

Flexibility And Fitness To The Body

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Flexibility and overall fitness can be achieved by practicing Qigong’s various body postures. It is an excellent way to regulate and improve muscles and joints, lessen blood pressure, strengthen hold in hands and legs, have reasonable heart rates and for the overall balance of the body. As it is not a high-impact activity, it is equally helpful for people of all ages, so it benefits younger and older generations.

Provides Betterment In Cancer Patients

Commonly, cancer patients often follow and participate in meditative practices to heal and restore their minds and soul. Qigong can help in reducing the anxiety, depression, fatigue, along with other mental and emotional stress that patients suffer while having cancer. The meditation and well-being practices can slowly heal the patients and cultivate lost hope and joy back into their lives.

Is Qigong Effective For Mental Health Conditions?

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With the excellent tactics of restoring wellness and slow movements through different movements and meditation, the ancient Chinese practice of Qigong is believed to improve your overall mental health. Mindful practices are essential for feeling relaxed and serene and replace stress levels with a positive mind and attitude.

Research conducted by volunteering people to partake in Qigong classes resulted in helping with their depression and anxiety. Constant movements and calming routines can eventually benefit in reducing the levels of stress in healthy people.

When people regularly do Qigong, their parasympathetic nervous system is activated, which helps them achieve relaxation and a need to remain calm and focused. By following techniques such as these, we can reset our minds and help ourselves overcome the depression and anxiety that is faced due to different reasons and phases of life.

Qigong: Essential Or Not?

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It is certain that this ancient Chinese practice indeed improves the quality of life. It is safe for all ages and is believed to be effective in people who are regularly practicing it.

It is true that, as of now, there is not much evidence and studies to prove the impact of Qigong on health; however, with the minimal information and proven results, it can be confirmed that it does have many health benefits. Further, it has no side effects or negative consequences. Therefore it is safe for people with any sickness, even chronic illness and cancer.

It is effective to stay fit and flexible, great for overall wellness, improving anxiety and depression, stabilizing the heart rate, reducing blood pressure and gaining a stable and appropriate body posture for relieving pain in joints and muscles.

It might not be essential for you, but it is a great technique to include in your daily routine and improve your quality of life.


Qigong is popular due to its holistic approaches and effective method in people. However, it is still a niche that has to be researched well and studied to prove the many advantages of practicing it.

But as it doesn’t have any side effects, it is still an excellent inclusion in everyday life, and exploring it further to see any changes in overall physical and mental health.